Negative expectations faded away: Germany is buying up tours with increasing activity

Negative expectations faded away: Germany is buying up tours with increasing activity

The German travel market has been dominated by optimists, at least for now : most tourists and travel agents assess the situation as rather good. As a result, the vast majority of travel agencies say that sales are growing rapidly and expect income growth, and German tourists themselves are really actively buying up tours. Such a victory report was presented by the local media.

Already on the last weekend of April – that is, after the Easter holidays – it was announced in the German tourist market that there are no fears for the coming summer. And indeed, in May, the impulse for ticket sales resumed. German sources cite the following evidence – from April to May, the share of travel agents who believe that the situation as a whole is good increased by 10 points – from 37.6% to 47%. Those who consider the situation satisfactory were counted by 45.4%. But pessimists have diminished – 16% considered it frankly bad in April and only 7% in May.

Therefore, it is not surprising that 92% of travel agents have already increased their sales. Also, 76.2% of travel agencies expect that the demand for vacations will increase in the next 6 months compared to 2021.

Increase in revenue is also predicted to increase sales. The share of those hoping to make money in April increased to 60%, in May – to 70.6%. And again, at the expense of pessimists – those who did not expect changes remained 20%, and the number of expected deterioration fell from 10% in April to 6.4% in May.

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