Leipzig Attractions: Top 21

Leipzig Attractions: Top 21

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After reading our review, you will understand what you should see in Leipzig in the first place. When compiling our rating, we focused on the reviews and recommendations of guides and experienced travelers. Those sights of Leipzig that we will now list made the city famous.

What to see in Leipzig in the first place?

If you want your trip to be unforgettable and informative, choose the following excursions in Leipzig:

1. Old Town Hall

Leipzig Attractions: Top 21

The 16th century old town hall on the Market Square in the historic center of Leipzig

An architectural monument of history, erected in the 14th century and possessing lines characteristic of the Renaissance. There are several elements typical of Gothic as well: an octagonal tower, the entrance to the town hall, mixed from the center. At first, members of the city municipality gathered in the building, and in the basement there were trade pavilions and warehouses. In the future, the building began to be used to host exhibitions of the historical museum. Among the samples is a portrait of J. Bach. Every tourist should visit the old town hall.

Official website: https://www.stadtges

2. New town hall

< img title="Leipzig Attractions: Top 21" src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/dostoprimechatelnosti-lejpciga-top-21-87e8746.jpg" alt="Leipzig Attractions: Top 21" />< /p> View of the New Town Hall from Burgplatz in Leipzig

euro Leipzig. It is also included in all lists of “the main sights of Germany.” The complex with more than 600 halls, made in Art Nouveau and Gothic styles, is located on ten thousand square meters. The building is reminiscent of an old palace: a round tower, bay windows and bas-reliefs. The chic front staircase leading to a huge hall for meetings of high-ranking officials deserves special attention. Guides in Leipzig recommend starting your acquaintance with the city from visiting such a significant sight.

3. Monument to the Battle of Nations

Leipzig Attractions: Top 21

The Lake of Tears and the monument to the Battle of the Nations, dedicated to the historical battle of October 16-19, 1813

In the middle of the 20th century, the complex was used to promote nationalist ideas. In this connection, the government of the German Democratic Republic planned its demolition for a long time. However, the monument managed to survive and stand in desolation for more than half a century. Only in 2003, the construction, about 90 meters high, began to be restored. Visitors can access the upper observation decks via an elevator or stairs with hundreds of stone steps. Viewpoints offer incredible panoramas of the entire city.

Official website: https://www.stadtgesch

4. Church of St. Nicholas

< p>Leipzig Attractions: Top 21

Monument to the peaceful revolution of 1989 on the square in front of the Church of St. Nicholas in Leipzig Dirk Goldhahn

The oldest temple in Leipzig, famous, among other things, for its classical interiors. The interior decoration is represented by amazing works of art of the 18th century. In ancient times, Bach performed in a church built in the 12th century. Actions of peaceful resistance to the government were immediately organized. The current appearance of the building is a temple with three naves in the late Gothic style. If you don't know what to visit in Leipzig, but are passionate about history and architecture, come here.

Official website: https://www.nikolaikirche

5. St. Thomas Church

Leipzig Attractions: Top 21

The second most important church in Leipzig is St. Thomas Church

Leipzig Attractions: Top 21

Grave of Johann Sebastian Bach in St. Thomas Church in Leipzig DerHHO

The temple was built in the 12th century. Like many other sights of Leipzig, the church has been reconstructed more than once. During the Great War, it was almost completely destroyed by bombs. Subsequently, the remains of Bach, who served in the local choir, were brought here. Note that it was thanks to the great composer that the Gothic church managed to become famous throughout the world. It also made it to our list of “interesting places in Leipzig” due to its impressive appearance: the facade is decorated with rich decor, including stained-glass windows with scenes from the Bible. Inside there are two huge old organs at once.

Check out the beautiful places of Leipzig in this wonderful video!

6. Memorial Temple of Russian Glory

Sights of Leipzig: Top 21

St. Alexis Cathedral of Russian Glory

The Orthodox Church, which was built in honor of the soldiers of Russia, who fell in the military clashes of 1813. The building was consecrated a hundred years after construction. Of great interest is the iconostasis kept in the cathedral, created in the spirit of hand painting of the 17th century. A sightseeing trip of Russian tourists rarely goes without visiting this building.

Official website: http://russische-kirche

7. Golizsky Palace

Leipzig Attractions: Top 21

View of the 18th century Golizsky Palace from the garden in the German city of Leipzig Radler59

Initially, the castle, built in the middle of the 18th century, was supposed to become a country residence for the rulers of the city. Many of the most famous masters of that time worked on the creation of an architectural masterpiece. The purpose of the palace turned out to be somewhat changed: representatives of the intellectual society of Leipzig began to hold meetings here. Subsequently, the object became the property of the city authorities. Today it is open to tourists.

8. Alte Waage

Leipzig Attractions: Top 21

Alte Waage at Leipzig Market Square Frank Vincentz

The Renaissance building has been located in the central part of Leipzig since the middle of the 16th century. It was built for the City Chamber of Weights and Measures. That is why the name of the attraction can be translated as “Ancient Scales”. The façade of the Alte Waage, decorated with a sundial and a 4-step pediment, faces the Market Square. The building is now owned by a major insurance company.

9. Leipzig Opera House

Leipzig attractions: Top 21

Fountain and facade of the Leipzig Opera Ichwarsnur

The art of opera conquered the whole of Leipzig. Germany has been famous for its opera traditions since the 17th century. Despite this, the first and second buildings were completely destroyed. The new musical theater in the city, the one that can be seen now, was built only in 1960. A great option for where to go in Leipzig for fans of opera.

Official website: https://www.oper-leipzig

10. House Museum Mendelssohn

Leipzig Attractions: Top 21

The office of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy in the House-Museum of the composer in Leipzig Andreas Praefcke

The house is included in the list of objects of the Blue Book. This building is the only one in which Mendelssohn lived, and which managed to reach relatively intact to this day. Documents, personal belongings, scores and furnishings that once belonged to the legendary composer are carefully stored in the premises of the museum complex. Guides talk not only about music, but also about Mendelssohn's political and social work.

Official website: https://www.mendelssohn

11. Museum -Bach Archive

Leipzig Attractions: Top 21

The Bach Museum-Archive in the Bosehaus Geisler Martin

Leipzig Attractions: Top 21

Exhibit at the Bach Museum-Archive in Leipzig AugustusTours

The museum is housed in the building where Bach lived for more than a quarter of a century. It was in this house that the composer died in 1750. Exhibition samples: organ parts, personal items, manuscripts and scores. If you want your walks around Leipzig to be not only fascinating, but also informative, include this museum in your itinerary.

Official website:https://www.bachmuseum

12. Contemporary History Forum

Leipzig Attractions: Top 21

Leipzig Contemporary History Forum Appaloosa

Museum of History, samples of which date back to 1945-89. The permanent collection of exhibits includes over 3 thousand newspaper articles, photos and documentation. Let's say right away that the expositions represent the FRG as a stronghold of democracy and justice, and the GDR is shown from the most unattractive side. Those who are passionate about the history of Germany will enjoy walking around this museum.

Official website: https://www.hdg

13. Grassi Museum

Leipzig Attractions : Top 21

View of the main building of the Grassi Museum in the first courtyard in Leipzig JeanNeef

Leipzig Attractions: Top 21

Showcase in the African section of the Grassi Museum in Lezpzig sailko

A wealthy townsman-merchant F. D. Grassi bequeathed to Leipzig about two million marks. The money was given to the opening of the museum complex and the construction of several buildings. During the Second World War, the museum was bombed, destroying a significant part of the collection. However, later the funds were restored.

14. Museum of Fine Arts

Leipzig attractions: Top 21

The new modern building of the Museum of Fine Arts in the form of a glass cube LutzBruno

The museum was opened in the 19th century thanks to generous donations from bankers and entrepreneurs. The collection was collected throughout the 20th century. The first complex was destroyed during the Second World War, it was replaced by the current unusual building in the form of a glass cube. These best sights of Leipzig are interesting to see not only from the inside, but also from the outside.

Official website: https://mdbk.de/en/

15. Natural History Museum

Leipzig Attractions: Top 21

Natural History Museum or Leipzig Natural History Museum in Leipzig Enst38

Leipzig Attractions: Top 21

Eskimo costume at Kürschner Natural History Museum

The exhibits of the complex relate to archeology, zoology, geology and other similar sciences. The museum houses, among other things, collections of invertebrates donated by A. Reichert (absolutely all insects that live in the Leipzig region).

Leipzig attractions: what else to visit in Leipzig?

We told you about the main attractions of Leipzig briefly. Every traveler will be interested to see them with their own eyes. However, this is not a complete list of what to see in Leipzig in a 1 day or longer trip:

16. Gewandhaus

Leipzig Attractions: Top 21

The central façade of the city concert hall Gewandhaus on August Square in Leipzig Appaloosa

In this theater in 1981, the city symphony orchestra gives its performances, as well as chamber music groups and a choir. A little less than 2 thousand guests can be accommodated in the huge hall at the same time. In the foyer of the building there is the largest monumental painting on the ceiling in Europe.

Official website: https://www.gewandhausorchester

17. Leipzig Zoo< /h3>

Leipzig Attractions: Top 21

The main entrance gate to the zoological garden in Leipzig Frank Vincentz

Leipzig Attractions: Top 21

Landscape enclosure in the Africa section of the Leipzig Zoo Frank Vincentz

Date of foundation – 1878. The modern area of ​​the menagerie is 26 hectares, despite the fact that initially it was a “living corner” at the restaurant. Local residents are about 400 varieties of marine life and fish, and 850 species of animals, including lions and other “cats”. Animals are separated from the guests of the zoo by glass partitions and deep ditches. Traveling around the zoo is offered on short trips. There are small cafes for visitors.

Official website: https://www.zoo

18. Leipzig Main Station

< img title="Leipzig Attractions: Top 21" src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/dostoprimechatelnosti-lejpciga-top-21-47ab8d2.jpg" alt="Leipzig Attractions: Top 21" />< /p>General view of Leipzig Central Station on Willy Brandt Square Appaloosa

Leipzig Attractions: Top 21

Shopping arcade at Leipzig Central Station de:Benutzer:FloSch

The largest railway station in Europe (the size of the front part of the station is 300 meters in length.). As well as many other sights of Leipzig, the photo with the name and description of which we have given, this one was seriously damaged during the Second World War. However, it was reconstructed and now includes about a hundred stores and more than 25 platforms.

19. Restaurant Auerbach's Cellar

Leipzig Attractions: Top 21

Great Hall of Auerbach's Cellar – Leipzig's oldest restaurant Ungry Young Man

An old and famous restaurant opened in the historic center of Leipzig. The name of the institution gave the name of the luminary of medicine. The cellar has 4 spacious rooms, each of which can accommodate about 30-40 guests. It is necessary to book tables in advance, as this restaurant is considered one of the best and most popular in the world. At one time, Goethe turned this Cellar into one of the scenes of the action of Faust, adding even more fame to it.

Official website:https://www.auerbachs

20. Zum Arabischen coffee baum

Leipzig attractions: Top 21

Facade of the Leipzig cafe Zum Arabischen coffee baum Dundak

A branch of the city history museum and a restaurant at the same time. You can recognize the institution by the sign, the design of which has remained unchanged since the beginning of the 18th century: the West receives coffee as a gift from the East. R. Schumann was among the celebrities who visited Zum Arabischen Coffee Baum.

21. “Mädler Passage”

Leipzig Attractions: Top 21

Northern entrance to Leipzig's Madeler Passage Appaloosa < p> SEC in the central part of the city, which opened its doors in 1525. Initially, the complex was a modest wine restaurant, then an exhibition center was attached to it. In the 20th century, the territory was expanded many times over. Only the historical cellars were left intact, which now contain collections of leather, porcelain and wines. The complex includes shopping pavilions and boutiques, business and office premises. The best hotels in Leipzig are located near the Mädler Passage.

If you want to visit the hospitable German city in the near future, be sure to plan your excursion route taking into account the sights we recommend.

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