It became known how the Russians who left for Goa earn their living

It became known how the Russians who left for Goa earn their living

If you “know how to spin”, then even those who went there can earn money in Goa , “dropping everything” – said a local resident of Russian origin. The ways in which the recent “relocators” make money – mainly from Russian tourists – he described in his blog on Yandex.Zen.

According to him, there are a lot of Russian tourists in India this year. There are also “long-term” tourists, including emigrants, who are “full of everywhere this year.” It is the latter, according to him, that are divided into three types – these are remote workers who earn online; these are those who arrived with already existing savings and, finally, these are “people who have abandoned everything and do not have a good airbag”. It is this type that “began to look for ways to make quick and easy money in a foreign country” and finds it, mainly taking money from the pockets of compatriots. The following methods were described to tourists.

Earnings on currency exchange: as the blogger assures, a tourist can fly to Goa without preparation, “cards made in Kazakhstan”, and even cash dollars. Only with rubles on the card. Local Russians can help “cash out” the money. “How do they do it? As a rule, they get an Indian bank card, register on the cryptocurrency exchange and … that's it. You send them rubles to a Russian bank card, and they transfer this money to a crypto exchange, from which they withdraw it to their Indian card. Then they just withdraw cash from an ATM and give it to you,” he says. At the same time, intermediaries usually take a commission – and, of course, offer a less favorable rate. “For example, the official rate of the rupee to the ruble is 1 = 0.81, and you will be offered 0.84 each. Whoever is more impudent will offer a course that is less profitable for you, ”the tourist warned.

Realtors: according to the author of the blog, “there are a lot of realtors this season and the commission for services is crazy”, while not saying that the intermediary bothers himself with services. “Newly minted realtors take pictures of housing options, and then drop them into Goa’s numerous Telegram chats. For example, a squalid room by the sea can cost 30,000 rupees a month, and the commission for bringing you there and agreeing on everything is 5,000 rupees. In this case, no contract is drawn up. You pay a person simply for showing you the location and bringing you to the owner, ”said the blog author. According to him, he could earn money himself: “We traveled around several villages in Goa in search of an apartment for two. We came across excellent options that did not suit us. It was also possible to drop offers into chats, but we did not do this. On the contrary, they helped several people for free,” he said.

Entertainment and services: here we will just quote the author of the blog. “Goa is a place where you are only limited by your imagination. Here you can earn on anything: from massage to spiritual and esoteric practices. Some cook Russian dishes for those who are not used to Indian food. You can engage in copyright tours, hold the most strange and sometimes ridiculous events. If you have useful skills, you will definitely not be lost here,” he assured.

At the same time, the expert added a “fly in the ointment” for those who like to “sell air”. “All this works now, in the high season. The whole of Goa is simply crammed with tourists, who sometimes cannot find housing for themselves due to its lack. In the spring, when the rainy season comes, many will stay here, not wanting to return to Russia. But the tourists will subside – and it is unlikely that the remaining ones will be enough to ensure a comfortable existence for the Goan “entrepreneurs”. Rather, only businessmen and telecommuters will remain here,” he assured.

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