Krakow Attractions: Top 30

Krakow Attractions: Top 30

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If you do not know what to see in Krakow and whether it is worth visiting this hospitable city, read our review. We have compiled a detailed rating, describing the sights of Krakow that every tourist should see.

What to see in Krakow first of all?

Many experienced guides in Krakow recommend that you include a visit to the following cultural, historical and architectural sites in your excursion trip:

1. Cathedral of St. -30″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/dostoprimechatelnosti-krakova-top-30-a8465a7.jpg” alt=”Krakow Attractions: Top 30″ />

Cathedral of Saints Stanislaus and Wenceslas located on Wawel Hill

Small basilica built in the Gothic style. As part of this Catholic cathedral complex, there are several Renaissance chapels and a tomb in which national heroes of the country, poets and representatives of the Polish royal family are buried.

Official website: http://www.katedra -wawelska/

2. Market Square and Cloth Hall

Krakow Attractions: Top 30

Market Square and Cloth Hall at night

What should every vacationer visit in Krakow? City square, which is the largest in all of Europe. It was built in the Middle Ages, and was able to retain elements of the Baroque and Renaissance eras. Like many of Krakow's best attractions, it is adorned with courtyard galleries, portals and attics. Arriving here, you can see many other iconic Polish sites: St. Mary's Church, the Zbaraski Palace Complex, the statue of Adam Mickiewicz, the Town Hall Tower. However, Cloth Rows are usually of the greatest interest to travelers – this is a shopping gallery, equipped during the reign of Bolesław the Fifth.

Official website:

3. Market Dungeons

Krakow Attractions: Top 30

In the Market Underground Museum Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland

If you want to see all the interesting places in Krakow, get ready to go even underground. The catacombs are located under the square, and serve as a platform for the historical museum. The museum premises house numerous innovative multimedia equipment recreating historical reconstructions. The museum collections contain archaeological finds.

Official website: http://www.podziemiarynku.

4. St. Mary's Church

Krakow Attractions: Top 30

“Heinal” – a specific signal that sounds every hour from the tower window of St. Mary's Church

Reviews of guests and residents of the city indicate that the building of this church is one of the most beautiful not only in Krakow, but throughout the country. It is made in various architectural directions: laconic Gothic, refined Renaissance and luxurious Baroque. The interior decoration is rich and opulent: a wooden carved altar with scenes from the Holy Scriptures, shining gilding and chic vaults.

Official website:

5. Florianska Street

Krakow Attractions: Top 30

Floriana Street overlooking St. Mary's Church

Excursions in Krakow in the fresh air can be no less interesting. We recommend that you go to the historical part of the city and take a walk along a small street, looking at the colorful buildings in the style of classicism, baroque and renaissance. Here you can also see the Florian's Gate (an ancient defensive structure), which gave the name of the attraction.

Feel the atmosphere of Krakow in this beautiful video!

6. Krakow Town Hall Tower

Krakow Attractions: Top 30

City Hall tower on Krakow Market Square

Gothic stone-brick building of the 14th century, decorated with a dome with arched windows. If you don't know what to see in Krakow in 1 day, come here. On the spiral ladder you can climb to the observation deck, which offers panoramas of the entire city. In addition, there are several museum expositions in the interior, and in the basement there is a cafe that serves incredibly tasty and aromatic coffee.

Official website: http://www.mhk .pl/

7. Kazimierz Jewish Quarter

Sights of Krakow: Top 30

Kazimierz Jewish quarter street

Your trip should include a visit to this city within a city. Our recommendations are not accidental: there are many religious and cultural sites related to the Jewish community. Such as the temple of the body of the Lord and the monastery of St. Catherine. Note that it was here that the film masterpiece “Schindler's List” was created, telling about the horrors of the Holocaust.

Official website:

8. Jewish Museum “Galicia”

Krakow Attractions: Top 30

Facade of the Jewish Museum “Galicia” Zygmunt Put Zetpe0202

The building is located in the Jewish quartile. Exhibition samples are related to the events of the Holocaust, to the life, traditions and culture of the Jews. In addition, historical and educational lectures, scientific seminars and conferences are organized here.

Official website: http://www.galiciajewishmuseum.

9. Square Heroes of the Ghetto

Krakow Attractions: Top 30

Ghetto Heroes' Square with symbolic Fred Romero chairs

Another must-see place in Krakow. The square is located on the territory where before over 20 thousand prisoners of the Nazis were in appalling conditions and were waiting to be transported to Auschwitz. In memory of them and their suffering, there are memorial chairs made of bronze and cast iron on the paving stones.

Official website:

10. Wawel Castle

Sights of Krakow: Top 30

View of the Wawel Hill from the Vistula

The building is located at an altitude of about 230 m on top of a mountain. For a long time it was the center of the country, and therefore deservedly included in the list of “main attractions of Poland“. In ancient times, members of the royal family were crowned and buried here. In addition to the castle itself, the architectural complex of Wawel includes the Cathedral of St. Stanislaus and Wenceslas.

Official website:

11. Krakow Barbican

Krakow Attractions: Top 30

The Krakow Barbican is a round and very powerful structure of the 15th century

A masterpiece of architecture and history, created in 1499. Initially, it was designed to protect the Florian Gate, but today it is used to host historical reconstructions, hold sports events and organize museum exhibitions.

Official website: /branches

12. Church of St. Francis of Assisi

Krakow Attractions: Top 30

Interior of the Church of St. Francis of Assisi Zygmunt Put Zetpe0202

Catholic-Roman church of the 13th century, founded by Boleslav the Fifth. The façade was only slightly changed during the reconstruction in the 19th century, and for the most part retained its original Gothic design.

13. Basilica of the Body of God

Krakow Attractions: Top 30

The stone building of the Church of the Body of God is located on the Market Square

An ancient building of the 14th-15th centuries in the Renaissance and Baroque styles. In addition to the main building, there is a baroque belfry. The key attraction of the basilica itself is the remains of St. S. Kazimierczyk (the famous Polish commander).

14. Church of St. Peter and Paul

Krakow Attractions: Top 30

View from the square of St. Mary Magdalene to the Church of St. Peter and Paul

The first Baroque temple in the country, made of brick and dolomite. The building of 1635 is surrounded by a wrought-iron fence with a sculptural composition of 12 figures of saints. The three-storey facade is decorated with statues, niches, bas-reliefs, pediments and pilasters. The interior is more concise and austere: wooden benches for parishioners, bas-relief paintings depicting the events of the life of the apostles Paul and Peter. When examining the interior, be sure to pay attention to the huge central panel and the pedestal-altar with gilded sculptures.

15. Basilica of the Holy Trinity

Krakow Attractions: Top 30

Basilica of the Holy Trinity of the XIII century in the Gothic style Zygmunt Put Zetpe0202

Gothic architectural masterpiece, created in the 13th century. The residence of the monks consists of 10 chapels located in 3 naves. The facade made of bricks is decorated with pediments, bas-reliefs and arches, openwork lattices on the lancet windows. Most of all, tourists are surprised by the luxurious interior of the basilica: floral wall painting, cross-shaped ceiling vault, high arches. Inside there are numerous stained-glass windows, frescoes, sculptural compositions, sculptures made of wood and stone.

16. Church of St. Andrew

Krakow Attractions: Top 30

Exterior view of the Church of St. Andrew the First-Called Apostle

Construction of the 11th century, which later acquired baroque features. The church is adjacent to the cloister of monks, which keeps the ancient relics of the church. In addition, there is a library with volumes of theological works.

Official website:

17. Divine Mercy Sanctuary

Krakow Attractions: Top 30

Łagiewniki Catholic Pilgrimage Center – Divine Mercy Sanctuary

A whole complex of church objects, including a basilica, several chapels and a nunnery. Due to the fact that the famous icon “Jesus, I trust in You” and the remains of St. Kowalski are located here, the sanctuary is a place of pilgrimage for believers from all over the world.

18. Building Collegium Maius

< img title="Krakow Attractions: Top 30" src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/dostoprimechatelnosti-krakova-top-30-5d1ff58.jpg" alt="Krakow Attractions: Top 30" />< /p> Arcade courtyard with a well in the Collegium Maius building

More than 100,000 students live in the city, mostly studying at the Jagiellonian University (Copernicus graduated from it at one time). The main building of the educational institution is called the Great College or Collegium Maius. It is a red brick building of three floors in the Gothic style, with rectangular windows, an octagonal ledge and several stepped gables. In the courtyard there is a well and an arched gallery. In the 20th century, it was decided to turn the building into a museum. Buy a ticket and you will be able to view picturesque portraits of professors who taught students here in recent centuries, various globes, scientific instruments (including astronomy), wooden furniture, visit the university canteen, ceremonial and lecture halls, teachers' private chambers.

Official website:

19. Oskar Schindler's Factory

Krakow attractions: Top 30

Museum Oskar Schindler Factory Zorro2212

Initially, a factory for the manufacture of metal dishes. During the genocide of the Jews, Schindler helped many prisoners escape death by giving them work in his factory. About eight years ago, a museum in his memory was set up on the territory of the plant.

Official website:

20. Museum of Modern Art

Sights of Krakow: Top 30

Museum of Contemporary Art MOCAK in Krakow Mocak

An avant-garde building with gabled roofs and a glass façade. The complex is divided into various thematic departments. In the spacious rooms you can see original compositions that tell about the current problems of society: photos and performances, sculptures and paintings, conceptual expositions. Local cinemas show short films on the theme of being a modern person.

Sights of Krakow: what else to visit in Krakow?

We told you about the main attractions of Krakow briefly. If you have some free time, spend it visiting such objects as:

21. Polish Aviation Museum

Krakow Attractions: Top 30

The Polish Aviation Museum at the former Krakow-Rakowice-Czyzyny airfield »

One of the most extensive aviation collections in the country is housed in this 1964 museum. The outdoor complex itself was built on the territory of a former airfield and consists of several open hangars. Exposition items: gliders, helicopters and planes of different

states (including Britain, America and the Russian Federation). Various aircraft engines are also exhibited here.

Official website: http://www.muzeumlotnictwa

22. Stained Glass Museum

Krakow Attractions: Top 30

Work by Josef Mehoffer – stained glass Allegory of Salvation Zetpe0202

Former stained glass workshop. Collection items tell about Polish stained glass art. In addition to studying the samples, guests are invited to look at the production process of beautiful multi-colored glassware.

Official website: https://muzeumwitrazu

23. Ethnographic Museum

Krakow Attractions: Top 30

Exhibits at the National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw Marta Malina Moraczewska

The number of samples in the exposition exceeds 8,000 items, and all of them are related to the culture, life and history of the country. Many items belong to the 19th century, however, just as many artifacts are archaeological finds from various early periods.

Official website:

< h3> 24. Czartoryski Museum

Sights of Krakow: Top 30

Building of the Czartoryski Museum in Krakow

You should definitely visit the museum, if only for the sake of the unique masterpiece of da Vinci “Lady with an Ermine”. At present, this is the only painting by the brilliant artist kept on Polish soil. In previous years, the museum was plundered, and his works are now scattered around the world.

25. Juliusz Słowacki Theater

Krakow Attractions: Top 30

Luxurious landscaping around the Juliusz Słowacki Theater < p>The most significant drama stage of the state, where the most famous actors, actresses and directors of Poland have worked and are working. You will be able to visit theatrical performances that the whole world is talking about. The theater building is also of great interest for architecture lovers.

26. Kosciuszko Mound

Sights of Krakow: Top 30

Panorama from above the Kosciuszko Mound

Memorial of 1823 in memory of the country's hero – T. Kosciuszko. Around the mound is an old defensive structure. To visit the territory, you must purchase a ticket. You can see the barrow and the chapel-chapel of St. Bronislava. We remind you that the barrow is an artificial mound, so it offers wonderful panoramas of the entire city.

Official website: http://www.kopieckosciuszki

27. Krakow Zoo

Krakow Attractions: Top 30

Leaving the Krakow Zoo Radoslaw Nowak

The old city zoo in Wawel, built by order of Sigismund III. After Krakow lost the title of the capital, the menagerie began to collapse. Fortunately, in 1929, its reconstruction began. Now there are over 260 species of various animals, and the total number of pets is more than one and a half thousand. With animals and birds, you can take memorable photos against the backdrop of beautiful nature.

Official website:

28. Botanical Jagiellonian University Garden

Sights of Krakow: Top 30

Main alley of the botanical garden of the Jagiellonian University Wuhazet Henryk Żychowski

At first, the landscape gardening area occupied no more than 2.5 hectares. It served as a platform for growing decorative flowers and medicinal plants. But later the botanical garden expanded to 9.5 hectares. Outdoor recreation is offered no worse than the best hotels in Krakow can provide guests.

Official website:

29. Krakow Planty

Krakow Attractions: Top 30

Shady alley in Kraków's Planty

The name of the park ring that surrounds the Old Town. In the 19th century, the walls of Krakow were destroyed and replaced by trees. In all seasons, this place has its own charm: on hot summer days, a pleasant coolness reigns here, in autumn you will be protected from rain by dense growth of trees, in spring the Planty begins to turn green. The garden is equipped for the rest of the citizens and guests of Krakow: there are benches and alleys.

Official website:

30. Vistula River

Sights of Krakow: Top 30

Embankment of the Vistula River in Krakow

The river stretches for more than one thousand meters (the longest in the country). It starts in the Carpathian mountains and flows into the sea waters of the Baltic. Within the boundaries of the Vistula there are several nature reserves and the most beautiful city parks.

Official website:

We hope that those sights Krakow, photos with names and descriptions of which you have just seen, aroused your genuine interest. It is recommended to explore them together with an accompanying guide: you will also learn a lot of fascinating facts from him. Read also about the sights of Warsaw and be inspired to travel further in Poland.

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