Miami Attractions: Top 25

Miami Attractions: Top 25

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Finding out about the main attractions of Miami will be interesting even for those who are not yet planning a visit to the Atlantic coast. Read our review and you will find out what every traveler should see in Miami.

First things to see in Miami

What are the most successful excursions in Miami? You can list them endlessly. The most frequently recommended places by experienced guides in Miami are:

1. Miami Beach

Miami Attractions: Top 25

Large coastal strip with beaches in Miami Beach

The shape of this Miami attraction is a resort suburb, separated from other areas of the city by a beautiful bay. If you are interested in the best hotels in Miami, go here. This is a favorite place for recreation and residence of world celebrities. Downtown Miami Bees is filled with historic buildings from the 1920s-40s. Everything you need for a fun and luxurious beach holiday is here.

Official website:

2. Lincoln Road

 Miami Attractions: Top 25

Lincoln Road is the place to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of shopping. Infrogmation of New Orleans

The main tourist street, without visiting which your trip to Miami will not be complete. Any tourist will be able to visit the farmers' market, art galleries, a symphony hall, a chic cinema and an outdoor cafe. If interesting places in Miami are connected for you with branded boutiques and shopping, also come to Lincoln Road.

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3. Ocean Drive

Miami Attractions: Top 25

Ocean Drive is the most bohemian place in Miami Neil Williamson

Another avenue with nightclubs, elite cafes, shops and hotels. Your trip here can be planned, not only for entertainment and relaxation, but also for the sake of visiting the house where Versace was killed. Perhaps you will be able to get film or advertising shoots held on this street regularly.

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4. Design District

Miami Attractions: Top 25

The Design District is known as the Phillip Pessar Design and Fashion District

What to visit in Miami for fans of street art? This picturesque and fairly quiet area. Local residents are mainly engaged in painting and design. Therefore, even the walls and shop windows of the local numerous art galleries, furniture stores and design studios are covered with original graffiti. Every month, large-scale festivities with dancing and music are organized here (on this night all establishments are open until the morning).

Official website: https://www.miamidesigndistrict

5. Wynwood Area

Miami Attractions: Top 25

Walls painted by contemporary artists in Wynwood Daniel Di Palma

Our review continues with the description of another area with a huge amount of street art on the walls. In addition to its painted walls, Wynwood is also known for its designer boutiques, art galleries, and theater studios.

Official site: http://www.thewynwoodwalls.

See wonderful views of Miami in this exciting video!

6. Little Havana

Miami Attractions: Top 25

Street Corner Bakery in Little Havana State Library and Archives of Florida

An unusual name was given to the area, given the huge number of Cubans living here. There are just as many Mexicans and Latinos here. Why is this place always listed as one of Miami's top attractions? Because a uniquely colorful atmosphere reigns here: the buildings are covered with funny drawings, the streets are decorated with sculptures, the locals play dominoes on the benches. There are plenty of Cuban restaurants and cigar shops here.

7. South Beach Area

Miami Attractions: Top 25

Vacationers on the beach in South Beach

The legendary district stretches along Ocean Drive. An ideal option for those who do not know what to see in Miami in 1 day, but also want to devote some time to relaxing on the beach. The purest water and exotic palm trees of the coastline are adjacent to the developed infrastructure – museums, boutiques, hotel chains and restaurants.

8. Freedom Tower

Miami Attractions: Top 25

Freedom Tower against the backdrop of the cityscape of Miamitom

In the early 20th century, the high-rise building was occupied by the editors of The Miami News. In the future, the skyscraper was owned by the government. The modern Freedom Tower houses a wonderful museum that tells about the life, traditions and way of life of Cuban emigrants.

9. American Airlines Arena

Miami Attractions: Top 25

American Airlines Arena for sporting events and concerts Averette

Where should every sports fan go in Miami, and a fan of the Miami Heat in particular? To the legendary arena of 1999, with a capacity of 20,000 people. In addition to sports, performances by world-famous artists and pop singers are organized here. B. Spears, T. Turner, S. Dion, Madonna and many other celebrities gave shows here.

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10. Bayside Market

Miami Attractions: Top 25

Bayside Market is the place to truly enjoy great shopping Reinhard Link

The territory of this bazaar cannot be called huge, but the reviews of those who have visited it are invariably enthusiastic. The trading area is located right on the ocean coast. Bayside has a lot of guests both during the day and in the evening. Live music sounds here, bars and cafes with relatively inexpensive cuisine work. Naturally, you can’t stay here without shopping either. Farmers' fairs are held regularly.

Official website: http://www.baysidemarketplace

11. Villa Vizcaya

Miami Attractions: Top 25

Italian Renaissance garden and main pavilion at Villa Vizcaya Marc Averette

The only architectural object in the city built in the Renaissance style. It took sculptors and architects 10 years to create the building commissioned by James Dearing. The construction team included many hundreds of people. The result was a vast landscaped area with a huge garden, fountains and waterfalls, as well as a luxurious villa with walls, ceilings, doors and fireplaces in the spirit of ancient castles in Europe. After Dearing's death, servants kept the house clean. Subsequently, the building became the property of the state and a museum was equipped in it.

12. HistoryMiami Museum

Miami Attractions: Top 25

Display at the South Florida Historical Museum HistoryMiami Daderot

Collections showcase the history of Florida. In a two-story museum with an area of ​​over 3700 sq. meters, there are not only expositions, but also a full-fledged research base. HistoryMiami employees develop scientific programs, participate in various researches and organize open events for everyone.

Official website: http://www.historymiami

13 Perez Art Museum

Miami Attractions: Top 25

A shady canopy stretches far beyond the walls of the Perez Museum of Art John Zacherle

Created in 1984. The exhibits belong to the 20th-21st centuries and were brought to Miami from different countries of the world. In addition, many wealthy residents of the city regularly donate their private collections here.

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14. Jewish Museum of Florida

Miami Attractions: Top 25

The Jewish Museum in Miami is dedicated to the cultural traditions and life of Jews in Florida Alexf

The museum occupies two buildings at once, formerly synagogues. The main building was built more than 80 years ago in the Art Deco style. All exhibits demonstrate the role of the European community in the life of America: there are photos, documentation, personal belongings of representatives of the nation.

Official website:

15. Holocaust Memorial

Miami Attractions: Top 25

Miami Holocaust Memorial Sculptures by Dennis Goedegebuure

The saddest landmark of the United States has 2 parts: one is dedicated to the Jews killed in the Second World War, the second – to Jewish culture in general. A particularly tragic point is a tunnel made of stone, which is filled with the sounds of children's voices. One of those places where you can go absolutely free in Miami.

Official site: http://holocaustmemorialmiamibeach

16. Holy Trinity Episcopal Cathedral


Miami Attractions: Top -25

Episcopal Cathedral of the Holy Trinity surrounded by modern skyscrapers

The stone church with more than a hundred years of history has a wonderful view. The building is decorated with exquisite balustrades and arched openings. The snow-white building in the pseudo-Romanesque architectural style is listed among the main historical monuments of the country.

Official website:

17. Church of the Gesu

Miami Attractions: Top 25

Gesu Church – the oldest Roman Catholic church in Miami Ebyabe

The oldest Catholic church in the city. Initially wooden, the modern church of the Gesu is made of stone. Sightseeing may be of interest to anyone who is passionate about architecture, or who wants to pray in a secluded place. A children's Catechism works at the temple – here you can order anointing, first communion and baptism. Masses are held in various languages ​​(every day). From time to time open classes are organized on art, culture and Catholicism (all adult Catholics are invited to attend).

Official website:

< h3> 18. Miami Children's Museum

Miami Attractions: Top 25

Miami Children's Museum – a miniature city for the creative development of children Smart Destinations

Recommendations for families with children: be sure to come to the children's museum. Young and grown-up guests are taught how to take care of animals and birds, learn how to climb and control mini-ships. Your child will be able to record their own piece of music on a disc or try to decide on a future profession. In addition to interactive learning sites, there are: a cafe, a souvenir shop, a hall for two hundred guests, science classes.

Official website: https://www.miamichildrensmuseum

19. Miami Aquarium

Miami Attractions: Top 25

Show with sea lions, killer whales and dolphins at Miami Aquarium

The largest collection of sea and ocean inhabitants in the world (10,000 fish and animals) is located on the coast of the Bay of Biscay. In the aquarium you can watch dolphins and killer whales (some of them were filmed in films), Florida manatees and many other mammals. Every year over 500,000 guests and residents of the city come here.

Even the building of the attraction itself is of undoubted interest – it is a huge complex of three floors. Every day, various shows are organized with the performance of marine inhabitants: sharks, sea lions and seals, killer whales and dolphins become heroes.

Official website:

20. Jungle Island Amusement Park

Miami Attractions: Top 25

Flamingos at Jungle Island Interactive Zoological Amusement Park The_Gut

An entertainment complex opened on Watson Island. The fame of the park was brought by its unforgettable show programs with various inhabitants of the fauna: exotic birds, lions and tigers. Walking through the territory, you can see a public beach and a protected area with a beautiful lake. In addition to felines, Jungle Island is home to giant tortoises, orangutans, crocodiles, penguins, snakes, and lemurs.

Official website: https://www.jungleisland

Miami Attractions: What else to visit in Miami?

We told you about the main attractions of Miami briefly. If you still have some free time after visiting them, be sure to spend it exploring such familiar places as:

21. Bayfront Park

Miami Attractions: Top 25

Panoramic view of the city's public Bayfront Park (Bayfront Park) from above Robert Giordano

A public park area for recreation is located on the coast of the bay in the city center. Date of foundation – 1925. Concerts and balls are regularly held on the beautiful landscaped area, fairs (including Christmas) and folk celebrations are held. If you want to spend your free time calmly, enjoying the magnificent landscapes, come here.

Official website: http://www.bayfrontparkmiami

22. Zoo Miami

Miami Attractions: Top 25

Entrance to the Miami Zoological Park – the only tropical zoo in the US Alexf

The object is in the TOP-10 of the largest menageries in America. Animals and birds from all over the world are brought here. For their comfortable living, natural conditions have been recreated, including the conditions of the subtropics. Guests can observe numerous birds and approximately 2,000 animal species. All kinds of palm trees and rare plants also make an excellent impression – their total number reaches 9,000 species.

Official website:

< h3> 23. Miami Beach Boardwalk

Miami Attractions: Top 25

The Miami Beach Boardwalk is used for walks and runs by David Berkowitz

A 7-kilometer pedestrian road that stretches along the line of the ocean. Here you can ride a bike, go jogging or just stroll slowly, admiring the waves. Throughout the Miami Beach Boardwalk there are small benches, clean water fountains, equipped areas for swimming and sunbathing, open-air restaurants.

Official website: http://www. miamibeachboardwalk

24. Miami Beach Botanical Garden

Miami Attractions: Top 25

Japanese Garden at the Miami Beach Daderot Botanical Garden

A chic display of unique tropical flowers and trees is located on an area of ​​34 hectares. Since 1938 (opening date), the most beautiful specimens of flora grow here: creepers, cicada trees, palm trees, etc. More than 45,000 full-time professionals take care of the vast area of ​​the garden.

Official website:

25. Everglades National Park

Miami Attractions: Top 25

Yinan Chen Everglades National Park wooden walkways

The object is in the list of national natural treasures of UNESCO. This is the third largest natural area in America, occupying about 20% of Florida. Most of the Everglades is reserved for “wild nature” – no one conducts any economic activity here. The number of employees is minimal: as many people work as necessary to serve the numerous visitors and care for the facility itself. The park has walking and vehicular roads. Traveling through them, you can “meet” with crocodiles, eared cormorants, great blue herons, Florida panthers, sea turtles, and other unique wild animals and birds (some are listed in the Red Book). No less interesting is the inspection of plants and flowers in pine woodlands, cypress lines, prairies, swamps and mango forests.

Official website:

We hope that those sights of Miami, photos with names and descriptions of which you have just seen, have pleasantly surprised you. If possible, be sure to visit them in person. Read also about the sights of New York and get inspired for your next trip around the USA.

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