Named three countries where most Russians want to go

Three countries where Russians most want to go have been named

Russian tourists have not changed their attachment to Europe. Italy, which occupied the first place in the top of preferences during the “covid” times, has remained on it now, when flights to Europe are closed due to sanctions. By the way, accessible Turkey was also in the TOP-3. Such statistics were shown by a survey of the NAFI service.

According to researchers, Russians most often name Italy as the most attractive country for a tourist trip – almost a third of them, or 28%. Turkey is in second place – 23%, France is in third – 18%. Other countries in the top 20 include: China, Egypt, Germany, Japan, Spain, Thailand, USA, India, UAE, Greece, UK, Brazil, Australia, Vietnam, Cuba, Switzerland and Cyprus.

Experts also noted the following trends: older people would like to go to Italy, 60+ – 33% of them, and Russians from 35 to 44 years old would like to go to Turkey and France – 23% and 28% respectively. They also noted that the vast majority of respondents – 84% of Russians – admitted to love for travel, but women love travel a little more – 87% versus 80% of men. Also, among travel enthusiasts, the vast majority are people with higher education – 91% of them and those who assess their financial situation as excellent – 88%.

“Russians miss international trips and, as soon as possible, they will go to get acquainted with the history and culture of foreign countries, their natural attractions. Therefore, along with investing in domestic tourism, it is extremely important to continue active cooperation with the tourist offices of foreign countries, as well as to ensure the restoration of international air and railway communications,” said Irina Ivankova, director of research in the fields of tourism and transport of the NAFI Analytical Center.

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