New Year's prices rolled down: Turkey for ₽27 thousand, UAE for ₽28 thousand, Egypt for ₽38 thousand – tour operators are massively selling out the next flights

Tour operators are trying to compensate for the traditional pre-New Year sales failure with low prices, which have rolled lower and lower. We are talking about tours with a departure in the coming days and a return before the New Year. According to ATOR, tour operators are massively selling out upcoming flights – as a result, New Year's prices rolled down: Turkey for ₽27 thousand, the United Arab Emirates for ₽28 thousand, Egypt for ₽38 thousand. Tours that start closer to the end of the holidays are also sold quite cheaply.

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So, experts cite Antalya as an example. The starting price of New Year's tours to the resort is from 120 thousand rubles. for two. At the same time, before the New Year holidays, prices are significantly lower – Intourist offers Antalya from December 25 to January 1 in 4 * for only 44.5 thousand for two, Anex – a 5 * tour for 53 thousand rubles. also for two and from December 25. Pegas offers to start on January 7 – in this case, a week-long tour will cost 62 thousand rubles. for two. At the same time, as ATOR adds, as a result, an organized tour turns out to be cheaper than an independent route – an independent traveler alone will have to pay at least 47 thousand for two air tickets.

Pleasant New Year's prices are offered by tour operators in Egypt. “Anex” for a week tour to Hurghada in 5 * from December 24 requests 79 thousand rubles. for two, and in Sharm el-Sheikh from 75 thousand rubles. for two. Intourist has a New Year's Eve Hurghada with a departure on December 24 for 90 thousand rubles, but there is a tour to Sharm el-Sheikh with a departure on December 25 and a return on January 1 for 77.7 thousand rubles. for two. At FUN & SUN, New Year's Eve will cost 98 thousand rubles. for two for a week, and on January 3 you can fly to the country for 76.1 thousand rubles. for two.

Attractive pre-New Year's prices are also in the UAE. Note that a New Year's tour to a 5 * all-inclusive hotel in the emirate of Fujairah – from 225 thousand rubles. – such a tour is offered by Coral Travel. New Year's Eve dates “Anex” offers for 58 thousand for two per week – in a 4 * hotel for “breakfasts”. FUN&SUN offers New Year tours in the UAE for 78 thousand rubles. for two for a week, “Russian Express” – for 85.6 thousand rubles. for two.

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