Las Vegas Attractions: Top 25

Las Vegas Attractions Vegas: Top 25

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If you want to know what every tourist should see in Las Vegas, read our review. We have compiled our rating of “top attractions in Las Vegas”, taking into account the opinions of experienced travelers and professional guides.

What to see first in Las Vegas?

What excursions in Las Vegas should you definitely book? In our opinion, your trip should include a trip to the following places of interest and objects:

1. “Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas” sign

Las Vegas Attractions: Top 25

“Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign by the highway at the entrance to the city

In order to see this legendary welcome sign, shining with lights, you need to drive up to the city through the Las Vegas Strip. The sign was created over 50 years ago by B. Willis, and today is officially included in the national list of “historic landmarks in the United States.”

Official website:

2. Central Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Attractions: Top 25

Night panorama of the southern part of the Las Vegas Strip

The length of this section of the boulevard is approximately 7 km. Want to find the best casinos and the biggest hotels in Las Vegas? Head right here. In addition to these establishments, there are countless clubs, restaurants, bars and boutiques. You can look at singing fountains, visit Du Soleil circus performances, play cards and slots, swim in pools (services are provided on the territory of hotels).

We remind you that in previous years it was possible to open a casino only abroad downtown or downtown Las Vegas. Therefore, the Strip with its luxurious and largest entertainment facilities is located almost outside the administrative city limits. We recommend visiting such interesting places in Las Vegas at night – it is at night that the street looks most colorful and enchanting.

3. Fremont Street Experience Video Screen

Las Vegas Attractions: Top 25

Fremont Street Video Screen Arched Dome Tourist Experience Tomás Del Coro

Where to go in Las Vegas at any time of the day? To the large-scale movie screen on Experience Street. The dome in the form of an arch was created by the Korean company LG – its length is four blocks, and its height is three dozen meters.

Official website:

4. Bellagio Casino Hotel

Las Vegas Attractions: Top 25

Musical fountain in the artificial lake in front of the hotel

What to see in Las Vegas in 1 day in order not to be disappointed? We recommend the five-star AAA-rated Bellagio Resort. On the territory of the giant hotel complex there are many attractions of their own: excellent restaurants, a casino, a spa center, a botanical garden, an art gallery. We also included the Bellagio in our ranking of “the best attractions in Las Vegas”, taking into account its grandiose singing fountain show. You can see a unique performance without even entering the hotel itself – from the sidewalk.

Official website:

5. Paris Hotel

Las Vegas Attractions: Top 25

Paris Hotel » designed in true French style by Ken Lund

Another legendary hotel complex with its own casino. Works on the Strip Alley. The building was built in accordance with the architectural style of the famous Hotel De Ville (France). On its square there are copies of famous French monuments: the building of the Paris Opera House, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower. The interiors are designed in European style.

Official site:

Be sure to watch this beautiful video about Las Vegas!

6. Luxor Las Vegas

Las Vegas Attractions: Top 25

The figure of the sphinx in front of the entertainment complex in the form of a black pyramid Miguel Hermoso Cuesta

The famous themed hotel complex, equipped in the south-west of the city. Style – Ancient Egypt with all its main and characteristic features: the entrance is guarded by a statue of a sphinx, the building has the shape of a pyramid. Along with other complexes, Luxor will offer you to visit many boutiques and restaurants. By the way, you can see it from any part of Las Vegas, thanks to a light beam reaching the sky (it hits from the top of the building).

Official site: https://www.

7. “Venetian Las Vegas”

Las Vegas Attractions: Top 25

Gondola Ride at Venice Hotel & Casino Martijn Nijenhuis

Speaking about the main attractions of Las Vegas, we must briefly mention this hotel-casino. The building was erected in the Venetian palazzo style. The complex consists of boutiques, a spa center, a sports club, swimming pools and restaurants. The interior is decorated with arches and columns made of marble, picturesque works of art. Most of the statues, murals and other decorative items are artificially aged.

Official website:

8. Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Las Vegas Attractions: Top 25

Las Vegas Motor Speedway is 485 hectares of Las Vegas Motor Speedway car racing tracks

If you don't know what to visit in Las Vegas but are passionate about racing and fast cars, our next recommendations are just right for you. The format of this Las Vegas attraction is racing tracks, with a total of approximately 500 hectares. It is here that NASCAR competitions and other similar sports are held. You can book a room (or a campsite) at a local hotel, there are restaurants and cafes right there.

Official website: https://www.indianapolismotorspeedway

< h3> 9. Wynn Casino Hotel

Las Vegas Attractions: Top 25

One of the tallest buildings in Las Vegas – the hotel-casino “Wynn” Dan Perry

Encore is considered one of the most elite and new hotels in the central part of the city. It was erected near the equally large and luxurious Wynn casino hotel. The buildings have been combined into a giant complex that provides absolutely any service and entertainment: here you will find halls with slots and gambling, gyms, spas, etc.

Official website: http://www.wynnlasvegas

10. Las Vegas Stratosphere

Las Vegas Attractions: Top 25

Las Vegas Stratosphere” – an impressive hotel complex in the form of a Mariordo tower (Mario Roberto Durán Ortiz)

Experienced guides in Las Vegas are always advised to include a visit to the city's most iconic observation deck at the Stratosphere Tower in the excursion route. The height of the structure is 350 m. In addition to autonomous viewing platforms (open and covered), the tower has a large number of attractions, including extreme ones – Insanity, BigShot, Sky Jump. If you don't like extreme sports, you can safely enjoy panoramic views.

Official website: https://www.stratospherehotel

11. Ferris wheel « High Roller

Las Vegas Attractions: Top 25

A grandiose attraction with music – the High Roller Ferris wheel Ken Lund

In order to climb to the highest point of 168 meters, you will need to spend approximately 15 minutes in the capsule cabin of the Ferris wheel (the whole journey lasts half an hour). Each booth can accommodate up to 40 visitors. If you want to see the world of Las Vegas shining with all the colors, buy a ticket for the High Roller at night.

Official website:

12. Adventuredome amusement park

Las Vegas Attractions: Top 25

Allie_Caulfield Adventuredome indoor amusement park

The entertainment complex is located on the Strip alley, and covers an area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters. Dozens of attractions are open for you (including the famous “roller coaster”), a climbing wall, a shooting range, a golf course. There are clown shows for children of all ages. The Adventuredome is located on the top floor of the Circus Circus Hotel (everyone can buy tickets, it is not necessary to book a hotel room for this).

Official website:

13. Dig This Amusement Park

Las Vegas Attractions: Top 25

“Dig This” theme park for adults s-velasco

An original entertainment complex, where visitors are invited to become drivers of various types of special equipment (cranes, excavators, etc.). Entrance is open to everyone over 18 years of age (14-18 year olds must provide the consent of an adult). Park employees strictly adhere to safety requirements: before “becoming an operator” of heavy equipment, a visitor must be instructed, receive a vest and a helmet.

Official website: https://digthisvegas .com/

14. Casa de Shenandoah Ranch

Las Vegas Attractions: Top 25

Panorama of the ranch “Casa de Shenandoah” – American pop singer Wayne Newton Ken Lund

The museum building is dedicated to the famous American singer Wayne Newton. At one time, he was considered the highest paid pop singer in the world. At the ranch, you can see all the attributes of an artist's luxurious life – a private jet, an exhibition of exotic animals, a collection of expensive cars, etc.

Official website: https://www.casadeshenandoah.

15. Chapel of Flowers

Las Vegas Attractions: Top 25

View of the picturesque wedding chapel of the Henrickson Flowers

The legendary chapel where the most famous couples of the Earth got married. The building will not impress you with its chic appearance, but its arrangement is really modern and technically advanced. It was here that the first weddings were held via Skype and the global network. You can also order a wedding ceremony – different packages.

Official website:

16. Conservatory and botanical Bellagio Garden

Las Vegas Attractions: Top 25

Flower beds and architectural structures in miniature Cygnusloop99

These attractions are located on the territory of the Bellagio Hotel. The Botanical Garden has a truly magical look: from tens of thousands of its flowers and plants, numerous figurines of animals and birds are made on a spacious area. The staff of gardeners is represented by hundreds of experienced craftsmen. A visit to the local conservatory can be no less exciting than a walk through a flowering garden.

Official website:

17. Madame Tussauds

Las Vegas Attractions: Top 25

Wax figures of famous actors and public figures in Madame Tussauds Tomás Del Coro

The first Tussauds in America houses about a hundred celebrity wax figures. In order to visit the exhibition, you need to come to The Venetian Hotel. Most of the sculptures are dedicated to American artists. Here you will see exact copies of Lady Gaga, Brad Pitt, Jolie, Ricky Martin, Depp, Will Smith, as well as other celebrities of both our time and past eras.

Official site: https://www.madametussauds.

18. Neon Museum

Las Vegas Attractions: Top 25

Outdoor Las Vegas neon signs soccergirl296

The main theme of all expositions is neon in various formats and colors. The objects of the exhibition are in the open air (for the most part). Of particular artistic interest to them is the fact that many of them have not been restored or updated even once since their creation.

Official website: http://www.neonmuseum.


19. Mob Museum

Las Vegas Attractions: Top 25

The Mob Museum is dedicated to law enforcement and the fight against organized crime Caitlyn Willows

The building is located in the former Post Office and offers the opportunity to view collections entirely dedicated to the fight against crime. You can find entertainment to your taste: consider fraudulent business schemes or, for example, shoot from a machine gun. More than $75,000,000 was allocated for the organization of the complex.

Official website: https://themobmuseum.

20. National Atomic Testing Museum

Las Vegas Attractions Vegas: Top 25

Plumbob78 Nuclear Testing Museum Exposition

The objects in the museum, opened by the US authorities 13 years ago, are dedicated to nuclear testing Nevada Test Site – a variety of measuring equipment, bunker furnishings, etc. d. Videos of the explosion of a nuclear bomb are broadcast on the monitors.

Official website: http://nationalatomictestingmuseum

Las Vegas Attractions: What else to visit in Las Vegas?

If the listed attractions failed interest you, or after visiting them you still have free time, be sure to visit:

21. Titanic Artifact Exhibition

Las Vegas Attractions: Top 25

Artifacts raised from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean InSapphoWeTrust

The museum is located in the Luxor Casino Hotel: all the exhibits tell about the main tragedy of the 20th century – the sinking of the Titanic. In total, the exposition contains about three hundred items that were raised from the bottom of the sea: a bottle of sparkling wine from 1900, personal belongings of passengers, jewelry, elements of the ship's skin, etc.

Official website:

22. Shelby American Museum

Las Vegas Attractions: Top 25

Lineup of cars at the Shelby American Bernard Spragg Museum. NZ

The exposure is small. However, there are always a lot of people who want to see new and retro models of Mustang brand cars. The exhibition is accompanied by the stories of guides about the history of the brand, the features of car manufacturing. It is possible to visit the production workshop. No entrance fee is a huge plus.

Official site:

23. Hoover Dam

Las Vegas Attractions : Top 25

Hoover Dam and arched concrete bridge over the Colorado River

The unique hydraulic structure, named after the 31st head of state, was built on the Colorado River in the Black Canyon more than 80 years ago. Included in the list of “7 wonders of the industrial world” and has an incredibly impressive appearance. It consists of: a hydroelectric power station and the gravity arch dam itself made of concrete (height over 220 m).

Official website:

24. Mount Charleston

Las Vegas Attractions: Top 25

Mount Charleston is popular with tourists and locals alike. Stan Shebs

The highest point of the Spring Mountain Range. In order to get to it, you can rent skis, sleds, rent a bicycle or, for example, a horse. The mountain is located in the national reserve, and we advise all fans of camping and picnics to visit it (there are special areas for recreation).

25. Red Rock Canyon

Las Vegas Attractions: Top 25

The Red Mountains of Red Rock Canyon

The name of the Nevada National Wildlife Refuge. For tourists from different parts of the world, more than 30 kilometers of trails are equipped. If you are tired of the lights and noise of the city, come here to admire the natural beauty and unique views of the Mojave Desert. The peace and tranquility of these places cannot be disturbed even by numerous travelers. A visit is recommended at any time of the year.

Official website: https://www.redrockcanyonlv

We are sure that those sights of Las Vegas, photo from the names and descriptions of which you have just seen aroused your interest. Hire an experienced guide or go explore them on your own. Read also about the sights of Los Angeles and get inspired for your next trip around the USA.

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