Murdered more than 20 bikini-clad tourists in 11 countries: serial killer released

Killed more than 20 bikini-clad tourists in 11 countries: serial killer released

Nepal plans to release The most notorious “bikini tourist killer” is Charles Sobhraj, who is said to be responsible for a series of murders in the 1970s and 1980s. He was sentenced to life in prison back in 1975 for the murder of an American and Canadian tourist. But in general, according to his confessions, he has at least 20 victims, including several tourists in the resort of Pattaya.

Charles Sobhraj himself is a French citizen, born in Vietnam at a time when the country was still a colony of France – now he is already 78 years old. He first went to prison in Paris in 1963 for burglary, then exchanged several more prison terms in France for petty crimes, and began traveling the world in the early 1970s, ending up in Bangkok.

It was there that he became known as the “bikini tourist killer” after drugging and killing six female tourists. At that time, “naive lovers of spirituality” flocked to Asia, and it was with them that Sobhraj made acquaintance, enchanted, and then drugged and killed. It is believed that at least 20 tourists from various countries became his victims: they call the missing from France, Greece, India, Malaysia, Nepal and Turkey.

Sobhraj was first caught by the authorities in India and since 1976 spent in prison for over two decades. He received a life sentence for the murder of American tourist Connie Joe Bronzich in 1975. A few years later, he was also found guilty of the murder of Bronzic's Canadian friend Laurent Career. Then he managed to escape from prison, although he was quickly caught. Interestingly, not only was a film made about the killer's deeds, but while in prison, Sobhraj married Nikhita Biswas, who is 44 years younger than him and is the daughter of his Nepalese lawyer. At the moment he is seriously ill and needs surgery. According to the Nepalese authorities, there are “no more” reasons to keep him in prison and he can be sent to his country within 15 days.

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