“Little Moscow” of Russian tourists angered the authorities of the popular resort: immigration raids begin

Conflict flares up in Bali, in the center which turned out to be tourists from Russia, who organized a real Russian village with the code name “Little Moscow”. Local residents are outraged by such an influx of foreigners, who, instead of spending money like ordinary classic tourists, on the contrary, started earning it, naturally illegally. The Detik publication said that the Balinese began to massively complain about such settlements to the local migration service.

The “Russian Village” was formed in South Kuta. It is reported that tourists from Russia created a “little Moscow” there by renting an entire hotel, around which other emigrants began to settle. The Balinese are outraged that the “come in large numbers” behave as if they are in their own country. The dissatisfaction of local residents is caused by disrespect for their customs and violation of public order. The Balinese are especially infuriated by the fact that the Russians are claiming their jobs.

The head of the Badung County Foreigners Monitoring Group, Yi Nyomana Suwendi, said that the fact that a group of Russians lived in the form of an illegal “village” was confirmed. Together with the migration service, he will check the legality of the presence of Russians in the country, compliance with the conditions and rules of stay. If violations are found, Russian citizens face punishment up to and including deportation.

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