Nice Attractions: Top 25

Nice Attractions: Top 25

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If you don’t know what to see in Nice, but you definitely plan to make a trip to this fabulous city, our review will be of great benefit to you. We have compiled a rating of “the best attractions in Nice”, taking into account the reviews and recommendations of experienced guides.

What to see in Nice in the first place

What excursions in Nice should each tourist book? In our opinion, the most interesting places in Nice are as follows:

1. Promenade des Anglais

Nice Attractions: Top 25

The Promenade des Anglais stretches along the Mediterranean Sea

The length of the street, equipped with the finances of the English colony, is 5 km. The embankment has everything that a wealthy traveler could wish for – squares with exotic palm trees, casinos, the best hotels in Nice, ancient palace complexes. In the 19th century, wealthy Englishmen were happy to buy houses in this city. Some of the buildings have survived to this day, some cottages can now be freely entered. So, for example, the “Mediterranean Palace” of C. Dalmas is open to tourists and offers a visit to a small theater, a casino and a hotel. A walk along the Promenade des Anglais is one of the best options for those who do not know what to see in Nice in 1 day.

2. Hotel Negresco

Nice Attractions: Top 25

Pompous hotel Negresco on the Promenade des Anglais Steve Cadman

This hotel complex of 1913, commissioned by G. Negresco, is recognized as one of the most comfortable in the world. At one time, such legendary people as Elton John, Salvador Dali, members of the Beatles rested here. The hotel has an impeccable reputation, unique room interiors and special architecture. The 6-storey building was built in the Renaissance style. The main highlight of the exterior decoration is the huge pink dome, created by Eiffel's student. Inside the Negresco, everything is equipped to the highest standard – under the domed ceiling there is a chandelier, the analogue of which once belonged to Nicholas II, and now hangs in the Kremlin. The luxurious carpet of the 17th century was formerly owned by Queen Marie de Medici. Number of rooms – 145 pieces, each with its own individual style. The interiors recreate a certain era – from modern art deco to the reign of Louis VIII. Even if you can't afford to book a room in the Negresco, your trip should certainly include a look at the front of the majestic building.

3. Old Town

Nice Attractions: Top 25

Buildings from different eras in the Old Town

The central part of the city, which can be called a true paradise for architecture lovers. Most of the rare monuments and “ordinary” buildings were created in the Baroque style in the 16th-19th centuries. See the sights of Nice, then relax in local cafes and restaurants serving the finest French wines and the most delicious national cuisine. Objects of the Old Town: Chapel of Mercy, Palace of Justice, Rossetti Square, Clock Tower, etc.

4. Port of Lympia

Nice Attractions: Top 25

Cruise ships and fast ships in the port Limpia

The sea gates of Nice, adjacent to the beautiful marina and colorful promenade. Despite the fact that the number of ships is always large here, the water of Lympia is so clear that the locals fish in it. The date of the beginning of the construction of the port is the 18th century, but it took more than a hundred years to complete the work. The city is included in many Mediterranean routes, so huge cruise ships moor quite often in Lympia. In addition, ferries to Corsica leave from here.

5. Place Massena

Nice Attractions: Top 25

Fountain “Sun” (Fountain du Soleil) with a marble statue of Apollo on Place Massena

One of those places where you should definitely go in Nice. The square is surrounded by buildings of the 19th century, despite the fact that it itself is made in a fairly modern form, and even has sculptural compositions in the pop art style. For example, on the benches there are figures of people made of rubber, symbolizing various continents of the world. And at night, neon lights up here, illuminating the Sun Fountain.

Check out the magnificent views of Nice in this beautiful video!

6. Place Garibaldi

Nice Attractions: Top 25

The monument to Giuseppe Garibaldi stands in the center of the majestic fountain in Place Garibaldi Mirej

At the end of the 18th century, this area was just a wasteland. Over time, a small flowering garden was laid out here, and various buildings were erected. The attraction bears the name of the famous Italian hero – D. Garibaldi, and in its architecture is comparable to the classical piazza in Italy.

7. Cours Saleya Market

Nice Attractions: Top 25

Cours Saleya is the street where the Miniwark food and flower market is located

Almost all guides in Nice recommend visiting this famous flower market. It is very difficult to leave without buying at least a modest bouquet. In addition to flowers and plants from all over Provence, they sell original Provencal souvenirs (at a very reasonable price), hot bread and pastries only from the oven, cheeses and vegetables with fruits. Everything is always fresh, natural and fragrant.

8. Nice Opera House

Nice Attractions: Top 25

North facade of the Nice Opera House Qjafcc

The object, which is included in all ratings of “the best attractions in France”, is the national pride of the country. In the 19th century, Strauss conducted here, and opera performances by Massenet and Berlioz, Tchaikovsky and Verdi were staged. The current building of the opera in 1885 replaced the theater, which was destroyed by a terrible fire. It has excellent technical equipment, and operas and performances of the highest performing, musical and directing classes are given on its stage.

9. Museum of Modern Art

Nice Attractions: Top 25

Museum of Modern Art – a building with a roof garden and glass corridors Fred Romero

One of the brightest examples of what you can visit in Nice for free and with the whole family. The exhibition features over 400 paintings by American and European avant-garde artists – from the works of Warhol to the works of Yves Klein. Even the museum building itself is of interest – a pop art object with combined glass towers. The building is divided into levels with permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Official website: http://www.mamac-nice.

10. Matisse Museum

Nice Attractions: Top 25

The Matisse Museum in the 17th century Genoese villa Tubantia

The museum complex is located in a 17th century cottage on a beautiful hill. Masterpieces created by Matisse in various years of his life, as well as his personal belongings, are exhibited in 18 spacious rooms. One of the halls is entirely devoted to paper figurines created by an extravagant artist. Let's say right away that visiting this museum and examining its samples will be of interest, first of all, to fans of pop art, for other people the museum can cause extreme bewilderment.

11. Marc Chagall Museum

< p>Nice Attractions: Top 25

The creations of master Marc Chagall in the halls of the museum Janet McKnight

The complex was opened only in 1966. Chagall himself took an active part in the creation of the object and was personally involved in the manufacture of some interior items (for example, blue stained-glass windows installed in one of the museum premises). There is also a concert hall on site, where performers of modern and classical music perform.

Official website: https://en.musees-nationaux

12 Museum of Fine Arts

Nice Attractions: Top 25

Staircase at the Museum of Fine Arts in the historic 19th century mansion Dennis Jarvis

City Museum of 1928, created by the graphic artist and artist J. Cheret. The expositions are located in an exquisite neo-Renaissance mansion. In addition to the works of Cheret himself, here you can see paintings by French and Italian masters of the 17th-18th centuries, paintings and sculptures of the 19th century. The number of samples is constantly growing, thanks to the financial “infusions” of the authorities and private citizens.

13. Museum of Asian Art

Nice Attractions: Top 25

Entrance to the Asian Art Museum in Phoenix Park Jean-Pierre Dalbera

About 200 various items brought from Tibet, India, China and Japan are exhibited in a modest 20th century house. The museum is located in a city park on the bank of an artificial reservoir.

Official website: http://artsasiatiques-en

14. Muséna Museum

< p>Nice Attractions: Top 25

Park opposite the main entrance to the Muséna Massena Cayambe

Talking about the best attractions in Nice and all of France, this museum is never overlooked. Among its rare exhibits are the cafe menu of the 19th century, porcelain of the 9th-12th centuries, things that belonged to B. Napoleon. In addition to direct exhibitions, the gardens around the building are of interest – they are included in the list of natural wonders of the state.

15. Palace of Justice

Nice Attractions: Top 25

The monumental building of the Palace of Justice trolvag

Grandiose classical building of the 19th century. The palace is a huge hit with young people who come here with food and drink and rest on the huge stone steps. Often, performances by street artists are organized on the square in front of the building.

16. Nicholas Cathedral

Nice Attractions: Top 25

General view of St. Nicholas Cathedral BrittLysaa

One of the largest Orthodox churches abroad. The object was erected on the site of the death of the heir to Alexander II. Inside is the icon of Nicholas the Wonderworker, which belonged to the emperor. Since 2011, our country has been the owner of the cathedral, before that it belonged to the Orthodox Association of Nice.

Official website:

17. Notre Dame Basilica

Nice Attractions: Top 25

The light facade of the Notre Dame Basilica is finished with LimeWave gilding Photo

An architectural masterpiece in neo-Gothic style. The largest and most beautiful church in the country, and at the same time the newest (completion of construction – 1868). Among the unique decorations are a giant Gothic rose on stained-glass windows, sculptures of the Virgin Mary, a copy of Murillo's masterpiece “Holy Family”.

Official website:

18. Saint Reparata Cathedral

Sights of Nice: Top 25

The temple is named after Saint Reparata Finoskov

Catalytic Cathedral, created in honor of the main defender of the city – St. Reparata. Construction began in the 17th century, subsequently the facade and interior of the building were updated several times (the current style is baroque). It is recommended to visit the local mass, among other things, for the sake of the wonderful sounds of the three organs (the acoustics in the internal halls are excellent). Every year the townspeople celebrate St. Reparations: a grandiose procession begins from her temple in order to repeat the sad road of the great martyr.

19. Church of Notre-Dame-du-Port

Nice Attractions: Top 25

The Church of Notre-Dame-du-Port or the Church of the Immaculate Conception was erected near the port of Jesmar

The temple is located near the port in a prosperous and calm area of ​​​​Nice. The facade of the building was created by Febwehr. Inside the church, you can see paintings by E. Costa.

20. Cimiez Monastery

Nice Attractions: Top 25

Cimiez monastery in a magnificent medieval park

A 16th-century Franciscan church located in the middle of a medieval park. The interior decoration is luxurious and expensive: the main hall is decorated with a carved wooden altar covered with gold leaf. The main shrine is a stone cross from the 15th century. On the square there is a burial place with the grave of Matisse. The museum complex of the Franciscans is open for guests.

Sights of Nice: what else to visit in Nice?

We told you about the main attractions of Nice briefly. In addition to them, the following objects deserve your close attention:

21. Nice Observatory

Nice Attractions: Top 25

Nice Observatory on Mont Grosse Hill ClaireL28

Hilltop building designed by Garnier and Eiffel. The building is decorated with a rotating 24-meter dome. Initially, the object was owned by the Sorbonne University. However, after the 1st World War, it fell into disrepair, there were no funds for its reconstruction. The modern observatory is both a landmark and an active scientific center.

Official website:

22. Fort Alban

 Nice Attractions: Top 25

Fort Alban in a hilly area within the park of Mont Baron FrancoisMignard

Fortification from the 16th century, accessible by lift. Guests are invited to visit the guardroom, the walls of which were painted by hand. The fort has a multimedia system that shows the history of the whole of Nice and Alban in particular. In good weather, you can see Corsica from the fort, and on cloudy days you can watch the Alps and panoramas of the city.

23. Monument to the victims of the First World War

Sights of Nice: Top 25

View of the monument to the victims of the First World War at the foot of the Castle Hill

Monumental complex on the Castle Hill. In addition to the monument itself, there are the remains of an ancient castle and an equally ancient cemetery. The war memorial was created in memory of the 4,000 citizens of Nice who fell in the 1st World War. The monument with the names of the dead is decorated with original bas-reliefs in the form of sailors, aviators, engineers and soldiers.

24. Phoenix Park

Nice Attractions: Top 25

Fragrant Phoenix Flower Park Daniel70mi Falciola

Spacious park area, located in the west of the city. It is recommended to come here for the sake of a relaxing holiday against the backdrop of colorful flower beds and fragrant Mediterranean flora. The territory of seven hectares is divided into 12 plots, each of which has its own theme.

Official website: http://www.gardener

25. Castle Mountain

Attractions Nice: Top 25

Neighborhoods of Nice from the Castle Hill Simon

On the territory of the hill there is a Watchtower of the 19th century, a ruined temple of the 11th century and the ruins of a fortification. In addition, there is the tomb of Alexander Herzen (Chateau cemetery), a botanical garden with a waterfall and a park.

We are sure that those sights of Nice, the photos with the names and descriptions of which you just saw, aroused your interest . Arriving in the city, pay a visit to them be sure. Read also about the sights of Marseille and be inspired to travel further in France.

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