Magic effect in Egypt: Russian women were named 5 signs that Egyptians are hypnotizing them for their own purposes

Magical effect in Egypt: Russian women were given 5 signs that Egyptians are hypnotizing them for their own purposes

Russian tourists often fall in love with Egyptian men who are lower in intelligence, status and financial situation. Often there are couples with a big difference in age – a young Egyptian and a Russian woman of retirement age. What's the secret? According to the Yandex.Zen channel, Russian women are under hypnosis or magic spells, otherwise this very inadequacy of the behavior of our compatriots cannot be explained. Moreover, many residents of the country of the pyramids are not stopped by religious beliefs that magic is a sin.

As the author noted, Egypt lives by energy and sexual binding, love spells and magical rites. “For example, he (a man), as if by chance, draws some signs on your body with his finger, writes something when you are in a calm state. Bindings are made for food and especially for drinking,” she clarified.

The blogger told the story of her friend: “A friend told me that under her feet, as if by chance, a man poured out some kind of sand, which she had to step on, after that, after a few days, she felt that she was literally going crazy over this man. The story lasted 3 years and brought her to a serious nervous breakdown.

In addition, the Russian woman urged not to post her photos without changes. To prevent the magic from reaching the owner of the picture, you need to correct the photo before publication.

Egyptians who do not want to use magical rites resort to NLP hypnosis, which belongs to the category of non-classical methods of influence. “NLP hypnosis at the stage of building close relationships can be recognized because a man tries to copy your words, phrases, actions, tone of speech, gestures, up to synchronous breathing, as if entering into resonance with you. There is a feeling that this person is very close in spirit, the second half, sent by God, a gift of fate. The same as you … created especially for you, you are one whole … etc. Empathy turns into passionate love … Be careful if he repeats something “in the bedroom.” For example, the innocent phrase “Help me”. You are already being programmed,” the Russian woman warned.

If the inner feeling of discomfort in relation to the Egyptian does not leave the tourist, then most likely it is so in reality. An inner voice may suggest that you need to check if hypnosis became the reason for the start of a passionate and romantic relationship. “If it seems, then it doesn’t seem to you,” the blogger said.

According to the Russian woman, what else is worth paying attention to:

  1. The girl is not sick, but there are symptoms of illnesses: she does not sleep well, weakness appeared, she feels unwell, nausea, tremors, unreasonable anxiety. And this “something” is connected with him, and this is not usual for you. For example, you go and buy a man some gift for no reason. You offer him money. At the slightest hint, immediately there is a desire to do something for him, even if he has not asked yet, ”the Russian woman described the likely situations and gave a good example.
    “Somehow, on the beach in Hurghada, I involuntarily heard a woman of 65 say loudly that she woke up early, took a bag on wheels and went to Dahar to the market. I bought a rabbit there, marinated it at home in the morning, and ran to the beach until 2 o'clock. And by three, when her 25-year-old lover wakes up, she will have time to bake a marinated rabbit for him in the oven. Because yesterday he said that he loves the rabbit and his mother cooks them very tasty,” she shared.
  2. After meeting with the Egyptian, the topics of conversation are hardly remembered, the surrounding atmosphere is “consciousness seems to have narrowed.”
  3. During conversations, the man often repeats the same phrase, and in the end the girl adopts it too. “For example, “I love you, I love you.” And then “Love me more” will follow and you will crawl out of your skin to prove your love, ”the author explained.
  4. And the last thing: a girl may feel fear for no good reason that he will leave her, although little time has passed since the moment they met. Instincts may come into play: there may be an irresistible desire for an Egyptian to become the father of her unborn child.

“One woman told me: she could not understand why she suddenly decided to go to Khabib after just a few meetings with him online. And suddenly she woke up at night with a clear awareness: she remembered how in one of the conversations he quietly said to her in between times: “You will come, and we will not use protection, and then come what may.” And just the day before, she shared with him that she was planning another child. She safely forgot the phrase, because the conversation was immediately transferred to another topic, but she began to pack her bags for him, ”the Russian woman said.

As a result, the author advised her compatriots to think with their heads, pay attention to the oddities of the male interlocutor and attend to the state of your body.

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