Norwegian Cruise Line Investing in Travel Advisor Training Program

Norwegian Cruise Line Investing in Travel Advisor Training Program

Norwegian Cruise Line's Pride of America off the Na Pali Coast in Hawaii. (photo by Jason Leppert)

The American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA) announced that Norwegian Cruise Line committed a $250,000 investment to accelerate the trade association’s training and education programs for new-to-the-industry travel advisors.

The largest donation from a cruise line bolsters travel agent training efforts.

The ASTA programs are designed to grow the advisor workforce by providing the core knowledge required to meet the needs of modern-day travelers and help the industry secure a bright future for agents.

“If someone is interested in becoming a travel advisor, they first have to understand the landscape of our industry and the variety of pathways available to them,” ASTA President Zane Kerby said.

The investment from Norwegian will enhance the ASTA’s web presence and functionality, making it easier for new talent to access essential education and training resources. Through a series of consumer-facing digital advertisements distributed through social media and targeted search, ASTA will begin a lead funnel by providing free access to a revised Becoming a Travel Advisor resource guide.

The Becoming a Travel Advisor guide will help new agents understand their options, with the free resource outlining a step-by-step guide for anyone considering this profession could utilize.

“Our new and complementary Becoming a Travel Advisor resource has been updated to reflect the variety of options available for those interested in selling travel,” Kerby continued.

ASTA’s research found that 33 percent of travelers working with an advisor used one to book a cruise. Training the next generation of talent will help relieve strains on the travel systems, as more tourists will have the customer support and preparation that only an agent can provide.

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