Marmaris Attractions: Top 16

Marmaris Attractions: Top 16

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After reading our review, you will learn about the sights of Marmaris that every tourist should see. We will tell you about what to see in Marmaris should certainly be any inquisitive traveler.

What to see in Marmaris in the first place

When compiling our rating of “the best attractions in Marmaris”, we took into account the recommendations of local residents and those who have already spent their holidays in a hot Turkish resort. In our common opinion, such interesting places in Marmaris deserve your attention as:

1. Marmaris Castle

Sights of Marmaris: Top 16

Panorama of the mountains and the bay from the walls of the medieval castle of Marmaris

Like many other attractions in Turkey, this one was born several centuries ago. The ancient palace was completely rebuilt in 1522. It was a military base for the army of Sultan Suleiman. Currently, there is a museum inside with various archaeological finds collected in ancient Knidos, Datca and other adjacent territories. In addition, the collections include kerosene lamps, statues, sarcophagi, amphorae. Guides in Marmaris advise you to come to this castle and in order to look at the bay and harbor from its battlements.

2. Netsel Marina

Marmaris Attractions: Top 16

Moored yachts in Netsel Marine Nikolay Maksimovich

When planning your vacation, be sure to set aside time to visit this sea harbor. It is located in the center of the resort and allows mooring up to 750 ships at the same time. If you are interested in a sea trip around the Mediterranean, then you will be offered to rent a yacht and sails. Several sailing schools of international level have been opened on the territory of the netsel.

3. Embankment

Sights of Marmaris: Top 16

Marmaris promenade, 15 meters from the water, stretches for 4 km along the city of Hajotthu

The length of this coastline, considered the most colorful in the city, is four km. Your journey along the promenade – on foot or by bike – will be unforgettable. You will be able to look at giant cruise ships, Marmaris, the sea and mountain peaks. There are also clubs, bars, restaurants and other tourist establishments open around the clock. At night, multi-colored lights are turned on.

4. Street of bars

Marmaris Attractions: Top 16

Numerous entertainment venues on Bar Street in Marmaris Janlight

If you don't know what to visit in Marmaris but want to have fun, come to Bar Street. It is on it that any entertainment venues of the city are located: from bars with live music and rock cafes to nightclubs with outdoor dance floors and national Turkish establishments.

5. “Dancing Fountain”

Sights of Marmaris: Top 16

“Dancing Fountain” in the center of Youth Square. May 19 of the resort city of Marmaris .Martin.

A great option for where to go in Marmaris with the whole family. Reviews of this attraction, which opened in the central part of the resort in 2012, are consistently enthusiastic. From a huge bowl of a round shape beat water jets. Water creates a transparent wall, which shows the portraits of the father of the nation Ataturk, the flag of Turkey, and the main objects of architecture and history of the state. Light and music shows start in the evening.

See the wonderful views of Marmaris in this exciting video!

6. Monument to Kemal Ataturk

Marmaris Attractions: Top 16

The monument to Kemal Ataturk on the embankment of the Turkish city of Marmaris thetullster2005

The monument to this national hero of the country can be seen by visiting the embankment of the resort of Marmaris. Turkey, however, can boast of the presence of such monuments in literally every city. In Marmaris, Atatürk closes his eyes from the blinding sun (or waved his hand in greeting). Full-length monument.

7. AquaDream and Atlantis water parks

Marmaris Attractions: Top 16

A variety of water attractions in the Aqua Dream water park in Marmaris

While listing the main cultural and historical sights of Marmaris, one should not forget about the entertainment complexes of the resort. These water parks are popular with both children and adults. There are animators, attractions, huge water slides. The Atlantis center has its own beach and access to the sea. Book in advance hotels in Marmaris that are close to these water parks. At the height of the tourist season, the number of visitors is incredible.

Official site: http://www.marmaris

Official site: http ://aquadream

8. Dolphinarium

Marmaris Attractions: Top 16

Chatting with a dolphin at the Marmaris Dolphinarium

Marmaris Attractions: Top 16

Swimming with a dolphin in Marmaris Dolphinarium

Another good option of what to see in Marmaris in 1 day with children. The Dolphinarium, which opened its doors about 9 years ago, is located between the resort and Icmeler. You can visit it all year round. The dolphinarium complex includes a center for rehabilitation and dolphin therapy.

Official website: https://dolphin-therapy.

9. Grand Bazaar

< p>Marmaris Attractions: Top 16

Vivid variety inside a large covered market in the center of Marmaris Dmgultekin

Covered city bazaar, operating in the central part of the city. Here you can buy any goods: from sweets to souvenirs, from leather to fur, from shoes to accessories. The number of shops, shops and other outlets is approximately 4,000 units. In addition, there are ateliers, workshops and restaurants. If you want to experience the true oriental flavor, you can try to find it here. However, now the territory looks quite modern.

10. Kyz-Kumu Spit

Marmaris Attractions: Top 16

Panoramic view of the village of Orkhaniye and the Kyz-Kumu spit on the Bozburun peninsula near Marmaris

If you translate the name of this attraction, you get “maiden sand”. The natural object is located outside the city in the small settlement of Orkhaniye. The Kyz-Kumu land area appeared due to the current gradually washing sand. If you are looking for the perfect beach for swimming with children, come here. The water heats up to a comfortable temperature early enough, the sea is shallow and invariably calm.

Marmaris attractions: what else to visit in Marmaris?

We told you briefly about the main attractions of Marmaris. In addition to them, we recommend to your attention the following excursions in Marmaris:

11. Icmeler Beach

Marmaris Attractions: Top 16

View of Icmeler beach in Marmaris

Initially, the village in which the beach of the same name is located was considered a zone of Marmaris. But today it is distinguished as an independent resort, which is very popular with divers from all over the world. Guests can relax while enjoying views of exotic gardens, mountain slopes and beautiful forests. Another important point: the water here is noticeably cleaner than in Marmaris – the bottom is visible to a depth of several meters.

12. Amphitheater

Sights of Marmaris: Top 16

Large stage in the center of the Amphitheater under open the sky in the city of Marmaris dancing_triss

An architectural structure of ancient times, erected, according to historians, in the 5th-6th centuries BC. To this day, she managed to reach in relative integrity thanks to numerous restorations. The last time the amphitheater underwent restoration work was 40 years ago. The complex, which has been under the protection of UNESCO since 2005, is functioning: concerts of symphony orchestras are held here.

13. Marmaris National Park

Marmaris Attractions: Top 16

Landscape of the Marmaris National Park

A spacious area, which, as a rule, is of interest to fans of outdoor activities. Visitors are offered trips by jeeps (safaris), conquering mountain peaks and eco-paths, horseback riding and mountain biking. In addition, there are several deserted beaches, and most importantly, landscapes that are unique in their beauty. The territory of the national park is spread over several Turkish regions, including Marmaris.

14. Nimar Cave

Marmaris Attractions: Top 16

A tourist in the Nimara cave on Paradise Island or Paradise Island (or rather, a peninsula)

One of the most mysterious places of the famous Turkish resort, located near the city. In order to visit the caves, you need to come to Paradise Island. Let's say right away that finding Nimara on your own is not easy. The surrounding area is usually deserted. The cave is of interest not only as a natural attraction, but also due to the fact that it was possible to find tools created in 20,000 BC. You don't have to pay to see Nimara, you can visit it at any time of the day.

15. Sedir Island

Marmaris Attractions: Top 16

Aerial view of Sedir Island or Cleopatra Island in the Aegean Sea

According to a romantic legend, the island was presented by the famous ancient Roman commander Mark Antony as a gift to Queen Cleopatra. Sand on the beaches of Sedir was brought by a huge flotilla, because. the ruler did not like the local “coverage” of the coastline. The island has a beach named after her: the sand here is really unique and is under strict protection. If you try to take at least a handful with you as a souvenir, you will face a rather significant fine.

16. The Lycian Tombs and the Turtle Coast in Dalyan

Marmaris Attractions: Top 16

Lycian rock tombs in small town Dalyan miquitos

Marmaris Attractions: Top 16

Iztuzu Turtle Coast is the main spawning ground for loggerhead turtles Maria Jonker

The sights are located in a settlement called Dalyan. The tombs are unique ancient crypts, which, due to their favorable location, have been able to survive to this day in a decent form. The graves were carved into the rock, the steep slopes of the mountain hang over the river. All the tombs were stolen, but travelers can look at the thousand-year-old majestic vaults of stone entrances to them. Turtle Coast in Dalyan is a beach line where hundreds of turtles, weighing up to 45-50 kg, lay their eggs. You can come here both in your own car and on a yacht.

We hope that you will be able to visit those sights of Marmaris, the photos with the names and descriptions of which we have given, in person. Read also about the sights of Avsallar and get inspired for your further trip to Turkey.

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