Named the most stressful railway stations in the world, one of them is ours

The most stressful railway stations in the world are named, one of them is ours

The most stressful railway stations in the world were identified by tourists participating in the survey conducted by Fleet Logging. One of them turned out to be ours – that is, located on the territory of the Union State of Russia and Belarus. So, in the first place, the researchers put the Uruchcha railway station in Minsk.

“There is no place to sit here, and your bag will probably be searched if you go there at night: Uruchcha in Minsk, Belarus, is the most stressful station in the world (and Europe),” the survey cites.

The second “stressful” European station was Prague-Čakovice in Prague, Czech Republic. Both of them “deserved a 100% rating for stressful situations.

Russian tourists may find themselves at one more “most stressful” station. In the Middle East, Turkey ranks first in this ranking. The most stressful was the Emiralem station in Izmir. True, there the level of stress is 36.4%. In the “Far East” part of Asia, China, more precisely, Harbin, leads in terms of stress levels, through the railway station of which 25.46 million passengers pass annually. The survey stated that more than 76.9% of these passengers experience stress. Another “stressful” train station in Egypt is the Jeddah train station, which has a stress rating of 85.2%.

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