Named 35 countries where a tourist for vaping will be punished, up to prison

35 countries named where tourists will be punished for vaping, up to prison

Popular electronic cigarettes for tourists are unsafe not only because of lung diseases, but and because of imprisonment: in at least 35 countries for vaping you can get a serious fine and even go to jail. The Vape Blo Bar band warned fans of “vapor” about this by listing countries in which vacationers need to be careful and it is best to give up their favorite habit.

The most famous and popular among tourists country that categorically objects to electronic cigarettes on its territory is Thailand. It is there that a tourist risks 10 years in prison for carrying an electronic cigarette. Another measure of influence is a fine of 30 thousand baht (over 62 thousand rubles). Another country with the same strict bans is Qatar. Here, vaping was banned in 2014, for violating the ban you will have to serve three months or pay up to 10 thousand rials (almost 180 thousand rubles). Vaping is also banned in Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Singapore – the latter also banned the import of vapes – and even North Korea.

In some countries, the bans are more elaborate. Turkey, for example, will not jail those who like to inhale an electronic cigarette on the beach. But if the device breaks down, alas, the sale of electronic cigarettes is banned in the country. In Iran, as well as in Colombia, it is forbidden to indulge in a bad habit in public places. In Australia, “draconian” laws have been passed regarding nicotine vapes. In order to use it safely, the tourist … must have a doctor's prescription. And if you don’t have it, alas, you will have to pay a fine of up to 222 thousand Australian dollars (in rubles, this is an amount of more than 10 million) or sit behind bars for up to two years.

There are countries that have a negative attitude not only to “vapers”, but also to regular smokers. In fact, they are quite exotic. In Bhutan, which is already tough on tourists, and in “closed” Turkmenistan, you can get a fine not only for vaping, but also for giving tobacco products as a gift.

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