Mallorca Attractions: Top 26

Majorca Attractions: Top 26

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After carefully reading our review, you will find out what you should definitely see in Mallorca. Based on the recommendations of experienced guides and traveler reviews, we will list all the most significant and fascinating attractions in Mallorca.

First things to see in Mallorca

If you want your trip to be unforgettable, pay attention to the following excursions in Mallorca:

1. Sierra de Tramontana

Majorca attractions: Top 26

A mountain range that stretches along the northwestern coast of Mallorca

The name of the mountain range that stretches along the coast of the island for almost a hundred kilometers. The object is under state protection, and is considered a valuable natural and cultural monument. We advise you to see its green peaks and fertile valleys for yourself. In addition, a large number of man-made masterpieces are located on the square with picturesque landscapes.

2. The town of Valldemosa

Majorca Attractions: Top 26

Mediterranean village in the hills of the Tramuntana mountain range

If you dream of a calm and relaxing holiday, away from the hustle and bustle, go to this small and truly fabulous town. The ancient province at one time was the place of residence of the famous Frederic Chopin. On the territory you can visit, for example, the Carthusian monastery.

3. Port de Soller

Majorca Attractions: Top 26

Port de Soller view from the hills BuzzWoof

Majorca Attractions: Top 26

An old tram runs from Soller along the waterfront to Port de Soller Marc Ryckaert (MJJR)

Another resort village surrounded by mountains and located on the shores of a colorful bay. The city is connected to the port by an ancient tram line. If you are looking for the best hotels in Mallorca, come here. Port de Soller is also famous for its many historical and cultural monuments.

4. Paseo de Born

Majorca attractions: Top 26

On Paseo de Born, the most fashionable shops, cafes and restaurants of Martin Furtschegger

The key tourist center is the capital Palma. Here on the Paseo de Born, life does not stop even for a minute. From time to time, grandiose performances of artists and shows are arranged. There are also daily mass evening “promenades”. The street will captivate you with its unusual sculptural groups, old cottages, fashion boutiques, cafes and restaurants. If you do not know what to visit in Mallorca in order to have fun, come to Paseo de Born.

5. Palma Aquarium

Majorca Attractions: Top 26

Unforgettable experiences for children in front of the aquarium with sharks Palma aquarium

Majorca Attractions: Top 26

A powerful waterfall in the jungle in the Aquarium of Palma

Every tourist should visit such attractions in Mallorca. The local aquarium has been repeatedly recognized as the best in all of Europe. “Inhabitants” of Palma – 700 different varieties of Mediterranean sea creatures. The total area is divided into 5 separate sections, each with its own theme. The duration of the aquarium tour is approximately 4 hours.

Official website: https://palmaaquarium

See the beautiful views of Mallorca in this breathtaking video!

6. Marineland Dolphinarium

Majorca attractions: Top 26

Show with dolphins at the Marineland Dolphinarium Silar

What to see in Mallorca in 1 day with the whole family? This wonderful dolphinarium, whose inhabitants are not only fur seals and dolphins. But also land representatives of the fauna. The complex includes a small zoo, several aquariums and even a water park for children.

Official website: https://www.marineland.

7. Kathmandu Park

Majorca Attractions : Top 26

Kathmandu Park is filled with exciting attractions for children and adults. No Frills Excursions

A popular entertainment center located near the beach. On the territory there is a mini-golf course, 4D cinema, Upside Down House, attractions for visitors of different ages. They regularly organize performances with the participation of “pirates” – acrobats, demonstrating amazing tricks.

Official website: https://www.katmandupark

8. Pilar Foundation and Juan Miro

Majorca Attractions: Top 26

Pilar and Juan Miro Foundation Building in Mallorca Gunnar Klack

Mallorca Attractions: Top 26

Sculpture on the grounds of the Pilar and Joan Miro Alinea Foundation

Majorca Attractions: Top 26

Gothic sculpture of a man in the park of the Joan Miró BMK Foundation

Where to go in Mallorca for connoisseurs of culture and art? To this museum complex of 1981, created thanks to the abstractionist Miro. The artist painted over 100 paintings, created a huge number of sculptures and ceramic samples. The museum, now under the patronage of the city authorities, was opened by the efforts of his wife. The complex includes an educational center that conducts lectures and talks on art topics, as well as a library.

9. Palma Cathedral

Majorca Attractions: Top 26

Southeast view of the Gothic St. Mary in Palma

Your trip to Mallorca should certainly include a visit to this ancient cathedral. It began to be built after the island was freed from the Moors. The completion of construction work took place only in the 20th century. The majestic Gothic monument contains the ashes of the rulers Jaime II and Jaime III (it was at their time that the order was given to start construction).

Official website: http://catedraldemallorca

< h3> 10. Lyuk Monastery

Majorca attractions: Top 26

Lluca Monastery in one of the valleys on the slopes of the Sierra de Tramontana mountain range Defisch

Majorca's Top 26 Attractions

Basilica and Bishop Pere-Joan Campins monument at Luke Monastery Frank Vincentz

One of the most revered temples of the island, located on a mountaintop. During the year it is visited by about one million guests. The complex includes a museum of the same name and a botanical garden. If you are interested in the best attractions in Mallorca, you should definitely come here. The object has a wonderful view and no less remarkable history: it was erected on the site where the image of St. Luke. Despite the fact that they tried to transfer the image to a temple located nearby, each time it miraculously appeared in the same place. For this reason, it was decided to create the Lluc Monastery, where you can now listen to the children's choir and attend the service.

Official website:< /p>

11. Monastery of San Salvador

Mallorca attractions: Top 26

San Salvador Monastery on a hill 500 meters above sea level

The attraction is built at an altitude of five hundred meters above sea level. Nearby you can see several impressive monuments: a column with a figure of Christ, 35 meters high, and a huge 14-meter stone cross. Such interesting places in Mallorca should also be visited for the sake of memorable photos.

12. La Granja Estate

Majorca Attractions: Top 26

Garden with roses in the ancient estate of La Granja Derbrauni


Majorca's Top 26 Attractions

Derbrauni Colonial Courtyard of La Granja

(15).jpg)_< /p>

Like many other attractions in Spain, this one has a century of history. The country mansion, built in the midst of mountains, lakes and forests, was created in the 17th century. Now it has been given over to a historical museum, the exhibits of which tell about the traditions and culture of local residents.

Official website: https://www.lagranja.

13 Almudena Palace

Sights of Mallorca: Top 26

Swans in the pond near the Royal Palace of Almudena in Palma

Do not refuse to visit the oldest architectural masterpiece of the country – guides in Mallorca advise. The first building of Almudena was built in the ancient Roman era. Subsequently, on its remains, the Arabs created a defensive fortress, which has survived to this day. Now the monument belongs to the royal family, but you can visit its territory freely. Guests can explore the premises and their unique interiors, walk through the courtyards.

Official website: http://www.patrimonionacional

14. Capdepera Castle

Mallorca Attractions: Top 26

The 14th century Capdepera Castle, built during the reign of Jaime II

The palace was created in the era of Jaime II. The ruler gave the order to build a powerful defensive structure that could protect the island from enemy attacks. In the Middle Ages, there were over a hundred residential cottages and mansions on the castle square. But gradually the townspeople began to move to the surrounding areas. In the 18th century, the palace lost its original purpose and became the residence of the governor of the island. It was reconstructed in 1983.

Official website: http://www.castellcapdepera

15. Bellver Castle

Majorca Attractions: Top 26

The walls and towers of Bellver Castle in the form of cylinders of different radii

Mallorca Attractions: Top 26

The arches of the two-tiered gallery of the inner courtyard of the Bellver Castle

The largest palace complex on the island, originally a fortress and a prison. At the end of the 20th century, a city museum was opened here. Guests are invited to view historical interiors, the objects of which tell about the natives of Mallorca, their way of life and traditions, the formation of local cities. In addition, the famous symphony orchestra performs here, various festivals and large-scale celebrations are held.

Official website: https://castelldebellver

16. Caves Arta

Majorca Attractions: Top 26

Entrance to the Arta Karst Caves

Sights of Mallorca: Top 26

Stalactites and stalagmites of the most bizarre shapes and different sizes in the caves of Arta

It was in this cave that researchers managed to find traces of the life of ancient people. Arta itself was found in the 16th century, and at first served as a hideout for pirates and a place of residence for hermits. The territory is represented by frozen waterfalls of stones, huge halls, the height of which reaches 30-40 meters, a giant stalagmite (20 meters) and an underground reservoir. The path to Arta runs through the coastal cliffs.

Official website:

17. Dragon Caves

Majorca Attractions: Top 26

Underground landscape of the Dragon Caves in Mallorca

The longest cave in Mallorca, 2 km long. Visitors to Drazona can look at a large underground lake and colorfully illuminated stalagmites and stalactites. Music shows are regularly organized.

Official website: http://www.cuevasdeldrach

18. Vintage train from Palma to Sawyer

Majorca Attractions: Top 26

The old train Palma – Sawyer passes through the picturesque mountain landscapes

Mallorca Attractions: Top 26

Passengers in the first class compartment of the retro train from Palma to Sawyer

The locomotive was created in the 20th century. For many years, he has been moving passengers from the center of the island to a settlement called Sawyer. The train moves through the most beautiful areas of Mallorca, allowing you to enjoy excellent panoramas. A ride on an old train can be compared to an attraction. The duration of the journey is a maximum of 60 minutes.

Official website:

19. Alfabia Gardens

< p>Majorca Attractions: Top 26

Charming swan pond in the Alfabia Gardens Fornax

Sights of Mallorca: Top 26

Alley with columns and fountains in the gardens of Alfabia Fornax

If you prefer sightseeing on your own, come to Jardines d'Alfabia. The territory of the architectural and park complex is 120 hectares, where lemons, oranges, palms, almonds and numerous fruit and berry trees and plants grow. In addition, there are calm backwaters, streams and fountains. On the square there is a mansion of the same name with luxurious old interiors. It is also open for viewing.

Official website: https://www.jardinesdealfabia

20. Albufera Natural Park

Majorca Attractions: Top 26

Albufera Natural Park Lagoon

The park complex and the largest nature reserve of the island, spread over 1.7 thousand hectares. It is separated from the coastline by sand dunes. The locals are all kinds of birds. The territory is “strewn” with swamps. Barbecue is strictly prohibited here, but you can go hiking or cycling.

Official website: http://www.mallorcawe

Mallorca attractions: what else to visit in Mallorca?

We have briefly named the main attractions of Mallorca for you. In addition to them, such wonderful places of the island deserve your attention, such as:

21. Mondrago Nature Reserve

Majorca Attractions: Top 26

A beach with turquoise clear waters in the Mondrago Natural Reserve in Cala Mondrago Bay

It is located in the south of the island and is a protected area. The territory of the reserve is about 800 hectares, where you can see swamps, several beaches, farms, rocks and sand dunes. The inhabitants of the complex are all kinds of birds, some of which only winter here.

Official website: https://www.illesbalears

22. Muro Beach

Majorca Attractions: Top 26

White sand and gently azure sea on Muro beach

Mallorca Attractions: Top 26

Wooden pier in the western part of Muro beach – a marina for yachts and boats

The beach line is located in the northern part of the island, at a relative distance from its capital. Therefore, the volume of tourist infrastructure here is small. There are also relatively few vacationers (although there are still cafes and restaurants). The area is surrounded by pine forests. If desired, you can take a short walk to the local natural park. If you dream of a quiet and secluded pastime, come to Muro Beach.

Official website: http://www.playademuro

23. Alcudia Beach< /h3>

Majorca Attractions: Top 26

View of the clear turquoise sea from Alcudia beach in Mallorca

Mallorca Attractions: Top 26

Alcudia beach is very popular with tourists

The natural object is located in the resort of Alcudia, and is a huge success among both guests and residents of Mallorca. The local beach lines are called the most ennobled and comfortable in the north of the island. You can often see luxurious private and commercial liners here. There is a regular ferry service to Menorca.

24. Es Trenc Wild Beach

Majorca attractions: Top 26

Landscape of the wild beach of Es Trenc GanMed64

The longest wild beach of the island, stretching for three kilometers. Recommended for those who want to swim in the crystal clear Mediterranean water, enjoying the views of numerous coniferous trees and white sand. Now Es Trenc is under the protection of the authorities. Please note that mostly nudists come here to relax.

25. Sa Calobra Bay

Majorca Attractions: Top 26

Pleasure boats among the rocks in the bay of Sa Calobra

Clouds, sea waves, mountain peaks covered with radiant greenery – all this you can see when you arrive at the bay of Sa Calobra. Local beaches are numerous and well-maintained for tourists. One of the most popular services is renting a yacht and sailing on the waters of the bay.

26. Cape Formentor

Majorca Attractions: Top 26

Tourists on the observation deck of Cape Formentor

The permanent green forests, blue sea waves and steep mountain slopes brought fame to this attraction. The surrounding nature is magical and truly exotic. It is also worth coming to Cape Formentor for a great holiday on a white sandy beach. Among other things, the territory has historical and cultural sites, such as a watchtower built 5 centuries ago, and an ancient lighthouse that still illuminates the way for ships at night. Your vacation here will be both entertaining, and beach, and educational at the same time.

We hope that those sights of Mallorca, the photos with the names and descriptions of which you have just seen, turned out to be interesting for you. Arriving on the island, be sure to visit at least some of them. Read also about the sights of Toledo and be inspired to travel further in Spain.

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