Munich Attractions: Top 25

Munich Attractions: Top 25

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It would be too long to list all the sights of Munich. Therefore, we have compiled for you a brief rating of what every tourist should see in Munich.

What to see first in Munich

When creating this review of the “best attractions in Munich”, we took into account both the reviews of experienced travelers and the recommendations of professional guides. Having arrived in this hospitable city of Germany, be sure to visit the following interesting places in Munich:

1. Marienplatz

Munich Attractions: Top 25

Column of the Virgin Mary on the central square of Marienplatz Mister No

If you do not know what to see in Munich in 1 day, come to this central square, built back in 1158. Every day, several thousand residents and guests of the city walk here, enjoying the views of the magnificent columns and the gilded statue of the Virgin Mary. Here are located such important sights of Munich as the New and Old Town Halls.

Official website: https://www.muenchen.

2. Old Town Hall

Munich Attractions: Top 25

Old Town Hall on Munich's Marienplatz or Maria's Square

Compared to the New Town Hall, the Old Town Hall, built in the 15th century, has a richer history and a more modest appearance. The building was created in the Gothic style, adding elements of the Renaissance architectural direction to it. Currently, the building with a beautiful spire houses the Toy Museum – we recommend visiting it to everyone who does not know where to go in Munich with a child.

Official website: https://www.muenchen.

3. New City Hall

Munich Attractions: Top 25

View of the New Town Hall from the observation deck of St. Peter's Church

The building was also made in the Neo-Gothic style, but in the 19th century. Key features that you should definitely make a trip to the New Town Hall for: the 85-meter observation deck on the tower, which offers panoramic views of the entire city, and a magnificent clock with figurines that put on a mini-show “knight's tournament” daily.

Official website: https://www.muenchen.

4. Blutenburg Castle

Munich Attractions: Top 25

Medieval Blutenburg castle surrounded by a lake

A 15th century hunting “lodge” built by order of Albrecht the Third. A sad legend is associated with this castle: the duke's father, dissatisfied with his marriage to a commoner, lured his son out of Blutenburg, and in his absence ordered the girl to be drowned in the river. A chapel was erected in memory of the deceased.

Official website:

5. Nymphenburg Palace

Munich attractions: Top 25

Large pond with fountain in front of Nymphenburg Palace

Like many other sights in Germany, this one has a rich and long history. The date of construction of the former residence of the city rulers is 1664. In the modern palace, you can look at the study with Chinese lacquer panels in red and black, the paintings by the famous artist Stieler, the frescoes by Zimmermann and the central hall with a rococo interior.

Official website: http://www.schloss-nymphenburg.

Check out the beautiful places in Munich in this great video!

6. Schleissheim

Munich Attractions: Top 25

Parkland and the New Castle in the Schleissheim complex

The building of the 16th century, at one time was the place for the secluded residence of William the Fifth. The territory of the current palace complex is represented by 3 buildings of different eras. The design of the interior was done by F. Rosa, D. Trubillio and I. Gump. Schleissheim is surrounded by a luxurious park.

Official website: http://www.schloesser-schleissheim

7. Munich Residence

Sights of Munich: Top 25

The facade of one of the buildings of the Residence

The largest city palace of the state. During the Second World War, the building was significantly damaged. However, in the future, the country's authorities gave a lot of money for its reconstruction. The Munich Residence is called the most beautiful European palace-museum. The expositions include the rarest figurines, chandeliers and furnishings, silverware and porcelain, portraits and landscapes.

Official website: http://www.residenz-muenchen

8. English Garden

Munich attractions: Top 25

Greek-style rotunda in the English Park

What is worth visiting in Munich with the whole family? Its main park area is one of the most extensive in the world. The date of arrangement of the city park is 1789 (since then it has been constantly expanding its territory). There is a beautiful lake with artificial waves, a meadow for sunbathing in the nude, and a Japanese-style tea house. There are many benches and gazebos for vacationers.

Official website: https://www.muenchen.

9. St. Peter's Church

< p>Munich Attractions: Top 25

View of the Church of St. Peter from the New Town Hall

The main feature is the dome in the form of a lantern, which appeared on this ancient centuries-old church only in the 17th century. The main attraction of the interior decoration is a majestic pedestal-altar with Corinthian columns on the sides and a statue of St. Peter on the throne.

10. Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Frauenkirche)

Munich Attractions: Top 25

The Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary rises above the buildings of the old city

The majestic cathedral church with a 99-meter tower, built in the 14-15 centuries. Despite the fact that at that time only 13,000 people lived in the city, the capacity of the cathedral is up to 20,000 parishioners.

11. Azamkirche

Munich Attractions: Top 25

The interior of the church Azamkirche Mark Pegrum

An architectural masterpiece in the Baroque style with a golden white façade and beautiful stucco. The interior in pastel colors and with numerous objects made of “gold” is admired not only by tourists, but also by guides in Munich. The walls and ceiling of the temple were painted by hand using thin brushes. The interior space is conditionally divided into three parts: the upper one is the Kingdom of Heaven, the middle one is benches, aisles and choir stalls, and the last part is the blue and white tier of the balcony created in honor of the emperor.

Official website : https://www.muenchen

12. Bavarian State Opera

Munich Attractions: Top 25

The Bavarian State Opera or the National Theater of Munich on Max Joseph Square

One of the largest cultural and musical objects on Earth. Approximately half a thousand performances of the most varied plan are given here a year. If your trip was organized so that you could join the culture and history of the country, you should definitely visit this theater.

Official website: https://www.staatsoper< /p>

13. German Museum

Munich Attractions: Top 25

Bridge and Deutsches Museum on Museum Island in the middle of the Isar

The original complex, whose expositions tell about the achievements of science and technology in Germany. The exhibits are located on 6 tiers, each of which has its own theme: engines, gas and oil, shipping, etc. You can see unique examples of equipment left over from the World Wars.

Official website: http://www.deutsches-museum.

14. Bavarian National Museum

 Munich Attractions: Top 25

The main building of the Bavarian National Museum

The exhibition halls contain unique items made of porcelain, furniture, decorative hand-woven carpets, items made of gold and precious ivory, figurines, paintings from all over Germany and Europe.

Official website: https://www.bayerisches

15. BMW Museum

Munich attractions: Top 25

Panorama of the BMW Museum matze_ott

The German concern produces world-famous motorcycles and cars. If you want to get to know them better, come to this museum. In addition to new models, there are a large number of retro cars. The building itself is also often called a miracle: the length of the cone-shaped double spiral, starting from the eastern side of the building, is 28 meters. In addition to the exhibition halls, the museum has an official souvenir shop, whose goods are associated with the BMW brand and are sold only here.

Official website:< /p>

16. Pinakothek Munich

Munich Attractions: Top 25

Exposition in one of the halls of the Munich Pinakothek Jean-Pierre Dalbéra

Modern, new and old “repositories” of the city. The first museum presents samples of modern culture and art, the second – masterpieces of the 19th century, the third – collections of paintings from the oldest years. The Alte Pinakothek is one of the first art galleries on Earth.

Official website: https://www.pinakothek

17. Glyptothek

< p>Munich Attractions: Top 25

The Glyptothek was built by order of Ludwig I and is located on Königsplatz

If you are interested in the most popular excursions in Munich, choose a visit to this museum. Its name literally means “storage for sculptures”. There are exhibits from Greece and Rome. The Glyptothek was created specifically for the royal family, who collected a whole collection of sculptures. All objects of the museum are only made of stone. Among the most famous are the “Munich kouros” and the “Teney kouros”.

Official website: http://www.antike-am-koenigsplatz

18. Dachau Memorial Museum

Munich attractions: Top 25

The Dachau Memorial Museum on the territory of the former concentration camp

In the past, a concentration camp was located on the territory of the complex, in which all people captured by the Nazi army were executed. In more than 10 years, several tens of thousands of prisoners were destroyed here. The date of construction of the modern memorial is 1965. Despite the fact that little remains of the buildings of the Second World War, the atmosphere of Dachau is still gloomy and sinister.

Official website:

19. Olympic Park

Sights of Munich: Top 25

Panorama of the Olympic Park of Munich

Even the best hotels in Munich cannot boast such a huge number of guests as this legendary park. In addition to outdoor pools and gyms, as well as a working stadium, there is a 290-meter tower with an observation deck on the territory. If you want to see the whole panorama of the city, come to rest here. Entertainment events are regularly held in the Olympic Park: festivals, fairs, exhibitions, etc. Open screenings of films are organized.

Official website: https://www.olympiapark.

20. Allianz Arena

Munich Attractions: Top 25

Allianz Arena or “Schlauchboot” (inflatable boat) Tobias Alt

For more than 12 years, the legendary clubs Munich-1860 and Bayern Munich have been holding their home matches here. Also, it was at the Allianz Arena that the final meeting of the Champions League of the 2012 season was organized, and the matches of the 2006 Football World Cup took place. One of the main “features” of the stadium is the magnificent lighting that works at night and constantly changes its color.

Official website:

Sights of Munich: what else to visit in Munich?

We told you about the main attractions of Munich briefly. And if after visiting them you have some free time, pay attention to such important sights as:

21. Oktoberfest

Munich attractions: Top 25

Oktoberfest beer tent uk:Koristuvach:Gutsul

This legendary and world-famous event is nothing more than a general drinking of foamy drinks. In the autumn of 1810, Prince Ludwig the First married Princess Teresa. In honor of the holiday, the couple in love threw a luxurious “feast” at the Munich gates for all the inhabitants of the city. The next year, the natives decided to celebrate the celebration again, wanting to make the cloudy autumn brighter and more significant. Thus, it happened that millions of fans of beer and fun gather in Munich every year for 16 days. By the way, Oktoberfest brings more than $1 billion to the city budget. At the festival, you can taste any kind of foam: from light and light to the strongest and darkest. All drinks are brewed specifically for the holiday, and thanks to their freshness they have a unique taste and aroma.

Official website: https://www.muenchen.

22. Hofbräuhaus Brasserie

Munich Attractions: Top 25

Beer restaurant Hofbräuhaus from the north side of Gryffindor

We are talking about the court brewery – the first in Munich (date of establishment 1589). At one time, its “visitors” were the most significant dukes of the country. For the “ordinary inhabitants” of the city, the Hofbräuhaus opened only two centuries later. If you like beer, want to buy original varieties of beer and learn about the traditions of brewing, come to this restaurant.

Official website: http://www.hofbraeuhaus.

23. Viktualienmarkt Market

Munich Attractions: Top 25

Old Market Viktualienmarkt Usien

The central city bazaar, which offers the freshest and highest quality food. The number of outlets is about 140 units. The shops are owned by various families of Bavaria and the market places are passed down from generation to generation. Let's just say that the cost of goods here is quite high. Viktualienmarkt's customers are usually wealthy tourists and city dwellers who appreciate the excellent quality and freshness of products. However, you do not need to buy anything here. It is worth visiting the bazaar, at least for its colorful atmosphere.

Official website: https://www.muenchen

24. Hofgarten Park

Munich Attractions: Top 25

Top view of the Hofgarten park and the Bavarian State Chancellery Schreinermeister

Landscaped park area, the layout of which has clear geometric shapes. Date of arrangement – the beginning of the 17th century. During the Second World War, the attraction was destroyed almost entirely. However, in the future, using old sketches and drawings, they managed to reconstruct it in the same form (adding only the features of English art of the 19th century). Colorful fountains, landscaped lawns, flower beds and neat alleys conquer even those who are not passionate about flora.

Official website:

25. Hellabrunn Zoo Munich

Munich Attractions: Top 25

Munich Zoo Hellabrunn Silverije

Visitors to the huge menagerie can watch penguins, lions and tigers eat, watch pelicans and anacondas. There is a “contact zone” on the territory: here guests are allowed not only to watch and photograph animals, but also to get to know them better: pet goats, llamas and ponies. On the territory there are recreation areas and outdoor cafes.

Official website: https://www.hellabrunn.

We hope that those fascinating sights of Munich, photos with names and descriptions of which you have just seen, aroused your interest. When making your own excursion plan for traveling around the city, remember them by all means. Read also about the sights of Frankfurt and be inspired to travel further in Germany.

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