Named the date when the Russians will again go to Thailand as before

The date has been announced when the Russians will again go to Thailand as before

If direct flights to Thailand fly again, then already in 2023-2024 we can count on the return of serious tourist flows . At least, the head of the Thai Tourism Authority (TAT), Yuthasak Supasorn, optimistically hopes that the Russian tourist flow can reach 1 million Russian tourists by the end of 2022. However, ATOR experts note that such a figure should definitely not be expected before 2023-2024 – basically everything depends on “air sanctions”, more precisely, on the ability of Thailand to guarantee the safe arrival of aircraft to Russian carriers, which has not yet been discussed.

Recall that the direction was very pleased with the information that from the end of October 2022, direct Aeroflot flights to Phuket will again be available to Russians. It is hoped that the carrier will increase the frequency of flights and add other popular destinations – such as Bangkok, from where tourists go to Pattaya. But so far, no one has exact information on the situation.

According to Russian experts, the number of tourists arriving will not reach a million, to put it mildly – at best, there will be about 200-250 thousand, considering how Aeroflot and connecting flights. At the same time, travel market experts emphasize once again that the main figure depends on whether Thailand takes care to ensure the safety of Russian aircraft from arrest. But so far, no information has been received from Thai officials. In any case, even in the most favorable situation, there will be no talk of a million – the maximum that Thailand can count on is 400-450 thousand Russians.

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