Israel has changed the entry rules for Russian tourists

Israel has changed the entry rules for Russian tourists

In Israel, which strictly adheres to the previously covid rules, another temporary simplification has been announced since the end of May: the requirement to isolate travelers with confirmed Covid-19 in quarantine and rehabilitation hotels has been completely removed. Tourists can now self-isolate in their hotel room. This information was announced in the Russian office of the Ministry of Tourism of Israel.

As TURPROM was informed in the press service of the ministry, the decision was made in accordance with the recommendations of Professor Salmon Zarka, Israel's chief specialist in the fight against Covid-19, and as a result of consultations with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism of Israel. Tourists who have been diagnosed with Covid-19 may self-isolate in their hotel rooms. If for some reason isolation in a hotel room is not possible, the travel agent will help the tourist find a suitable alternative. Quarantine and rehabilitation hotels for Covid-19 patients will be officially closed at the end of June 2022.

The ministry also reminded that the procedure for travelers who have been diagnosed with Covid-19 will remain the same – to obtain the necessary information and subsequently a certificate of recovery, you must contact the Israeli Ministry of Health hotline at *5400; you can also familiarize yourself with the isolation rules in Russian on the website of the Israeli Ministry of Health

Recall that with On July 1, several countries at once lifted completely restrictions on the entry of tourists. These are, in particular, Turkey (link), Italy (link) and Cyprus.

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