List of countries where tourists are harassed the most

A list of countries where tourists are most harassed

The “intrusive hospitality” of local residents and the outright harassment of merchants and scammers can seriously spoil the impression of a vacation. Tourists on the Reddit social network compiled for their colleagues a detailed rating of countries where there is a high risk of running into harassment from various barkers.

The “tourist” North Africa, as well as Asian countries, received the most votes. Merchants, taxi drivers and other scammers just “got” tourists in Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt; as well as in India, Jordan and Cambodia.

However, things are not going smoothly in Europe either. There, the main “molesters” are migrants who are trying to sell something to tourists or openly beg. The greatest risk of meeting them is in Italy, France and Portugal, social network users assure.

There are also individual cases of harassment of tourists in countries from which this is difficult to expect. Including in South Korea and Japan, where tourists were “harassed” by street vendors. Tourists named New York as another risky city in this sense.

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