Named the country where Russian tourists most often fell ill, and what they were infected with

The country where Russian tourists most often fell ill and what they were infected with was named

Thailand turned out to be the country where Russian tourists most often fell ill, while Turkey, which topped the TOP-3 countries where tourists purchased the most insurance, did not even enter the TOP-5 most “dangerous” countries. The main problems of tourists – colds caused by acclimatization and air conditioning – this is how experts from the Euroins insurance company, which specializes in insurance of tourists, commented on the situation for ATOR.

Thailand became the leader in insured events, and the picture for the direction is not new, this happens from year to year. “The reason for the high frequency of visits in Thailand is mainly the humid tropical climate, which provokes colds and viral diseases. Most ailments are traditionally associated with acclimatization,” the insurers said. The main problem for tourists is the change in temperature and the massive “unscrewing” of air conditioners at full capacity after a hot and humid street. As a result, colds, SARS and other troubles.

The second reason for appeals is also the negligence of tourists, as these are injuries in road accidents. Tourists often choose motorbikes and the like and neglect protection, the insurers explained.

By the way, judging by the TOP 5 countries where tourists get sick most often, problems with acclimatization and air conditioning are absolutely universal. The Dominican Republic, Cuba, Venezuela and the United Arab Emirates also made it to the top.

At the same time, the top 3 countries where insurance was purchased most often included the most popular destinations for insurers. Türkiye, Russia and Thailand. At the same time, in Russia, as noted by insurers, ARVI also makes up a significant percentage of applications. But to “catch” problems with the gastrointestinal tract and rotavirus in our resorts, the risk is still higher.

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