Naked Russian woman on the streets of Krasnodar caused shock among others

Naked Russian woman on the streets of Krasnodar shocked people around

“Do you want naked girls to meet you right on the street? Go to Krasnodar, ”the SHOT Telegram channel published such a message about a completely naked person walking around Galitsky Park, along with a video from the scene. The meeting caused a shock among those around.

“She shocked the locals with her appearance, but she did not accept any reproaches against her and calmly walked past the football stadium,” the message also said. In the frames from the back, a slender girl with a braided braid is visible. Of the clothes she was wearing only slippers, a brown bag hung on her right shoulder, and in her left hand she carried either clothes or an umbrella.

From the evening of July 3, the moment the post was published, to the morning of July 4, the video viewed more than 206 thousand times. In the comments, users suggested several versions of what is happening. The first suggested that the girl became hot, the second – a feminist was walking around the streets, the third decided that tourists were being lured into the city in this way, the fourth – the girl decided to sunbathe in this way. “Hot”, “Well, what if a person gets hot? Suddenly, her blood pressure rises from the heat”, “Feminists from Catalonia have reached Krasnodar”, “Everything to attract tourists”, “So that the tan evenly lays down,” they wrote such comments.

However, despite on the reasons, the police are looking for the violator. The Russian woman faces arrest for up to 15 days.

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