Massive return of money for air tickets to mobilized Russians begins

Massive refunds for air tickets to mobilized Russians begin

Two Russian airlines at once – Nordwind and S7 – announced their readiness to return money to conscripted Russians for tickets purchased before September 21. Corresponding messages appeared on the official websites of the carriers.

It was clarified that mobilized Russians who bought tickets before 10:00 am Moscow time on September 21 are guaranteed a full refund of the money spent. The measure applies not only to Russians who are called up as part of partial mobilization, but also to their family members if they were going to fly on the same flight.

The airlines explained the procedure for forced refunds: Russians must provide one of the documents giving the right to terminate the contract of carriage and return the money. This may be a subpoena, a certificate from the military registration and enlistment office, a mobilization order or other documents confirming the call. At the same time, family members of the conscript must present a document confirming their relationship.

Cancellation of a booked flight is available at the contact center by phone +7 (495) 488 77 77 or +7 (495) 730 50 80, in agency where the ticket was purchased, or directly through the feedback forms on the websites of the airlines.

Recall that earlier Aeroflot joined the mass refund for air tickets. On September 22, the air carrier promised the mobilized Russians to return the money in full – details here.

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