Los Angeles Attractions: Top 30

Los Angeles Attractions Los Angeles: Top 30

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After reading our review, you will learn about the most popular and visited attractions in Los Angeles. We made our rating of “what every tourist should see in Los Angeles”, taking into account the recommendations and reviews of experienced guides.

First things to see in Los Angeles

Enumerate the best attractions in Los Angeles could be infinitely long. Therefore, we have chosen for you only the most significant and fascinating objects – those with which your trip to the metropolis will be unforgettable:

1. Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park

Los Angeles Attractions: Top 30

Universal Studios Hollywood Prayitno/Thank you for (12 millions +) view

Let's start with a huge theme park, which is recommended for the whole family. Here you will find live unique shows, and incredible rides, and original attractions created based on legendary movies, such as Jurassic Park or King Kong. No one should miss these excursions in Los Angeles.

Official website: https://www.universalstudiosholl

2. Hollywood Walk of Fame< /h3>

Los Angeles Attractions: Top 30

Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles Ken Lund

A place that immortalized the names and talents of a huge number of world stars and celebrities. Travelers from all over the world come here to see the bookmarks of their favorite celebrities. For the directors, actors and actresses themselves, getting to this Alley is also a memorable and important event. If you're lucky, you'll be able to attend the bookmarking event, held about 2 times a month.

Official website: http://www.walkoffame

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3. Disneyland

Los Angeles Attractions: Top 30

Disneyland Los Angeles is Daniela's first open Disneyland

If you think that such interesting places in Los Angeles should be visited only with children, you are mistaken. A trip here will bring a lot of pleasure and joy to a person of any age. It is this Disneyland that is the “original version”, from which all other amusement parks in the world with the same name have been “copied and copied”. What entertainment awaits you? Any: rides and carousels, show programs, meetings with your favorite cartoon and blockbuster characters, buying unique souvenirs, including those with Mickey Mouse ears, etc.

Official website: https://disneyland.disney

4. Griffith Observatory

Los Angeles Attractions: Top 30

Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles

Like many other attractions in Los Angeles, this one is located in Hollywood. The topics of the scientific and entertainment institution and its exhibits are astronautics and space. By order of the creator of the Observatory, Mr. Griffith, admission and acquaintance with the educational expositions are completely free. At the top level of the building there is an observation platform from which you can admire the panoramas of the metropolis.

Official website: http://www.griffithobservatory

5. Walt Disney Concert Hall

Los Angeles Attractions: Top 30

Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles Roman Konigshofer

A popular cultural object of the city, which has a unique look. The date of the creation of the hall, which hosts grandiose concerts of the most famous orchestras of the world, is a little more than 10 years ago. Even if you are not interested in concert performances and art, come here to admire the building – this is a real architectural masterpiece of our time. The monumental structure soars skyward and shines with frozen steel.

Official site: https://www.laphil.com/

Check out the beautiful places of Los Angeles in this wonderful video !

6. Hollywood Sign

Los Angeles Attractions: Top 30

The famous “HOLLYWOOD” sign in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles

Such sights of the United States can be seen in many films, cartoons and even in news reports. The sign of the settlement of the same name has a 100-year history of existence and is located on the beautiful Mount Lee. If you don't know what to visit in Los Angeles, but want to take an excellent photo with one of the main symbols of America, come here.

Official website: https://hollywoodsign.

7. Santa Monica Pier

Los Angeles Attractions: Top 30

Santa Monica Pier with Pacific Park in Los Angeles

The famous pier includes several berths: one of them was created in 1919, the second – in 1909 (there are no less famous fish restaurant and fishing shop here). The berths are connected with each other by a pedestrian platform, where carousels, slides and a whole entertainment park are located.

8. The Broad Museum of Contemporary Art

Los Angeles Attractions: Top 30

Exhibit of the Broad Museum Sharon VanderKaay

What to see in Los Angeles in 1 day for fans of contemporary art: sculpture, graphics and painting? The temporary and permanent exhibitions of this wonderful museum – when they appear, most of them make a splash in the cultural and public life of the United States. The number of exhibits is increasing every day – photographs, samples of visualism, pop art, expressionism and other popular trends. In addition, seminars, conferences and other open events are regularly held here.

Official website: https://www.thebroad.org/

9. Venice Beach

Los Angeles Attractions: Top 30

Venice Beach (Venice) – sandy beach in Los Angeles

The legendary beach in the Californian area of ​​the city. Initially, the area was supposed to become a kind of Venice for the rich in the United States. However, in the era of the Great Depression, everything fell into disrepair: the residents left their cottages, and the canals began to become covered with mud. The dawn of Venice Beach came at the beginning of the 21st century: at the moment, the area belongs to the elite level and the cost of living here is incredibly high. Guides in Los Angeles recommend visiting this attraction by all means – both for a comfortable stay and fun, and for getting to know the history of the city.

10. Bradbury Building

Los Angeles Attractions: Top 30

The Bradbury Building is a building in Los Angeles Chris Eason

An architectural masterpiece and an 1893 National Historic Landmark, commissioned by wealthy entrepreneur L. Bradbury. According to the project, the cost of construction was to be less than 180 thousand dollars. However, later on, changes were made to the original estimate, due to which the price of building the building increased to half a million dollars (at that time a fabulous amount).

Official website: https://www. laconservancy.

Los Angeles attractions: what else to visit in Los Angeles?

We have listed you only a small part of where to go in Los Angeles is a must. In addition to these fascinating places, you should see:

11. Petersen Automotive Museum

Los Angeles Attractions: Top 30

Petersen Automotive Museum Greg Gjerdingen

Listing the main attractions of Los Angeles, it is briefly worth mentioning this 1994 complex. In the huge exhibition halls, located on three levels, 150 copies of motorcycles, trucks and cars are presented. The date of creation of some machines is 1904-10. In addition to vintage and rare samples, there are models of the newest cars, as well as vehicles that took part in the creation of movie masterpieces (for example, a series of films about Batman). The third level of the building is reserved for children, on the fourth there is a restaurant and a conference room. As well as some of the largest hotels in Los Angeles, this museum hosts many hundreds of thousands of guests every year.

Official website: https://www.petersen.org/< /p>

12. Getty Villa

Los Angeles Attractions: Top 30

Getty Villa in Los Angeles

The museum was built in 1953 at the direction of J. Getty (oil tycoon). It is recommended to visit it to view unique examples of art. Here are paintings by Rembrandt, Monet, Van Gogh and other brilliant masters of the world. Buses and trams run daily to the villa, built on top of a mountain.

Official website: http://www.getty.edu/visit/

13. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Los Angeles Attractions: Top 30

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Amusement Park Neil Thompson

The popular entertainment complex opened in 2016 for all fans of the Harry Potter books. Guests can explore mysterious alleyways, visit Hogwarts Castle and the magical village of Hogsmeade, Mr. Ollivander's wand shop and the Three Broomsticks Pub, which serves real butterbeer. The attraction “Forbidden Journey” deserves a separate discussion. It allows you to take a “dark ride” through recreated and unusually realistic locations from the world of Harry Potter. Everyone can buy fabulous souvenirs, such as Pygmy Fluffies, chocolate frogs with magic cards, magic wands.

Official website: https://www.universalstudios

14. Rodeo Drive

Los Angeles Attractions: Top 30

Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles

The most famous shopping street in the United States, known far beyond Los Angeles. Rodeo Drive is three kilometers long. It is here that you can meet Hollywood stars and celebrities, as well as walk through the most elite and expensive boutiques of the Earth, where original designer clothes, jewelry, accessories and shoes are sold at exorbitant prices.

Official website: http://rodeodrive-bh.com/

15. Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History

Los Angeles Attractions: Top 30

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles AngryJulieMonday

An informative and interesting center that tells about the multibillion-year history of our planet. It is recommended to visit it for both adults and children. You can study museum samples for several days, weeks and even months. The total number of exhibits exceeds 35,000,000 units (for this reason, several subsidiary museum complexes were opened).

Official website: https://nhm.org/site/

16. Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

Los Angeles Attractions: Top 30

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles Carol M. Highsmith

Los Angeles Attractions: Top 30

Chris Burdens sculpture “City Light” of 202 street lights at the entrance to LACMA Kent Wang

Visiting museums in Los Angeles, perhaps, it is worth starting with the largest museum in the United States – a diverse selection of cultural treasures from all over the world is collected here. This is the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, where almost all eras and world cultures are represented. More than a hundred thousand exhibits are designed to highlight various historical and geographical aspects: several sections present the ancient world, the art of Japan, Korea, Europe and Latin America, the Persian Gulf countries. Of particular interest to visitors is the “City Lights” installation, presented in the form of hundreds of cast-iron lanterns that flaunt in front of the very entrance to the building. Initially, the institution, which opened its doors in 1960, belonged to the Museum of History, Science and Art. Thanks to huge donations, reaching $ 2 million, the museum was able to move to a new building, and is located on Wilshire Boulevard.

Official website: https://www.lacma.

17. Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels

Los Angeles Attractions: Top 30

Fountain at the entrance to the territory of the Catholic Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles en:user:kkmd

Los Angeles Attractions: Top 30

Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral features John Nava tapestries and a 18m Clinton Steeds organ

The main Catholic Cathedral of Los Angeles was built in 2002 and is the main church of the Los Angeles Archbishop. This is the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, which replaced the Cathedral of St. Viviana, destroyed in 1994 by an earthquake. The new building was designed by a Spanish architect using elements of postmodernism. A characteristic feature of its architecture is the complete absence of right angles, there are only sharp or obtuse ones. The imposing building can accommodate up to 3,000 worshipers at the same time, its interior is decorated with tapestries by John Nava and houses a huge organ reconstructed on the basis of a musical instrument from the Cathedral of St. Viviana. The relics of St. Viviana, transferred from the destroyed temple, also rest here. It is noteworthy that the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels has an underground level with a mausoleum for almost 5 thousand places for burial.

Official website: http://www.olacathedral

18. Dolby Theatre

Los Angeles Attractions: Top 30

The Dolby Theater is located on Hollywood Boulevard in the historic center of Los Angeles Adam Fagen

The world's premier red carpet unfolds at the world-renowned Oscars event. And this path leads to one of the most revered buildings in Hollywood – the Kodak Theater (Dolby), whose walls have seen all the famous movie stars, here the spirit of Bohemia has saturated every corner. The theater, opened in 2001, can accommodate 3.3 thousand spectators; its stage is one of the largest in the United States. It is noteworthy that since 2012, Kodak has been renamed Dolby, due to the lost rights to the Kodak company to represent its name on the facade. Although it is unlikely that visitors will be able to get to the awards ceremony, there is always the opportunity to watch one of the local productions, and during the tours you can comprehend the intricacies of the Oscars, see a genuine statuette, visit many departments, access to which is open only to celebrities.

Official website: https://www.dolbytheatre

19. Grauman's Chinese Theatre

Los Angeles Attractions: Top 30

A giant dragon and two watchdogs at the entrance to Grauman's Chinese Theater wolfgang.mller54

The most beautiful building in Los Angeles, Grauman's Chinese Theater is a tribute to the architecture of the Celestial Empire and the Chinese diaspora, which has existed in the city for almost a century. The symbolic building is located on Hollywood Boulevard and with its facade alone, which stands out brightly against the background of the rest of the development, attracts many tourists. Built in the form of a Chinese pagoda at the beginning of the 20th century, this theater has a capacity of 1162 spectators, and it began its creative activity with the premiere of the film Sun Valley Serenade. Today, premieres of Hollywood films are regularly held here, gathering numerous fans and world-famous stars. The magnificent decoration of the building deserves special attention – it is crowned with a 30-meter sloping roof, the entrance is decorated with two coral-red columns with capitals, a 9-meter stone dragon rises above the portico.

Official website:http://www.tclchinesetheatres

20. Madame Tussauds

Los Angeles Attractions: Top 30

Jennifer Lopez – Madame Tussauds exhibit Luke Rauscher

You should not expect that you will be able to see and comprehend the whole of Los Angeles in 2 weeks – this city is huge and many-sided. But in order to have time to find something important for yourself here, to make your amazing discoveries, you should draw up a minimum plan for the coming days. And of course, a memorable point of this plan will be a visit to Madame Tussauds. Once created according to the plan of the English sculptor Mary Tussauds, this wax museum managed to reach the world level in a little more than a century and a half, opening its branches in 15 cities around the world. There is also one of the branches in Los Angeles – indeed, where else to consider world stars, if not in the capital of cinema? Exact life-size replicas of celebrities are located in several rooms of the museum, and undoubtedly the hall with figures of famous movie stars occupies the central place.

Official website: https://www.madametussauds

21. Rancho La Brea

Los Angeles Attractions: Top 30

Mastodon sculptures at La Brea Ranch in Los Angeles KimonBerlin

Not only to see the nightlife full of neon lights and hangouts, go to the City of Angels. Beautiful beaches, wildlife, hundreds of species of fauna, including the rarest specimens – this is a different, living Los Angeles. Whales on the very shores of the Pacific Ocean, the largest city zoo, parks, gardens, canyons are local treasures of American nature. One of the unusual natural objects in the city is called “tar pits” – it is located on the lands of Rancho La Brea. In 1906, while drilling oil wells, a place of mass death of animals was discovered in these surroundings, which for thousands of years came here to drink and fell into a bitumen trap – sticky resin gradually tightened them under its own weight, and the animals died. So in the process of exploring these surroundings, various representatives of large fauna were found – such as American lions, ancient bison, mammoths, mastodons, llamas and many others – today the local museum demonstrates these finds.

Official website : https://tarpits.org/

22. California Science Center

Los Angeles Attractions: Top 30

Space Shuttle Endeavor at the California Science Center in Los Angeles InSapphoWeTrust

The state of California is famous for its science center, which holds the most exciting exhibitions with interactive shows and presentations that involve visitors in the experimental process. California Science Center, spread over vast territories, includes 4 areas: the first is dedicated to the study of living beings, the second demonstrates the latest technical achievements, the third introduces space research and aviation achievements and presents interesting space artifacts, and in the cinema located here you can watch a number of educational films. The central place is occupied by the World of Life exposition, which demonstrates how living organisms function. Some galleries show large models of human cells, others study the basic life processes of the body – protection, reproduction, energy production and interaction with the environment.

Official website: https://californiasciencecenter

23. Stahl family home

Los Angeles Attractions: Top 30

View of the glass walls of the Stahl family house and the city of Los Angeles mbtrama

The Stahl family home is one of the most original and famous buildings in the city of angels. The building, located on the slopes of the Hollywood Hills, offers wonderful views of the whole of Los Angeles. The luxurious mansion appeared in the 50s of the last century, when the family of a famous actor decided to settle on this plot of land – today it is already difficult to imagine that once these lands were considered almost unsuitable for construction. After much stylistic and project planning work, this building has grown into a truly iconic building, and the secret to its fame lies in its innovative L-shaped design and glass walls that offer breathtaking views of Los Angeles. The pool is located at the very cliff in such a way that it seems as if it is about to collapse into the abyss. But these ideas are illusory – its design is very reliable, durable enough for many decades to come.

24. Olvera Street

Los Angeles Attractions: Top 30

Colorful Mexican market on Olvera Street in Los Angeles Peter C in Toronto Canada

Los Angeles is a large city, its territories stretch along the Pacific coast, and on the plains, and in the foothills, and its areas are striking in their contrasts. Once here, you should definitely visit Olvera Street. This is one of the oldest city streets, where, like nowhere else, you can feel the spirit of Mexico that fills these estates and houses. The colorful Olvera Street is the place where the city itself was born when it was still a Spanish province. A century later, at the end of the 19th century, the street was widened and began to bear the name of the local judge Augustine Oliver. Today, this street is home to a colorful market where you can buy traditional Mexican goods and a range of souvenirs. Mexican mansions are closely located on both sides, musicians perform right along the sidewalks, and national Mexican dishes can be tasted in cozy local cafes.

25. Staples Center

Los Angeles Attractions: Top 30

Basketball match under the arches of the universal sports complex Staples Center David Jones

Fans of sports and sports competitions should definitely visit the Staples Center, a large-scale multifunctional complex where various competitions and championships are regularly held. The center was opened in 1999, and every year 2.5 hundreds of diverse events are held on its territory. Currently, it is also the arena for three professional sports clubs in Los Angeles – two basketball and one hockey. The stadium is architecturally a tall 46-meter building with large panoramic windows, accommodating 20,000 seats. Rows with comfortable seats have excellent visibility, which is complemented by huge viewing screens above the arena. At each level of the complex there is a large selection of bars, cafes, including a large Fox Sports SkyBox restaurant for 300 visitors. The colorful building becomes especially noticeable in the evening and at night, transforming in the backlight.

Official website: https://www.staplescenter

26. Union Station

Los Angeles Attractions: Top 30

Union Station main train station surrounded by palm trees in Los Angeles Dietmar Rabich

Los Angeles Attractions: Top 30

LA Union Station Lounge Antoine Taveneaux

A tourist walk in Los Angeles cannot do without visiting the famous Union Station, which is located in the heart of the city and is its most important transport hub. The station building was built in the 30s of the last century in the Spanish colonial style, and even those who have never been here will remember the familiar interiors that have flashed in many films more than once. Today, the station serves about 60 thousand passengers daily, several metro lines, high-speed trams, and a number of intercity buses pass through this station. Inside this huge building, time seems to have stopped in the 30s and 40s of the 20th century – soft vintage armchairs are installed in the waiting room, the interiors have been maintained in their original form for many decades. You can also explore the sights of San Francisco from the platforms of Union Station – the Coast Starlight train departs from here several times a day.

Official website: https://www. unionstationla

27. Griffith Park

Los Angeles Attractions: Top 30

South face of Mount Hollywood with Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles' Griffith Park

Another attraction in the heart of Los Angeles is Griffith Park, the largest park in the United States. And although there are more than a hundred similar places in the city, it was Griffith who was the venue for numerous filming, and Walt Disney himself came up with the idea of ​​​​creating Disneyland here. Today, visitors to the park can combine walking, relaxing with stunning views of the city, horseback riding and an exciting excursion to the observatory located here, and in general, this is an ideal option to see in Los Angeles without a car. And in the park there is a Botanical Garden with thousands of species of tropical plants, a city zoo and an amphitheater. In general, one can only be amazed how the Americans managed to preserve this green corner with such an abundance of entertainment in the heart of a noisy metropolis.

Official website: https://www.laparks

28. Hollywood Bowl

Los Angeles Attractions: Top 30

Matthew Field

Los Angeles is a real epicenter of nightlife. Entertainment at night is given special attention here, and there are no questions about what to see at night in Los Angeles. Party lovers can visit one of the nightclubs where the best DJs perform, and fans of cultural events are recommended to visit the Hollywood Bowl. This is a huge outdoor amphitheater that can accommodate up to 18 thousand spectators and is known among the locals as the “Hollywood Bowl” because it has a semicircular shape. It was founded in 1922, and for almost a hundred years the most spectacular events have been held on its stage – symphony concerts, rock concerts, theatrical performances, operas, dance performances and other public events. And at night, the Hollywood Bowl observation deck offers fantastic views of Los Angeles at night, and it's also a great opportunity to watch the performance of your favorite band from afar, but completely free.

Official site: https ://www.hollywoodbowl

29. Angels Flight

Los Angeles Attractions: Top 30

Orange and black cable cars of the Flight of Angels Difference engine

Although the expressive city of angels is not famous for funiculars, here you can see the only railway of its kind, which has been preserved in the city to this day since 1901. It bears the romantic name “Flight of the Angels”, has a length of only about 90 meters and is considered the shortest railway in the world. After almost 70 years of service, the funicular and two of its carriages were dismantled in order to clear the growing area, but after 30 years the legendary attraction was decided to be restored near its original location. The further history of the “Flight of Angels” was associated with constant failures in the operation of its system. Meanwhile, the Angels Flight Railway Foundation has made a lot of efforts to revive the attraction, repairing the train, modernizing the cable traction and improving the brakes, so today there is a great opportunity to ride in old trailers and admire the views of the historical part of the city.

30. Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Los Angeles Attractions: Top 30

The grounds of the oldest Hollywood Forever cemetery in Hollywood on Santa Monica Boulevard Matt Lingard

When the standard routes to cultural attractions and entertainment venues of the city of angels have become boring, it's time to visit other interesting places in the city's surroundings. Hollywood Memorial Park, or Hollywood Forever, is the city's oldest cemetery, founded in 1899. It is located on Santa Monica Boulevard, close to the city's northern walls. These lands are known all over the world, because a huge number of celebrities with one or another connection to the world of cinema and entertainment, as well as a number of personalities who played a significant role in the history of Los Angeles, were buried here. The cemetery is active even today – people come here who want to pay tribute to the memory of buried idols. Various concerts and film festivals are also regularly held here.

Official website: https://hollywoodforever

We hope that those sights of Los Angeles, photo from the names and descriptions of which we have now given were of interest to you. Arriving in a shining metropolis, visit them by all means. Read also about the sights of Miami and get inspired for your next trip around the USA.

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