It became known how a shark tore apart a Russian tourist: forensic experts told terrible details

It became known how a shark tore apart a Russian tourist: forensic experts told terrible details

Terrible details about a Russian tourist who was mauled by a shark on the beach of Hurghada on Thursday forensic experts told the Egyptian media. It became known that the shark literally tore apart a Russian tourist – he arrived at the morgue “disfigured and with many parts missing.”

“According to data registered by the Red Sea Health Authority, the body arrived at the Hurghada General Hospital morgue in separate parts, the face has distorted features, it is even difficult to identify, and the head is completely torn off,” the “official source” assures. He also said that at the moment the body is at the disposal of the prosecutor's office and the forensic medical examination, which is conducting the necessary autopsy as part of the investigation.

“The body of the deceased will not be released to his family until the forensic sciences have completed their procedures, which serve as the course of the investigation into the incident,” officials said. Unofficial sources from the hospital claim that the shark tore the tourist's chest and swallowed parts of the stomach and arms.

Recall that a bloody drama unfolded before the eyes of Russian tourists in Hurghada: on Dream Beach, a shark tore a tourist right on the beach. A tourist, according to some eyewitnesses, with a girl, swam deep enough when a predator attack occurred, caught on video. The Hurghada police reported to the Russian Consulate General information about the death of a Russian as a result of a shark attack. The fact that the deceased was a Russian was confirmed, according to the consulate, he was 23-year-old Vladimir P. from the Arkhangelsk region. According to some reports, the tourist lived in Hurghada for a long time, at least a few months. Read the details at this link.

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