Ljubljana Attractions: Top 21

Ljubljana Attractions: Top 21

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After reading this review, you will learn about the main attractions of Ljubljana. Our recommendations will allow you to develop an excellent excursion route. If you don't know what every tourist should see in Ljubljana, study our rating right now.

First things to see in Ljubljana

The capital of Slovenia is famous for many cultural and architectural monuments. Most often, guides in Ljubljana advise visiting:

1. Old Town

Ljubljana Attractions: Top 21

Aerial view of the Old Town of Ljubljana on the right bank of the Ljubljana River Andrew Milligan sumo

The central part of the capital, which can be explored on foot. It is in the Old Town that the legendary Venetian Triple Bridge is located. Tiled streets and stone cottages of the area are made in a classic European style. There are many cafes and souvenir shops.

2. Prešeren Square

Ljubljana Attractions: Top 21

A monument to Franz Preschern on the square surrounded by old houses of the early 20th century Wolfgang Moroder.

The central square of the capital was equipped in the 17th century, originally named in honor of the Mother of God. Since that time, only the beautiful Baroque Church of the Annunciation has remained from the former buildings. One of the main attractions of the square is the statue of the famous poet Prešern. It was he who wrote the Slovenian anthem. The statue is installed in such a way that the poet's gaze is fixed on the cottage in which his beloved once lived. Your trip around the city should certainly include a trip to this square. Nowadays, mass celebrations and performances by famous artists are regularly held there.

3. Ljubljana City Hall

Ljubljana Attractions: Top 21

Fountain “River Carniolia” in front of the old building of the Ljubljana City Hall Jorge Láscar

The date of construction of the building in the Venetian architectural style is the 15th century. In the 18th century, as a result of reconstruction, it also received baroque features. It is worth visiting such interesting places in Ljubljana in the first place. The Town Hall became famous, for example, for its unique courtyards, which contain: a monument to the mayor of the city and a fountain created by F. Robb. Now the building hosts exhibitions and offices of representatives of the city authorities.

4. Central Market

Sights of Ljubljana: Top 21

View from the Ljubljana Castle to the building of the Central Market of Ljubljana Elekhh

Ljubljana Attractions: Top 21

Open shopping malls of the Ljubljana Central Market on Pogacar Square Andy L

In our list of what to see in Ljubljana in 1 day, this bazaar is not included by chance. The huge complex is represented by many covered rows, designed by Plechnik in the middle of the 20th century. Currently, the territory is divided into closed and open parts. Here you can buy decor, handicrafts, glass souvenirs, any food, including already prepared national dishes and delicacies.

5. Ljubljana Castle

Ljubljana Attractions: Top 21

Medieval fortress of the 12th century on a hill above the city of Ljubljana Ramón

Ljubljana Attractions: Top 21

Night view of the territory of the Ljubljana Castle and its environs

Medieval castle built on top of a hill in the 12th century. In the 15th century, the fortress was almost completely destroyed. However, later it was restored, making it a defensive complex. The palace was badly damaged during the attacks on the city by Napoleon's army. Until the 20th century, Ljubljana Castle was a prison. Now it is a great example of what you should definitely visit in Ljubljana.

Official website: https://www.ljubljanskigrad

See the wonderful views of Ljubljana in this fascinating video!

6. Funicular to Ljubljana Castle

Ljubljana Attractions: Top 21

Funicular car connects Kreka Square and Ljubljana Castle in Ljubljana Ramón

The cable car system was opened more than 12 years ago. In glass booths, you are invited to climb the hill, on which rises a medieval palace. The lower station is located at Kreka Square. The duration of the journey is only a minute (the distance between the lower and upper stations is a couple of tens of meters). If you take a seat near the glass, you can see and photograph the best sights of Ljubljana from a panoramic height.

7. Triple Bridge

Ljubljana Attractions: Top 21

An ensemble of three pedestrian bridges across the Ljubljanica River in the historical center of Ljubljana PetarM

Few engineering landmarks in Ljubljana can boast such an unusual design. The complex consists of three separate bridges at once, united by a common beginning. The Triple Bridge shape is fan-shaped. In the middle of the 19th century, the former old stone bridge could no longer withstand the flow of pedestrians and vehicles. However, the authorities also did not dare to demolish it, because it was a valuable historical monument. Then a unique project was developed, according to which several more modern concrete bridges, decorated with snow-white railings in the Venetian style, began to adjoin the ancient structure. From the Triple Bridge you can go to see the most significant places in the capital.

8. Dragon Bridge

Ljubljana Attractions: Top 21

Figures of stone dragons guard the road bridge across the river Ljubljanica Thomas Ledl

This bridge is included in all reviews of “the best sights in Slovenia”. It began to be built in 1901 after the old timber structure was destroyed by an earthquake. At the time of construction, it became one of the first bridges in Europe made of reinforced concrete. It is also known for its huge arch. It's easy to guess that the bridge is decorated with dragon sculptures.

9. Butcher's Bridge

Sights of Ljubljana: Top 21

Butcher's Bridge – Lover's Bridge in Ljubljana Jorge Láscar

Romantic couples love to gather on this bridge. Lovers hang locks here, which should hold their feelings together. Initially, the city authorities tried to remove these locks. However, later they abandoned these attempts, since their number did not decrease. If your trip to Ljubljana takes place with your soul mate, come to the Butcher's Bridge and hang up your castle.

10. St. Nicholas Cathedral

Ljubljana Attractions: Top 21

Frescoes by Giulio Quaglio on the walls and vault of St. Nicholas Cathedral in Ljubljana by Pedro Szekely

When thinking about where to go in Ljubljana, be sure to remember the current church of St. Nicholas. The building of the 18th century replaced the old Romanesque cathedral. The building is decorated with frescoes by the famous M. Langus and D. Quaglio. The interiors are represented by numerous sculptural compositions and an episcopal pulpit, a baptismal font. The unique entrance copper door of the cathedral deserves special attention. Sculptor M. Begach, for the meeting of Pope Paul II, made an unusual engraving on it – an illustration from the history of Christianity in Slovenia. Reviews about visiting the luxurious temple are always enthusiastic.

11. Franciscan Church

Ljubljana Attractions: Top 21

Tourists on the Preseren Square in front of the Franciscan Church of the Annunciation Cezar Suceveanu

Ljubljana Attractions: Top 21

Interior of the Franciscan Church of the Annunciation in Ljubljana SteinundBaum

One of the architectural and historical monuments of the country. The church was created by representatives of the Augustinian order. Since the “builders” were very limited in finance, the work lasted more than half a century. Later, the more powerful Franciscans took the building from the Augustinians by force. After that, the temple acquired baroque lines and its current appearance.

12. Ursuline Church of the Holy Trinity

Ljubljana Attractions: Top 21

Facade of an old 18th-century baroque Catholic church in Ljubljana Selena N. B. H.

Ljubljana Attractions: Top 21

Snow-white walls with gold trim inside the Ursuline Church of the Holy Trinity Oliver-Bonjoch

The Catholic Church of the 18th century, which is rightfully called one of the most colorful sights of the city. The baroque building with an original façade and an intricately curved roof was designed by an Italian architect. The temple is decorated with impressive columns. Inside, there is a marble altar.

13. Slovenian Opera and Ballet Theatre

Sights of Ljubljana: Top 21

Elegant semicircular facade of the Slovenian National Opera and Ballet Theater Mihael Grmek

Such excursions in Ljubljana will be of interest to all fans of opera art. Connoisseurs of architecture can also recommend visiting the neo-Renaissance building, decorated with monumental statues and Ionic columns. The opera began its work at the end of the 19th century. Not so long ago, the city administration reconstructed the hall, as a result of which the acoustics of the stage improved many times.

14. National Museum of Slovenia

Ljubljana Attractions: Top 21

The main entrance to the Central Slovenian Historical Museum in the central area of ​​Ljubljana Žiga

Ljubljana Attractions: Top 21

Collection of archaeological finds in the National Museum of Slovenia Tiia Monto

Talking about the main sights of Ljubljana, it is worth briefly mentioning this 1821 complex. The museum has several interesting expositions – with the tools of the local population, with graphics, canvases and engravings, with archaeological samples of ancient times, with coins and banknotes.

Official website: http: //www.nms.si

15. National Gallery of Slovenia

Sights of Ljubljana: Top 21

The National Gallery of Slovenia in a majestic building in the center of Slovenia's capital Michael R Perry

Sights of Ljubljana: Top 21

One of the halls of the National Gallery of Slovenia in Ljubljana Francisco Anzola

One of the main art museums of the entire state. Opening date – 1918. At the heart of the modern complex is an exposition with canvases by European and Slovenian artists created at different times – from the Middle Ages to the beginning of the 20th century.

Official website: https://www.ng- slo

Sights of Ljubljana: what else to visit in Ljubljana?

If you have already seen all those sights of Ljubljana, photos with names and descriptions of which we have given, take your free time to explore such objects as :

16. Museum of Illusions

Ljubljana Attractions: Top 21

At the Museum of Illusions in Ljubljana Chris Sammis

Sights of Ljubljana: Top 21

Optical illusion of the Ljubljana Museum of Illusions Chris Sammis

About four dozen samples are placed in the exhibition halls – photographs, installations on various topics, visual illusions, holograms. Among other attractions: an upside down room, the objects of which are arranged in the most unexpected way, a hall in which you will visually decrease and increase in size, a constantly moving vortex tunnel. All museum samples and halls have descriptions in four languages, including English. If you have already completed your excursions and shopping, do not go to hotels in Ljubljana. Come here – have fun with your family.

Official website: http://muzejiluzij.

17. Railway Museum of Slovenia

Ljubljana Attractions: Top 21

Vintage railway locomotives in the Railway Museum of Slovenia Bahnfrend

The museum was opened in the city in the middle of the 20th century. It was arranged in the former boiler room. Guests are invited to look at ancient trains and other vehicles from different eras. In addition, the exposition includes telegraphs, telephones and other devices for transmitting information. A separate collection contains old steam engines.

18. Ljubljana Skyscraper

Ljubljana Attractions: Top 21

Famous 13-storey building in the center of Ljubljana

The high-rise building was built in the middle of the 20th century. A 70-meter high-rise building used to be a vivid example of the technological progress of the capital. The thirteen-story building had all the innovative innovations of those years: a centralized heating system, a high-speed person, and air conditioning. Now the skyscraper houses offices and boutiques. Several levels are reserved for residential apartments. The upper floors also house a cafe with an outdoor terrace and a bar with panoramic windows.

19. Ljubljana Zoo

Ljubljana Attractions: Top 21

Inhabitants of the Ljubljana Zoo Tiia Monto

A menagerie worth visiting with the whole family. In addition to getting to know the various inhabitants, you can visit the children's playground and a cafe that serves national Slovenian cuisine. Feeding animals is also allowed (food can be purchased on site). For young children, fun holidays and competitions are organized. The zoo is open every day.

20. Tivoli Park

Ljubljana Attractions: Top 21

Art gallery at the entrance to Tivoli Park Johan W

Ljubljana Attractions: Top 21

Autumn landscape in Tivoli Park János Korom Dr.


This park complex, equipped in 1813 by the French during the Napoleonic occupation, is loved by both tourists and residents of the city. The territory with flower beds and well-groomed paths occupies about five square meters. km. There are benches and sculptural groups everywhere. Guests of the park, open around the clock, can admire the ancient castle, which in the 18th century was used as a temporary residence of the bishop of the capital. Now the castle houses a center for graphic arts.

21. Ljubljanica River

Ljubljana Attractions: Top 21

Ljubljana River flows through the city of Ljubljana Petar Milošević

Ljubljana Attractions: Top 21

Ljubljana river embankment in the evening time in Ljubljana TravelingOtter

The length of this natural landmark is more than 40 kilometers. It divides the territory of the capital into several parts. On the coast you can fish (different types of fish swim in local waters) and relax. River walks of various durations are organized here (average duration is 1 hour).

We hope that when you come to Ljubljana, you will personally see all the sights that you have just learned about.

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