It became known in which hotels in Sochi there are no rooms left for this summer

It became known in which hotels in Sochi there are no rooms left for this summer

Russian tourists are sorting out affordable “all inclusive” in the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory. According to the travel market experts, who presented to ATOR, most of the hotels in Sochi that are in demand among tourists – i.e. standing on the first line and offering “all inclusive” are already 100% loaded.

The fact that there are practically no places left in hotels of this category is confirmed by almost all tour operators. Seats are sold out until autumn, they say. Only one or two rooms remained in some hotels. Moreover, hotels directly in Sochi are in special demand, while places can still be found in the vicinity of the resort and in other resorts of the Russian Black Sea coast. As Sergei Romashkin, the general director of the Dolphin tour operator, explained, the reason is simple – although in Sochi there are three times more rooms than, for example, in Anapa, hotels operating on an all-inclusive basis and located on the first coastline in Sochi at times significantly smaller, so they fill up faster. On the other hand, it is in Sochi that far from all tourists demand “all inclusive”, since the resort has “a well-formed urban environment”, including in the form of restaurants and entertainment.

But demand is growing, Sergey Romashkin added: “Back in May, demand did not reach last year’s values ​​of the same period by about 10%, and in recent weeks, on the contrary, it has already exceeded the figures for 2021 by 3%,” said Dolphin CEO.

The experts also listed to tourists those hotels where there are still places and average prices:

  • The Coral Travel tour operator recommends paying attention to the Bridge Resort 4 * hotel located in the Imeretinskaya Bay. Prices from 62 244 rubles. per person per week without flights.
  • The tour operator ANEX Tour recommends the Bridge Family 3 * hotel, located in Adler, on the territory of the Bridge Resort, prices – from 70 thousand rubles. for two. True, these are the prices for arrivals in September.
  • PEGAS Touristik drew the attention of tourists to the City Park 4 * hotel – a hotel in the center of Sochi, in the center of the park on the seashore. Prices for June 30 for 7 nights – from 131,566 rubles. for two with flights and transfers. Another recommendation is the Burgas 3 * boarding house in Adler, a 20-minute drive from the center of Sochi. The cost for departure on August 31 for 7 nights for two is from 101,051 rubles. including flights and transfers.
  • Tour operator “Alean” offered his hotel Alean Family Sputnik 4 *. There are still places for July at a price of 18,690 rubles. per person per day.

Also, ATOR experts named popular hotels for tourists in the area of ​​the resorts of Greater Sochi and other resorts.

  • In Loo, the Multitour tour operator recommends “Atelika Sokol” 3*. Prices for a 6-day vacation for two without a flight – from 70,760 rubles. Another option in Loo is Aquagrad 4 *. Price in July – from 102,000 rubles. for two at Ultra All Inclusive
  • In Lazarevsky as an “all inclusive” Coral Travel offers Prometheus & SPA Club 4*. Prices from 30 860 rubles. per person for 7 nights.
  • In Tuapse, as experts noted, there are places and prices are the most attractive. Among the recommendations “Atelica Grand Oasis” 3 *, working on the “all inclusive” system. A week's vacation here costs 54,120 rubles. for two (no flight).

The experts also commented on the situation at other resorts on the Russian Black Sea coast and presented their hotels. We are talking primarily about Anapa and Gelendzhik. It is difficult to get to the resorts, since the airports are closed, and not all tourists are ready to get by alternative transportation. However, as experts add, thanks to this, the problem with places is not so acute.

  • In Anapa, on an all-inclusive basis, Coral Travel offers the following options and prices: the Feya boarding house (from 21,226 rubles per person for 7 nights), the Pontos Vesta hotel (from 23,620 rubles per person for 7 nights), the Selena boarding house (from 29 494 rubles per person for 7 nights), Lazurny Bereg Park Hotel (from 39,777 rubles per person for 7 nights). “Multitour” offers the hotel “Atelika Mechta” 2 *, also with “all inclusive”. Prices from 41 400 rubles. for two for 6 nights without a road.
  • In the suburbs of Anapa Vityazevo, the tour operator also draws attention to the hotel “Wonderful World of Kapkana Bay” 4 from 56,100 rubles. for two for 6 nights or “Wonderful World Manor Chateau” 4 * – from 83 160 rubles. for two for a week without a road.
  • In Gelendzhik, tourists are offered Alean Family Biarritz 4 *, located just 500 meters from the beach. You can relax here for 12 880 rubles. per day per person. Another of the most affordable all-inclusive options in Gelendzhik is the Orchestra Horizont Gelendzhik Resort 2 * hotel – from 3120 rubles. per day per person.

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