Not only skyscrapers: 13 unusual record-breaking buildings

The most impressive buildings in the world can be not only high-rise

One of the main criteria for buildings that claim the record is height. “Around the World” talked about the highest skyscrapers in the world, but not only skyscrapers, but also buildings of large area and volume can be outstanding in their own way.

Not only skyscrapers: 13 unusual record-breaking buildings

To have something to compare with

When talking about large areas, they are often compared to a football field. This is convenient, but not always accurate, as it often forgets to indicate what size field is meant. We won't be measuring the buildings in our selection in football fields, but to make it easier for you to imagine their scale, we point out here that the world's premier football organization FIFA recommends that matches be played on a 7140 m2 field (i.e. 0.714 ha) and 105×68 m.

Here we will give two other landmarks: Red Square in Moscow has an area of ​​​​approximately 2.5 hectares (approximately 330 × 75 m), and Palace Square in St. Petersburg – 5.4 hectares. Recall: in one hectare -10,000 square meters.

By volume

Here, the undisputed leader is the Boeing company plant in Everett, (Washington State , USA). Its volume is 13,385,378 m3, and its area is 399,480 m2 (number three in the world in terms of base area).

This giant is almost a kilometer long, 500 meters wide and as high as a five-story building ( to fit more than 20-meter keels of airliners and still have room) was built in 1966-1968, when Boeingbegan producing the largest airliner in the world at that time, the Boeing 747. Even today, the largest aircraft of the company are assembled there, and many pieces at the same time. Up to 30,000 people work at the plant under the light of one million lamps.

Not only skyscrapers: 13 unusual record-breaking buildings

Number two in the world in terms of volume is Tesla's gigafactory in Texas (almost 9.6 million m3), followed by the Al-Haram Mosque in Mecca (about 8 million m3) and Airbus in the French commune of Blagnac (5.6 million m3), where the A380 liner was assembled.

Not only skyscrapers: 13 unusual record-breaking buildings< /p>

Closes the top 5 most voluminous buildings Aereum  – a hangar built in the mid-1990s by the German company Cargolifter AG 50 km south of Berlin for the construction of airships. This dome, measuring 360×210 meters and up to 107 m high (it will easily fit St. Basil's Cathedral from Red Square – with all the turrets, domes and basement, and there will still be room) covers the world's largest undivided space – volume 5 .2 million cubic meters.

 Not only skyscrapers: 13 unusual record-breaking buildings

Business at Cargolifter AG failed, so in 2004 a year-round tropical theme park was opened here with groves, ponds and waterfalls. It's called Tropical Islands Resort.

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Speaking of the largest buildings and structures in the world, one cannot but mention a few more. For example, the Great Wall of China – the largest structure ever built on the planet, stretching for 9 thousand kilometers through China (its total length & nbsp; – with all branches & nbsp; – even more: 21 thousand kilometers).

The tallest building on the planet today – the 828-meter Burj Khalifa in Dubai (UAE).

 Not only skyscrapers: 13 unusual record-breaking buildings

The heaviest building in the world is the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest (Romania). It weighs over 4 billion kilograms. It was founded in 1984 by order of the dictator Ceausescu in the center of Bucharest, destroying a significant part of the historical buildings of the city and even tearing down the hill, and built for more than ten years.

Today, in addition to the Romanian Parliament, it houses a museum of modern art , several government agencies. However, the building is only 70% occupied and, apparently, will never be fully used.

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Material published in February 2018, partially updated in December 2022

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