Life in Turkey for Russians becomes more difficult in 9 ways at once

Life in Turkey for Russians is becoming more difficult in 9 parameters at once

Life in Turkey for Russians is becoming more and more difficult and expensive – this is the conclusion made by a Russian woman living in the republic long time. On her Yandex.Zen channel, she identified 9 parameters that characterize the complication of the life of foreigners in the country.

Let's list them:

  1. Regions are closed to obtain a residence permit (permit)
  2. Rent has risen markedly
  3. Real estate prices have risen sharply
  4. Air tickets have risen in price
  5. The cost of medical insurance has jumped
  6. The process of obtaining a residence permit has become more complicated. There are more requirements and restrictions, at the same time, a lower percentage of approvals is registered.
  7. Price barriers have been established for residence permits by owning real estate (in large provinces, an apartment in an open area must cost at least 75 thousand dollars according to the official expert evaluation)
  8. The cost of obtaining citizenship when buying real estate has increased. The price has risen from 250'000 to 400'000 euros.
  9. Vacations in Turkey are becoming the privilege of wealthy tourists. Turkey plans to change the vector to a richer contingent of tourists, the compatriot specified.

“In general, before it was not quite easy, but now it is becoming more and more difficult. On the one hand, you can understand the Turks, earlier, mainly tourists went to Turkey to rest. There were people coming for permanent residence, but not so many, and the Turks, developing the sphere of construction and real estate, tried to attract foreigners and did everything for this. And now more and more migrants are coming to their country from everywhere, and this process does not stop, and this endless flow needs to be regulated somehow. That is what they are trying to do with new restrictions,” the Russian woman explained to Turkey’s tourism policy.

In other words, tourists who fly into a Turkish hotel will spend more and ask for nothing in return than low-income expats who rent a studio apartment and do not generate income for the country. “It is unprofitable for Turkey, they want more,” she added.

Earlier, Turprom wrote that the Turkish authorities “took up foreigners” and want to keep “under the hood” long-term tourists, in fact, emigrants who came to them from abroad. As part of the total control, visitors began to receive daily messages in the form of news changes and SMS notifications from the country's authorities. Moreover, the nature of the distribution is persistent and comprehensive. So, with new notifications, the authorities can make changes, inform about it by means of a notification on the phone and demand that contact information be updated. Otherwise, the contract is expected to terminate. According to compatriots, not everyone is aware of the new tough rules introduced by Turkish officials. For details, read the article “Russians in Turkey began to receive persistent SMS from the authorities.”

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