Italy canceled the Golden Visa program for Russians

Italy canceled the Golden Visa program for Russians

Italy stopped issuing Golden Visas to Russians. This program allowed wealthy people to obtain special visas to visit Italy and invest in its economy. The decision was announced after the demand of the European Commission in connection with the events taking place in Ukraine.

It was clarified that the decision was temporary, but the terms for its renewal were not indicated, the Schengenvisainfo portal reported. Recall that special “Golden Visas” were launched by Italy in 2017. They were invented to help the country develop economically. If a foreigner, including Russians, invested at least 500,000 euros in an Italian company, donated 1 million euros to charity or invested at least 2 million euros in government securities, then he could get this visa. At first, the program provided a two-year visa, but after 10 years, applicants could count on Italian citizenship.

Now the opportunity for our rich compatriots is blocked. The Ministry of Business and Made in Italy confirmed this decision. “We announce the suspension of the program for citizens of Russia and Belarus in accordance with the regulation of the President of the Committee of July 14, 2023 (Managing Minister Maurizio Montemagno, ed.) in accordance with the recommendation C (2022) 2028 of the European Union,” the statement emphasized.< /p>

In general, after the start of the NWO, many European countries decided to restrict the access of Russians to such investment programs as the Golden Visa and Golden Passport. How are they different?

For comparison:

  1. Golden Visa” allowed wealthy foreigners to obtain residence permits in countries that offer such programs. But for this you need to invest money and meet the requirements.
  2. Golden Passport” gave the opportunity to become a full citizen of the country if you invest a certain amount of money.

< p>Restrictive measures have also been previously taken by other countries, such as Canada and the UK.

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