Lawyers reported how tourists demand 500,000 rubles. from Anex and filed a lawsuit against Intourist for Turkey

Lawyers reported that tourists demand 500'000 rubles from Aneksa and filed a lawsuit against Intourist for Turkey

Failed tourists spend hot summer and high season in the courts, trying to “shake” money out of tour operators for tours that disappeared due to anti-Russian sanctions and closed skies.

Among the most interesting cases is a claim by a tourist for 500 thousand rubles. As lawyers from the company of Alexander Baiborodin said, in just a week they had to participate in 27 courts.

The experts also presented the most interesting examples of litigation:

  • Tourist demands 500,000 from the tour operator Anex Tour. The reason is a vacation in Mexico, which fell through due to the closed sky. “The travel agent returned the commission, but the tour operator is silent. The tourist was tired of waiting and filed a lawsuit demanding the return of the cost of the tour and compensation, a total of about 500 thousand rubles, ”experts said.
  • Another sanction claim was filed against Intourist. “Because of the special operation, a week-long vacation in Side was disrupted, which cost the tourist 86,000 rubles. The tour operator was not going to return the money. The tourist filed a lawsuit adding moral damage in the amount of 100 thousand rubles and a fine of 50% of the amount awarded to the cost of the tour. The tour operator returned the money before the court. And there are a lot of such vessels now, ”said the company of Alexander Baiborodin
  • Another “sanction” story. “A tourist purchased a trip to Egypt. But all tourism has come to a halt. Interestingly, the tourist himself canceled the tour with the condition of 100% FPR. Even considering this, the tour operator returned part of the cost of the tour, but it seemed not enough to the tourist. He filed a lawsuit, considering worthy the cost to be returned in the amount of 400 thousand rubles. Yes, and legal costs – 155,000 rubles, now expensive non-tourist lawyers, ”experts said.
  • In interesting cases, covid was also noted in interesting cases. “The travel agent received a claim from a tourist, although the holiday in Thailand took place. On the return flight, a foreign airline demanded a PCR test, which turned out to be positive for a tourist. The tourist decided that all the fault lies with the travel agent and tour operator. Although there is a point on the travel agent website to clarify the requirements of GDS-airlines before the trip. The tourist wants to recover 143,000 rubles,” the lawyers said. According to experts, the trial has been postponed for now.

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