Named the date when for the Russians in Bulgaria a lot will change

The date has been announced when a lot will change for Russians in Bulgaria

In 2025, a lot can change for Russians in Bulgaria. By this date, Bulgaria can theoretically enter the Eurozone, i.е. abandon the national currency in favor of the euro. At least according to the Bulgarian press, Valdis Dombrovskis, vice-president of the European Commission, has set a critical date for Bulgaria's accession to the eurozone. At the moment, although Bulgaria is a member of the European Union, the country uses its own currency – the lev.

At the same time, it should be noted that the transition period is in question, because it has already been delayed by a year. Last week it became known that Bulgaria will not be able to join the eurozone in January 2024, as the country does not meet inflationary criteria and has not implemented some necessary legislative changes.

“Bulgaria can join the euro in 2025 if it is ready for it,” Valdis Dombrovskis, vice-president of the European Commission, said speaking on the private TV channel Nova. True, the country will be able to do this only if it fulfills all the criteria. Among these are mainly economic criteria, such as the state budget deficit, inflation rate, interest rates and exchange rate stability.

OUR INFORMATION: Note that the European Union and the Eurozone are not identical concepts – some of the countries of the European Union do not switch to euro and keep their currency. In particular, Denmark and Sweden, as well as the Czech Republic, use local types of crowns, Poland – zlotys, and Hungary – forints. Romania has its own currency, lei, and, accordingly, Bulgaria has levs. Until recently, Croatia was one of them, but this year the country finally entered the eurozone and the local currency, the kuna, ceased to circulate.

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