It comes to hysterics and fights: three things are named that most annoy tourists on an airplane

It comes to hysterics and fights: three things are named that most annoy tourists on an airplane

Information about the most annoying actions of tourists on an airplane, which often end in hysteria and assault, was made public after a study by Student Universe. According to the findings, there are three most terrible ways that can easily spoil the mood of travelers, according to the British newspaper Express.

Here are the top 3 most annoying things on a flight that experts have identified:

    < li>The person behind kicks the seat. The leader of the rating is kicking the seat in front of the seated tourist. The results of the study showed that 80% of the tourists surveyed found this behavior to be “extremely annoying”. At the same time, not only children, but adults can kick the chair on purpose or without malicious intent. For example, when changing the position of the legs often or opening and closing a tray table.
  1. Drunken passengers and a dirty toilet. The second place was shared by two troubles at once – drunken passengers and dirty toilets. Increasingly, there are conflicts associated with drunken rowdy air tourists, because of which the planes are forced to make emergency landings. Few people realize that a toilet left dirty for the next flight can disrupt the airport's chain of takeoffs and landings. For example, there is a famous case dated 2015 when a British Airways flight was forced to return due to a “bad smell” that posed a threat to the safety of passengers.
  2. Listening to music without headphones. Not all passengers on board want to be aware of one particular traveler's preferences.

In addition, tourists often flying in planes listed other annoying moments. Among them – the person sitting in front reclined the back of the seat as much as possible, crying babies and children, the armrest occupied by a neighbor, tourists in a hurry to get off the plane, travelers taking off their shoes or socks, fellow travelers who ask to move so that they can get up and go out.

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