Now Kyrgyzstan instead of Italy: Russian airlines received 53 admissions for flights to foreign countries

Now Kyrgyzstan instead of Italy: Russian airlines received 53 permits for flights to foreign countries

At the beginning of the summer season, the Federal Air Transport Agency issued 53 permits for flights abroad for Russian air carriers. But if in previous years flights to European resorts were in the lead, and even in covid times flights to Italy were allowed, now neighboring countries are represented in large numbers, primarily the Transcaucasus and Central Asia, from Azerbaijan to Kyrgyzstan. There are not many tourist countries on the list – and these are Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam and some others.

  • Introducing the full list:
    Utair received the most permits to Turkey – for flights from Moscow to Antalya 7 times a week, the air carrier will also be able to fly to the resort from Samara, Ufa, Tyumen, Surgut and Yekaterinburg; from Ufa and Samara, the carrier is also allowed to fly to Istanbul. Also, permission was given to Icarus – the 3rd district from Moscow to Antalya and Azur Air – which will be able to fly to Antalya, Bodrum and Istanbul.
  • Thailand is mastered by the Red Wings airline – flights from the Far East. Flights to Phuket and Bangkok are allowed from Vladivostok, and flights from Khabarovsk to Bangkok.
  • Red Wings received two more permits for flights to Israel – we are talking about routes to Tel Aviv, both from Moscow and from Zhukovsky airport.
  • Ir Aero received permission to fly to Vietnam – also from Dalniy East and Siberia, namely from Irkutsk and Vladivostok.
  • Red Wings and Ir Aero also received permission to Korea – the first will fly from Khabarovsk, the second from Irkutsk and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.
  • < li>Iran received four permits – Utair will be able to fly from Grozny to Tehran, and Pobeda will be able to fly from Moscow.

  • Another tourist country – the Philippines – received permission to fly there by IrAero – from Vladivostok to Manila.
  • Kazakhstan received seven permits. Among the carriers are Rossiya, Azimuth and Red Wings. Departures are planned from the new hub in Sochi, from Makhachkala, Ufa, and also from Zhukovsky. Most of the flights will go to Alma Ata and Nursultan.
  • Utair and Ir Aero received permission to fly to Azerbaijan from St. Petersburg, Utair, Aeroflot and Russia from Moscow.
  • It will fly to Belarus Aeroflot and Rossiya.
  • Permission to fly to Tajikistan from Barnaul “Ural Airlines”.
  • Four more permits were issued to Uzbekistan – from Samara, St. Petersburg and Moscow.
  • As for Kyrgyzstan, five permits were issued there . Rossiya will fly from Krasnoyarsk, North Wind from St. Petersburg and Ural Airlines from Irkutsk.

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