Mass brawl between tourists and restaurant staff took place in Phuket

Mass brawl between tourists and restaurant staff took place in Phuket

Mass brawl between tourists and restaurant staff took place in Phuket. Interestingly, the employees were also foreigners. According to The Thaiger, the police were called by witnesses who said that a group of foreign tourists and a group of foreign restaurant employees attacked each other, and were already swinging chairs and other improvised objects at the Atlas restaurant on Soi Sansabai

However, when the police arrived, they no longer found the tourists on the spot – so the publication gives the version of the reasons for the fight only that was voiced by the three foreign employees of the Atlas restaurant who participated in the fight. They are named Mohammad Jehad Mohammad Alomari, a Jordanian citizen, Abderahman Mohammad El Fawal, an Egyptian citizen, and Wai Lu Soe, whose nationality is unknown. According to them, a group of five drunken foreign tourists burst into the restaurant in the early morning, who tried to order food and said that they needed food “quickly”. The reason for their dissatisfaction was that they were invited to wait in line, like everyone else.

As a result, five drunk tourists began to insult the staff and threw a bottle of water at one of them, which led to a quarrel, and further to the brawl, in which, among other things, both sides used chairs. However, when the attackers realized that the police were about to arrive, they hurried to retreat. Eyewitnesses filmed a short video during the fight, where one man attacks another with a metal pole. But it is not clear whether they are tourists or an employee.

As a result, the police recorded the incident and are looking for tourists who participated in the fight in order to interrogate all participants. According to some assumptions, compatriots fought – there is a version that drunken Egyptian tourists made claims. But so far, none of the participants in the brawl from the “tourist” side has been found.

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