Lost tourists shot dead by border guards

Lost tourists shot by border guards< /p> A terrible story with tourists happened on the border of Morocco and Algeria. Lost tourists riding jet skis were shot dead by border guards. According to the Daily Beast, two tourists riding jet skis off the coast of Morocco were shot dead by the Algerian coast guard when they got lost and accidentally crossed the border. Another tourist was detained and only one managed to get out alive. An international scandal is brewing.

The victims were two tourists, Bilal Kissi and Abdelali Mechouer, both with dual French and Moroccan citizenship. They were part of a group of four who came under fire after accidentally heading in the wrong direction from the resort of Saïdia in northeastern Morocco. The third member of the group, Smail Snabe, another Frenchman of Moroccan origin, was arrested by the Algerian Coast Guard. And only the fourth, Mohamed Qissi, returned to Morocco and spoke about the incident.

“We got lost, but kept moving until we ended up in Algiers. We did not yet know that we were in Algiers when a black Algerian boat approached us and those who were in the boat fired at us,” he said. According to him, the border guards killed his brother and his friend, another friend was arrested – and all this only because the group “got lost and we ran out of fuel.” The tourist himself was able to swim away, saving his life, and the Moroccan fleet picked him up.

At the same time, the tourist denies that they tried to escape from the border guards. “My brother tried to talk to them, but they opened fire!” the tourist says. He also expressed outrage at the incident and called on the Moroccan authorities to take the case to international courts. “The only fault of my friend and brother was that he crossed the territorial waters of Algeria, he was on vacation with friends,” he adds.

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