Malaga Attractions: Top 26

Malaga Attractions: Top 26

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Our review will tell you what to see in Malaga will be interesting for tourists of all ages. We have collected in one rating all the most significant and popular sights of Malaga, taking into account the reviews and recommendations of guides and travelers.

What to see in Malaga in the first place

It does not matter for what reason you want to do travel – whether you are attracted by the Costa del Sol or profitable shopping, having arrived in the city, be sure to find out about the following excursions in Malaga:

1. City Hall

Malaga Attractions: Top 26

The facades of the Malaga City Hall are decorated with picturesque bas-reliefs by Berthold Werner

Like many other important sights of Spain, this one was built over several years. Construction work began in 1912, and upon completion, the city received a unique neo-baroque building. The administrative building is recognized as a cultural and architectural monument of the country. Inside are paintings by postmodern masters.

2. La Malagueta Arena

Malaga Attractions: Top 26

Bullring on Reading Boulevard in Malaga

Every tourist should see this site for bullfighting, created in 1876. The facility can accommodate about 14 thousand guests. You can also watch the bullfighting from Mount Gibralfaro (don't forget to bring binoculars with you). In addition to the arena, the complex includes a bullfighting museum, which displays outfits of famous bullfighters, weapons and bull heads.

Official website: https://torosmalaga

3. Constitution Square

Malaga Attractions: Top 26

Marble Fountain “Carlos V” in the Renaissance style in the central square of Malaga Kārlis Dambrāns

The old town of Malaga is famous, among other things, for its historical and most visited Constitution Square. All city holidays are organized here. On the eve of Christmas celebrations, it is here that the main Christmas tree of the city is set. Local attractions include the 16th-century marble fountain of Genoa.

4. Merced Square

Sights of Malaga: Top 26

View of Plaza Merced in the center of Malaga Banja-Frans Mulder

On the territory there is a statue of Torrijos and the famous Picasso Museum. In addition, city events are often held here. Despite the fact that the area is quite compact, it has great historical significance. Here are the most famous places of entertainment, unique buildings and the best hotels in Malaga. Merced is also popular due to the fact that from it you can go to anywhere in the city.

Official website: http://www.malagaturismo

5. Marques de Larios Street

Malaga Attractions: Top 26

Shops, boutiques and sculptures on the promenade Marques de Larios Emilio

Elite avenue, on which there are many boutiques and shops. Guests and residents of the city are also attracted by the performances of street artists. Before Christmas, Marques de Larios is richly decorated with light arrangements.

See the beautiful views of Malaga in this breathtaking video!

6. Malaga Fortress

Sights of Malaga: Top 26

The fortress of Malaga or the Alcazaba fortress of the 8th century on a hill in the central part of the city

Moorish military citadel (Alcazaba) – fortification with eight gates and powerful walls. The fortress is visible literally from anywhere in Malaga. The construction of the palace began in 1057 at the direction of the ruler B. B. Abus. From the former grandeur of the building, only two walls remained, stretching along the hill. On the slope between the walls are also the ruined outer and inner courtyards (in the latter, wealthy Spaniards originally lived). Inside the fortress, an archeological museum has been opened, which exhibits models of the castle itself and Malaga, Arab ceramics.

Official website: http://www.malagaturismo

7. Gibralfaro Fort

Sights of Malaga: Top 26

The ruins of the Arab fortress of Gibralfaro on a mountain overlooking Malaga Maksym Abramov

The complex is located near the Alcazaba in Malaga, and is the remains of a tower, gates and defensive walls, which offer incredible panoramas of the city. The date of construction of the fortress is the 14th century.

Official website: http://www.andalucia

8. Picasso Museum

< img title="Malaga Attractions: Top 26" src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/dostoprimechatelnosti-malagi-top-26-6736317.jpg" alt="Malaga Attractions: Top 26" />< /p> The Pablo Picasso Museum in the 16th century Buenavista Palace gastromartini

Malaga Attractions: Top 26

The main courtyard of the museum of the great Spanish surrealist Pablo Picasso in Malaga Emilio Luque

The great artist Picasso was a native and citizen of Malaga. Therefore, it is not surprising that a museum in his honor was opened in the city. The collections include over two hundred creations of the master, including ceramics, sculptures and art canvases. Fans of the genius can look at the masterpieces that Picasso created at various periods of his life. Samples of the permanent exhibition are located in 14 rooms. Many exhibits were donated to the museum by the master's relatives.

Official website: https://www.museopicassomalaga

9. Branch of the Russian Museum

Malaga Attractions: Top 26

Branch of the Russian Museum in the building of Tabacalera (former tobacco factory) in Malaga Tyk

Malaga Attractions: Top 26

An exhibit from the collection of the Russian Museum in Malaga JamesNarmer

The opening date of the museum complex, which occupies about 2.3 thousand square meters, is 2015. In addition to the permanent collections, there are temporary thematic exhibitions. If you don't know what to visit in Malaga, but want to see the works of art of modern creators and masters of bygone times, come here.

10. Center Pompidou

Malaga Attractions: Top 26

Building branch of the famous Parisian modern art gallery in Malaga Epizentrum

The best option for where to go in Malaga for art lovers. The collections include canvases painted in the 20th and 21st centuries. In addition to exhibitions, the center hosts monographic and thematic events that attract young people.

Official website: http://www.malaga

11. Automobile Museum< /h3>

Malaga Attractions: Top 26

Retro car against the background of Malaga Automobile Museum nkreuzer

Malaga Attractions: Top 26

One of the 10 sections of Malaga Automobile Museum Jorbasa Fotografie

Guides in Malaga recommend visiting this place even for those who are not fond of cars and their history. In the museum center with a dozen spacious rooms, equipped in a former tobacco factory, on an area of ​​​​6 thousand square meters. m. there are all kinds of cars, aged from the 18th century. Of great interest is the collection of hundreds of rare cars. In addition to inspection, literally all vehicles can be rented. However, the rental price is quite impressive – the trip will cost a lot.

Official website: https://www.museoauto

12. Museum of Glass and Crystals

A complex of applied arts, glass and crystal specimens of which tell about the history of human development. The total number of objects belonging to different periods of time is over 3 thousand. Lectures are given in various languages. Admission is free for children under 6.

Official website: http://www.museovidrio

13. Carmen Thyssen Museum

Malaga Attractions: Top 26

Entrance to the Carmen Thyssen Museum Emilio J. Rodríguez Posada

This contemporary art museum has been open for over 8 years. Guests are invited to get acquainted with the paintings, mainly by Spanish masters of the 18th century. The works demonstrate the local culture and traditions of the state. Please note: on Sunday, in the evening, you can view the collections for free.

Official website: https://www.carmen

14. Contemporary Art Center

Malaga Attractions: Top 26

Center for contemporary art in the building of the former wholesale market of Malaga Té y kriptonita < p>The opening date of the complex, with an area of ​​2.4 thousand square meters, is 2003. The center is a repository for valuable visual and sculptural art objects of the 20th century. In addition, the exhibition presents the work of contemporary masters. The permanent collection contains about four hundred works of world-class creators. In addition to exhibitions, the object attracts attention with its art workshops, congresses and thematic film screenings.

15. Bishop's Palace

Sights of Malaga: Top 26

The main facade of the Bishop's Palace in Obispo Square in Malaga Berthold Werner

Construction of the castle began in 1762. At the moment, the majestic baroque palace with an altar and pink columns is the best example of urban civil architecture. Inside there is a museum of sacred art.

16. Malaga Cathedral

Malaga Attractions: Top 26

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Incarnation against the backdrop of Malaga cityscape Danielmlg86

Malaga Attractions: Top 26

North facade of the 18th century Malaga Cathedral PILAR J

A renaissance cathedral whose tower is visible from different parts of the Old Town. The building has only one tower, since there were no funds for the construction of another one. It is for this reason that the “popular nickname” of the grandiose building is “one-handed” or “La Manquita”. There is a museum inside.

Official website: http://www.malagatur

17. Basilica of Santa Maria de la Victoria

The building became famous for its original architecture. The size of the basilica is quite modest, in contrast to its chic interiors. Inside there is a beautiful altar, as well as a large number of gilded sculptures and paintings depicting saints. If you don’t know what to see in Malaga in 1 day, come to Merced Square and from it follow to the basilica.

18. English Cemetery

Malaga Attractions: Top 26

Necropolis in the center of Malaga NatalieMaynor

Not all the sights of Malaga are as impressive in size and have such a long history as this necropolis. This non-Catholic cemetery is the oldest in Spain. On a landscaped area of ​​8 thousand square meters. m. there is a huge number of graves. The necropolis was included in the list of historical objects, taking into account the fact that many graves belong to famous personalities. In addition, valuable specimens of flowers and trees grow on the territory of the botanical garden. The complex includes a visitor center.

Official website: https://cementerioin

19. Roman Theater

Malaga Attractions: Top 26

Seats for spectators of the Roman theater at the foot of the hill with the Alcazaba fortress in Malaga Américo Toledano

The ancient construction of the theater was created in the first century BC. At that time, the city was part of the ancient Roman province. Until the 3rd century BC, the building was used for its intended purpose. Later, after the capture of Malaga by Muslims, she lost her appointment and became a quarry. Gradually, the theater fell into disrepair, began to understand the creation of the Alcazaba (the castle is located next door). But, despite the fact that the destruction was observed for many years, the ancient object was able to reach us in a fairly complete form: there is a round stage for performances by artists and a number of places for spectators.

20. Atarazanas Central Market

Malaga Attractions: Top 26

Facades of the central market Atarazanas in Malaga Luis García (Zaqarbal)

Listing the best sights of Malaga, do not forget about this bazaar of the 14th century. At present, only a historically priceless arch has been preserved from the first market. In the 19th century, the building was destroyed almost entirely. The last restoration was carried out ten years ago. Now the central bazaar offers any kind of food and various Spanish gastronomy.

Malaga attractions: what else to visit in Malaga?

We told you about the main attractions of Malaga briefly. In addition to them, we recommend that you see:

21. Palm Surprise Park

Malaga attractions: Top 26

Palm Surprise Park along the promenade in the center of Malaga miez!

The location of exotic palm trees on the territory is zoned. In addition to these trees, the area is attractive due to dancing fountains, comfortable benches for outdoor recreation, and playgrounds. At night, multi-colored lights turn on. The park has several outdoor cafes and small restaurants.

22. La Farola Lighthouse

Malaga Attractions: Top 26

La Farola lighthouse rises 38 meters above sea level in Malaga Daniel Capilla < p>The height of the snow-white structure, which is the hallmark of the resort of Malaga and is present on many canvases by local artists, is 38 meters. The building, erected in 1939, is located within walking distance from the port. The lighthouse is active.

23. La Concepción Botanical Garden

Sights of Malaga: Top 26

Beautiful corner of La Concepción Botanical Garden in Malaga Panarria

Malaga Attractions: Top 26

Collection of flora in the historical botanical garden La Concepción in Malaga rosergoula

In addition to the 1850 botanical garden itself, the complex includes a manor. The residence “La Concepción”, made in the English style, was created by order of a wealthy Spanish family. The total number of rare tropical plants blooming on an area of ​​23 hectares is about 3 thousand varieties. Tours are organized for visitors. In addition to a special area with hundreds of varieties of palm trees, there is an area of ​​bamboo and citrus trees. The “inhabitants” of the garden are also cedars, magnolias, perennial ficuses, all kinds of water flowers. It is worth visiting such interesting places in Malaga with the whole family.

24. Malaga Park

Malaga Attractions: Top 26

Vacationers on the alley of the Malaga Ricardo Ricote Rodrí Park

The green area, approximately 30,000 square meters in size, is made in the Mediterranean style. Activities for the arrangement of the territory were carried out for 25 years (starting from 1896). The park is known for its unique fountains, among which Genoa, the Garden of Waterfalls and the Swan are considered especially significant.

25. La Malagueta Beach

Sights of Malaga: Top 26

The popular city beach of La Malagueta with dark sand in the resort area of ​​Malaga elfeffe

The beach line with artificially imported sand is located in the resort part of the city. Its length is about 1.2 thousand meters. For recreation, there are all the necessary infrastructure facilities – changing cabins, cafes, sports and playgrounds. Get ready for a busy La Malagueta during high season.

26. Malaga Cruise Port

Malaga Attractions: Top 26

Panorama of Malaga Cruise Port from Gibralfaro Castle in Malaga Grez

An old operating Spanish port that accepts both transport and passenger ships of various sizes – from cruise liners to private boats. You can get to it from the city center in less than a kilometer. Guests are invited to make inexpensive boat trips. During your travels, you can see, among other things, ancient fortifications located on the hills.

All those sights of Malaga, the photos with the names and descriptions of which we have given, are of great interest to residents and guests of the city. You should also see them with your own eyes.

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