Liquidated Rosturizm announced the termination of work of 64 tour operators at once

Liquidated Rostourism announced the termination of work of 64 tour operators at once

A fresh order to “delete” tour operators from the federal register appeared on the website of the “liquidated” Rostourism. For a month, while these orders were not published and, apparently, were not issued, as many as 64 tour operators “accumulated”, which were deleted from the register. The reason for the overwhelming majority is again the problems of financial guarantees, only three companies left the outbound tourism market voluntarily.

“In connection with the submission of an application for the termination of tour operator activities”, three companies were crossed out – these are Mango Travel, Evie Travel and TK Putyovochka. The remaining over 60 companies were removed from the register due to the problem of financial guarantees. Among them, judging by the names, the “crossed-out” tour operators are mainly regional companies, and from all over Russia, including such as Via Maris, Kamchatka Club, Ussuri Tiger, Arctic People Russia, Makhaon -travel”, “West-Siberian Express”, “Crimean Tourist Business Center”, etc.

Recall that at the end of October, Rostourism was “suddenly” disbanded. According to an official document published on the official Internet portal of legal information, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the abolition of Rostourism. This department in its current form has existed in Russia for exactly 18 years – since November 19, 2004, when its first head was appointed to Rostourism.

The functions of the department will be transferred to the Ministry of Economic Development. According to the document, Rostourism was abolished in order to “improve public administration in the field of tourism”, as well as “the efficiency of the development of the tourism industry” and “optimize the authorities.”

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