Named the cities of Russia and abroad, where the Russians rushed in February

The cities of Russia and abroad where the Russians rushed in February were named

Sochi, Istanbul and Dubai are the top tourist destinations where tourists intend to go for a “long weekend” in February-March. Such statistics were provided by the OneTwoTrip service, whose experts analyzed the statistics on air tickets purchased for the upcoming holidays – Valentine's Day, February 23 and March 8.

The statistics turned out as follows.

Valentine's Day:

A considerable part of tourists plans to visit Moscow from the regions on this day – the capital is in the lead in terms of the number of tickets purchased, its share is 19.3%. Another 15.9% of tourists plan to spend this day in Sochi, and 12.4% in St. Petersburg. Also, Minvody (7.8%), Kaliningrad (4.9%), Irkutsk (4.6%), Yekaterinburg (2.5%), Kazan (2.3%), Vladikavkaz (2.2%) are in demand from Russian cities. %) and Murmansk (2.0%).

Abroad, the most romantic destination was Istanbul, where 11.3% of tickets were purchased for St. Valentine's Day. Dubai is in second place with 8.8%, and Bangkok is third with 8.3%. In addition, the top ten includes Yerevan (6.3% of orders placed in the capital of Armenia), Phuket (5.8%), Bali (5.5%), Colombo (4.0%), Manila (3.8%) , Antalya (3.1%) and Almaty (2.5%).

February 23:

For the “long weekend”, in which the researchers included the period from February 18 to 26, most domestic tourists decided to go to Sochi: 17.2% of all bookings were made there. In second place – 14.2% was Moscow, and in third – St. Petersburg (8.8%). Minvody (share – 7.4%), Kaliningrad (6.4%), Irkutsk (4.6%), Murmansk (3.8%), Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (3.0%), Makhachkala ( 2.9%) and Yekaterinburg (2.7%).

Among the foreign destinations for the February holidays, Dubai turned out to be the most popular — 9.5% of foreign orders were placed there. Manila (Philippines) lags behind a little, with a share of 7.5%. In third place was Istanbul with 7.4%. The top 10 also includes Phuket (7.2%), Yerevan (6.9%), Bangkok (6.0%), Colombo (4.7%), Bali (4.5%), Almaty (3, 5%) and Tashkent (2.4%).

March 8:

Although the number of “long weekends” on March 8 falls “with a stretch” – the day falls on Wednesday and formally there is only one day off – experts have calculated the demand of tourists for travel for the period from March 4 to March 12. And again, 17.5% of bookings are in Moscow, 17.1% of bookings are made by tourists in Sochi, and slightly less, 10.8% – in St. Petersburg. Further, as in the lists of popular destinations for previous holidays, Minvody follows (the city's share is 8.1%). In addition, Kaliningrad (5.3%), Irkutsk (5.1%), Yekaterinburg (2.5%), Vladikavkaz (2.4%), Murmansk (2.3%), Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk ( 2.2%) and Makhachkala (2.1%).

The same favorite for foreign flights – as on Valentine's Day, Istanbul is in first place, where 9.2% of air orders are booked on International Women's Day abroad. Following is Dubai with a share of 8.4% and Bangkok with 7.0%. The top ten cities that are also in demand include Phuket (6.1%), Yerevan (5.9%), Bali (5.3%), Colombo (5.0%), Manila (4.9%), Male (2.9%) and Antalya (2.4%).

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