Luxury Turkish resort has temporarily found a replacement for Russian and Ukrainian tourists

Luxury Turkish resort has temporarily found a replacement for Russian and Ukrainian tourists

Tourists from Europe, primarily from the UK and Germany, were temporarily able to compensate, at least for some Turkish resorts, the decline in Russian and Ukrainian tourist traffic caused by the Russian special operation and sanctions. Such a report on spring statistics was voiced by Takettin Ozden, President of the Kusadasi Resort Hoteliers Association (KODER). However, he stressed separately that it is still difficult to give a forecast for the summer season, but there is hope.

“Compared to last year, when there were practically no European tourists in March-April due to covid, in April- In May, we saw a sharp increase in European tourists, and in general we saw a good load, although the number of tourists from Russia and Ukraine has decreased significantly,” said Mr. Ozden.

He added that there has been a significant increase in the number of tourists from the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland, with the UK and Germany leading the way. Almost all Balkan countries follow.

“Despite all the negativity that stopped the movement of tourists for some time, the tourist flow is growing again. We had a very good start compared to last year. And from now on, I think it will continue. bookings, which gives us hope,” said an expert from Kusadasi.

OUR REFERENCE: Kusadasi is a high-end luxury popular Turkish resort on the Aegean coast in the province of Izmir. Among tourists, it is known primarily for its large number of beaches. The resort is also popular among “cultural” tourists – just 10 km from it are the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus, where tourists can go on an excursion.

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