Lausanne Attractions: Top 21

Lausanne Attractions: Top 21

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Our review tells what every tourist should see in Lausanne. We have collected for you those sights of Lausanne that are most popular with guests and residents of the city.

What to see in Lausanne in the first place

When planning your trip, be sure to include the following excursions in Lausanne in your excursion route:

1. Lake Geneva

Sights of Lausanne: Top 21

Picturesque landscape of Lake Geneva

One of the largest European lakes, on the coasts of which there are a large number of resorts and cities. You can ride on a tourist steamboat along the reservoir, watching the forests and mountains surrounding it. Like many other attractions in Switzerland, this one offers both an acquaintance with the beauties of nature and the opportunity to improve your health: there are several honeys on the shores of Lake Geneva. clinic.

2. Ushi Embankment

Sights of Lausanne: Top 21

Embankment Ouchy on the shores of Lake Geneva in Lausanne

A classic promenade with screaming seagulls, huge yachts and a port. It is also known for the fact that many of the historical sights of Lausanne are located on it, such as the Ouchy Palace, built back in the 12th century.

3. Palud Square

< p>Lausanne Attractions: Top 21

A 16th century fountain with a statue of the Goddess of Justice and 17th-19th century houses on the Place Palu in Lausanne Sailko

If you don't know what to see in Lausanne in 1 day, come to Place Palu. There are many picturesque cottages, cafes and restaurants of national cuisine. As well as the city hall with its arched gallery and the original fountain, decorated with a sculpture of the goddess.

4. Saint-Mer Castle

Lausanne Attractions: Top 21

The monument to Jacques Davel at the southern facade of the Saint-Mer castle of the 15th century Nikolai Maksimovich

Our rating would be incomplete without this episcopal castle built in the Middle Ages. Currently, the palace is the property of the Council of the Canton of Vaud, so even the guides in Lausanne will not help you to see its interiors. But you can admire the historical facades that cause admiring reviews for as long as you wish.

5. Ryumin Palace

Lausanne Attractions: Top 21

Lions, angels and mythical creatures on the facade of Ryumin's palace in Lausanne Michel Krafft

The building was created with the money of the Ryumin-Bestuzhev family, at the end of the 19th century in the architectural style of the Florentine Renaissance. Construction work continued for more than 15 years. At one time, the city university was located in the palace. However, today it has been given over to several museums, in addition, the university and cantonal libraries are open inside.

Official website: http://www.palaisderumine

See the beautiful places of Lausanne in this amazing video!

6. Ouchy Castle

Lausanne Attractions: Top 21

Ouchy Castle on the shores of Lake Geneva in the Swiss city of Lausanne Patrick Nouhailler's …

A great option for where to go in Lausanne for fans of architecture and history. And also for those who are interested in unique hotels in Lausanne. The castle has a hotel with fifty rooms with interiors typical of ancient palaces. However, all modern conveniences are also present in them.

7. Lausanne Cathedral

Lausanne Attractions: Top 21

View of the 13th century Lausanne Cathedral on the Cité in Lausanne Zairon

Lausanne Attractions: Top 21

Inside Notre Dame Cathedral in Lausanne Steve Collis

An imposing medieval cathedral built in the 13th century. The architectural appearance of the building shows both Romanesque and Gothic features. Initially, the cathedral was the main place of Christian pilgrimage: every year up to 70,000 believers became its visitors (in those ancient times, the figure was quite considerable). Later, as Switzerland began to turn to Protestantism, Notre Dame underwent a reconstruction. The interiors have become more concise and strict. However, even today the building is famous for its giant organ with seven thousand pipes, ancient sculptures of saints, unique stained-glass windows.

8. Church of St. Francis

Lausanne Attractions: Top 21

Church of St. Francis on Place San -Francois Roland Zumbühl

Lausanne Attractions : Top 21

Interior of the St. Francis Church in Lausanne Andreas Faessler

Lausanne Attractions: Top 21

Organ pipes of St. Francis Church in Lausanne Pymouss

The construction of the temple in 1272 was completed by the Franciscan monks. For a long time, the church was part of a huge complex, fenced off from the outside world by a powerful wall. In the 14th century, after a fire, the nave of the sanctuary was completely changed. At the same time, a tower-chapel with frescoes was added to the building. In 1536, all decorations were removed from the monks' church. Most of the buildings of the monastery complex did not survive. The attraction is also known for the fact that in the middle of the 17th century, the Stuart minions killed an Englishman and magistrate of Charles the First – John Lill.

9. Lausanne Opera

Lausanne Attractions: Top 21

Art Deco facades of the Lausanne Opéra in cloudy weather Opéra de Lausanne

The opening date of the city opera is the 18th century. If you are passionate about the art of music, a trip here will give you a lot of pleasure. The theater is a success both among Europeans and Russians. You can buy a ticket for one of his productions, as well as book a tour that will allow you to closely examine the interiors of the numerous halls of the theater (separate tours for children are conducted).

Official website: http: //www.opera-lausanne

10. MUDAC Museum of Contemporary Art

Lausanne attractions: Top 21

Mudac design museum in the Maison-Godard mansion in Lausanne Archipat

The center is located near the Notre Dame Cathedral, and offers an acquaintance with temporary and permanent collections of exhibits not only of modern, but also of ancient art. In particular, there are expositions from Ancient China and Egypt, glass samples of our time.

Official website: https://mudac

11. Art Museum -Brut

 Lausanne Attractions: Top 21

Exposition of the Art Brut Museum in the Chateau de Beaulieu in Lausanne Sailko

The museum complex is located in a four-story building. All the statues and canvases presented in it, in the amount of more than 4 thousand copies, were created by “insolvent” in the opinion of medicine and society, by people – mediums, prisoners and patients of mental hospitals. The cost of some samples is estimated at hundreds of thousands of euros. The first collection of Art Brut began to be collected by Jean Dubuffet, and it is the basis of the entire exposition of “rough art”. Anyone who wants to learn about the possible manifestations of a parallel world should visit such interesting places in Lausanne.

Official website: https://www.artbrut

12. Musée d'Elise

Lausanne Attractions: Top 21

Museum D'Elise dedicated to the art of photography in a beautiful baroque mansion Sandro Senn

As well as other top attractions in Lausanne, this museum is attractive both inside and out. It is housed in a colorful baroque palace surrounded by a green park complex. The theme of the exhibits is photography. Numerous photographs show the stages of improvement and development of photography in the country and Europe.

Official website: http://www.elysee.

13. Museum of the Foundation Hermitage

Lausanne Attractions: Top 21

Museum of the Hermitage Foundation in a mid-19th-century villa in Lausanne's city park Archipat

In the middle of the city park, there is a 19th-century mansion that carefully preserves paintings by Lausanne, Swiss and European masters. Among the works are paintings by Platsottu, Beausien and Udo. Every year the museum organizes several temporary international exhibitions.

Official website:https://www.fondation

14. Olympic Museum

Lausanne Attractions: Top 21

Sports-themed sculpture park in front of the Olympic Museum in Lausanne Guilhem Vellut

Even if you are not fond of sports, you should definitely take into account our following recommendations. We advise you to visit the Lausanne Olympic Museum. His samples belong not only to the present, but also to ancient eras, for example, to the times of Ancient Rome. The exposition includes numerous cultural, artistic and historical items, including antique coins, athletes' medals for the most outstanding achievements and stamps. The museum complex also includes: a library with video materials on the theme of the Olympic Games, an information center and a “regular” book library.

Official website: https://www.olympic.< /p>

15. Aquatis Vivarium

Lausanne Attractions: Top 21

Inside Europe's largest freshwater aquarium Aquatis in Lausanne

Lausanne attractions: Top 21

Lizard in the Aquatis vivarium in Lausanne

If you do not know what to visit in Lausanne with the whole family, come to this huge aquatic center. You will be able to see literally all the inhabitants of the rivers, lakes, seas and oceans of the Earth. Representatives of 5 continents of our planet live in the aquarium. The first level of the building is entirely devoted to glaciers, rivers and other water bodies in Europe. Lizards, frogs, crocodiles, the Australian taipan and the Komodo dragon live in the Aquatis vivarium.

Official website: https://www.aquatis.

Sights of Lausanne: what else to visit in Lausanne?

We told you briefly about the main attractions of Lausanne. In addition to them, you should definitely visit:

16. Botanical Garden

Lausanne attractions: Top 21

One of the paths with exotic plants of the Botanical Garden in Lausanne Daniel Mietchen

Walking through the garden is absolutely free. Organized paid tours of the world of herbs, trees and flowers are also offered. The attraction is considered unique: this botanical garden has the largest collection of all kinds of tropical vegetation and carnivorous plants. Opening date – 19th century. Initially, the park complex was conceived as a place for teaching medical students (located nearby). Therefore, there is still a botanical museum and an ancient library.

17. Montbenon Esplanade

Lausanne Attractions: Top 21

The park in front of the Palace of Justice in the center of the Swiss city of Lausanne

If you want to see the surroundings of Lausanne, the picturesque panoramas of Lake Geneva and the Alpine peaks, come to the city park Montbenon. On the territory of the esplanade, a large number of restaurants are open, there are many landscaped areas for recreation and walks. Large-scale jazz concerts are organized on warm days. Live performances of musical groups of different genres are held in any weather and all year round – Lausanne in winter in Montbenon is no less interesting than in summer. It is also worth visiting the park in order to look at the Palace of Justice of the 19th century, the ancient chapel of V. Tell and the sculpture of the famous hero of the country.

Official website: http://www.lausanne .

18. Mon Repos Park

Lausanne Attractions: Top 21

“Land divers” in the old Mon Repos park in Lausanne Sissssou

The park was built in the traditional English style in the 18th century. It is a vivid example of elegance and respectability. In the central part of the complex there is a mansion in which Voltaire lived and rested. The vast territory of Mon Repos is represented by a temple, a Gothic tower, a cave, a beautiful waterfall and giant tropical trees. In addition, there are several aviaries for birds of various kinds. In good weather, both tourists and locals like to relax in the park.

Official website: http://www.lausanne.

19. Zheleznodorozhny train station

Lausanne Attractions: Top 21

Art Nouveau Railway Station building in Lausanne in the evening

The architectural style of the landmark created in the 20th century is Art Nouveau. If you want to “plunge into the past” or just go to Zurich, Milan or Paris, come here. Trains in the indicated directions depart from the famous station regularly.

20. Sauvabelin Tower

Lausanne Attractions: Top 21

The 35-meter wooden Sauvabelin tower against a clear sky in Lausanne

The structure is located outside the city limits, and rises in the park area. The tower, made of wood only fifteen years ago, can be reached by bus. Sauvabelin is 35 meters high. Inside the building there is a staircase in the form of a steep spiral of more than 300 steps. Climbing the stairs, you will get to the 8-meter (diameter) observation deck and you can look at the Alps, the water surface of Lake Geneva, the city and the fields. You don't need to purchase tickets. Both from the outside and from the inside, it is offered to inspect the tower completely free of charge. This is a great opportunity to take memorable photos from your trip.

Official site: http://www.tour

21. Lavaux Vineyards

Lausanne Attractions: Top 21

The steep slopes of Lake Geneva are covered with green vine terraces

A cultural and natural center that has become famous in Switzerland and Europe since ancient times. At the same time, it was included in the UNESCO list only 11 years ago. The territory of the vineyards stretches for 30 kilometers. For tourists, Lavaux are open all year round. However, the best time for sightseeing is considered to be the autumn months: the grapes are poured with juice, the picturesque area is painted with golden and purple colors. For obvious reasons, there are a large number of wineries here. They are offered to make organized tours with tastings. The wines you like can be purchased at a bargain price.

We hope that those sights of Lausanne, the photos with the names and descriptions of which you have just viewed, will be included in your own excursion route. Read also about the sights of Lucerne and be inspired to travel further in Switzerland.

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