Named countries where a tourist can pay a lot for leaving a tip

Countries where a tourist can pay a lot for leaving a tip

The traditional “gesture of gratitude” for the good work of waiters in the form of tips in countries with a different mentality can be perceived with exactly the opposite, and the tourist runs the risk of paying a lot for it. Tourists were warned about this by the British edition of The Sun. Moreover, not only the East has its own unique features: in the countries of the English-speaking world, as they say, “their rattles.”

  • China: On average, tipping is not customary in mainland China, the publication warns tourists. Tourists are asked to familiarize themselves with the policy of the restaurant in advance, in many places it is officially forbidden to give (and receive) tips. “If you really want to show appreciation to the staff, thank them sincerely or try writing them a note,” the experts add. They also note that taxi drivers, guides and porters are gradually finding it “more and more acceptable” to teach tips.
  • Japan: Many tourists who are interested in this country know that tips are not accepted here, and the attempt to leave them can be regarded as intrusive or rude. “In the best case, the staff will think that you forgot the change and will try to stop you, or even contact you later to return it,” experts say. But it doesn't hurt to thank the staff and behave decently from the point of view of the Japanese.
  • New Zealand and Australia: in this part of the English-speaking world, tips from tourists are also not expected. Although they won't be angry. From a large company, a tip of 10% of the bill will be considered a nice bonus. However, here the waiters do not rely on tips as a form of income.
  • Recall that in the US tipping is a completely different thing – here 20% of the bill as a tip is almost considered mandatory, and if you try do not leave them – there may be problems. Read more here.

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