It's group madness: a new tactic of tourists to seize sun loungers has been revealed

This is group madness: a new tactic of tourists to seize sun loungers has been revealed

“This is group madness,” commented a stunned tourist on the new tactics of tourists in the struggle for a place in the sun. In an effort to prevail in the battle to capture the sun loungers, nothing will stop tourists – neither an early rise, nor closed doors to the pool area, a British tourist assured on the pages of the Sun, who discovered a new way to “queue” in this battle.

< p> As the tourist said, he is resting in the Camp-la-Mar area in Mallorca, Spain. Here, hotels that have already been “fed up” with the battle of tourists, mostly Germans and British, for a “place in the sun” simply began to close the doors leading to the pool until eight in the morning. But this did not stop the “fighters”.

“In order to somehow control this madness, the door from the hotel to the pool was closed until 8 am. But people just lined up their towels on the floor at the door before it opened, and they themselves guarded on the sofas in the lobby to start as soon as the door opens, ”said the tourist, confirming his words with a picture of towels and beach bags lined up in a row by the door. He assured that this “line” stretched much further than it fit in the frame.

“I don’t know when these crazy people wake up… But one morning we got up at 6:30 to have breakfast before the tour, and there was already a queue of towels at the door. It's just group madness!” – said the tourist.

True, he has a vague hope that the “trend” will gradually come to naught. The fact is that among those ready to fight for a place under the sun of the youth, the tourist did not notice. Mostly, these are middle-aged and elderly tourists.

Recall that quite recently, also in Mallorca, tourists changed their tactics in the struggle for a place in the sun: now special fans of sunbathing began to take sunbeds around the pool, not even from early morning , and from the evening. According to The Mirror, sun lovers were spotted in a hotel in Mallorca occupying the best sun loungers around the pool at 19:00. Moreover, as dissatisfied tourists complained, they occupied the best places during the week. Read the details at this link.

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