Named the secret detail of the aircraft, which no one notices, but which saves lives

A secret part of the plane that no one notices, but which saves lives

“Strange things” on the wings of the plane, which sometimes tourists are surprised and immediately forget – this is the secret detail of the aircraft that no one notices, but which saves lives. The Sun, referring to the “pilot and YouTuber”, told, for example, why the “yellow hook” is needed – a small detail on the wing that is difficult to see, but it looks like a hook, sometimes with two holes.

This a strange contraption will save you in an emergency. Hooks are needed in case the plane needs to land on water,” the pilot explained. According to him, an unprepared passenger, when trying to evacuate through the wing, “is likely to fall.” But a rope is attached to the hooks of this strange device to make it easier for passengers to get out of the cabin.

“Rescue ropes are hooked to the door frame and the hook. Another rope is caught in another hole leading to the slide. “This little piece of metal was installed so that you could attach a lifeline so that you could stand more safely on slippery surfaces on top of the wing,” said the pilot and YouTuber.

At the same time, he assured that the landings on the water, though rare, but they do happen. One of the most famous plane landings on the water was called the “Miracle on the Hudson” only in 2009.

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