Nine Russian tour operators ordered to cease operations

Nine Russian tour operators were ordered to stop their activities

According to the next order of the Federal Tourism Agency, a total of nine more travel agencies were deleted from the Federal Register of Tour Operators for Outbound Tourism. Of these, two left the market voluntarily, submitting a statement of termination of activity, one company was completely liquidated, seven others, according to tradition, suffered due to the lack of financial guarantees and the inability to find an insurer.

The details are as follows. “In connection with the liquidation of the tour operator,” the company “Medicine Today” was deleted from the register. “The statement on the termination of tour operator activities” was provided by Select Travel and Blue Tour.

As for the tour operators affected by the “failure to provide information about financial security”, these are the following companies:

  • Limited Liability Company “First Cruise Store”
  • Limited Liability Company “AKKA”
  • Limited Liability Company “Sudozakhod-PK”
  • < li>Priiskovy Limited Liability Company

  • SOHO Travel Limited Liability Company
  • Vnukovo Hotels Joint Stock Company
  • Hotel Limited Liability Company Service”

As a result, at the moment, out of over 4 thousand companies entered in the register of tour operators, only 367 are engaged in outbound tourism. In the “old times” their number exceeded 1.5 thousand.

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