It became known who in Egypt will replace Russian tourists

It became known who will replace Russian tourists in Egypt

Turkey is not the only one counting on European markets as a “substitute” for Russian tourists. According to the Egyptian press, Egypt also hopes for an increase in the flow of tourists from the European Union, primarily from Germany. True, the emphasis is rather on excursion destinations that are less popular among Russians and more in demand among Germans.

According to Mohamed Farouk, a tourism expert, the state is currently striving to promote all Egyptian tourist locations by concluding contracts with international tour operators. “All indications indicate that the country will witness a large number of tourists in the coming period, especially in Marsa Alam, Sharm el-Sheikh, Luxor and Aswan,” he stressed.

German contribution is expected especially active in the last two directions. “Germans are the majority of tourists who will come to Egypt in the coming period, because the Germans are in love with the Egyptian state and its antiquities. They have been the number one tourist in the country for over 20 years,” said Mr. Farouk. He added that in the provinces of Luxor and Aswan, for the first time, there is a significant increase in the number of tourists in the summer, and the pace is completely different from those in the past.

He also mentioned the Russian tourist flow in connection with the German one. He noted that on the part of the Germans “there is competition for Russian tourists.”

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