Nudists at a popular resort went into battle against the authorities, establishing their own rules

Nudists in a popular resort went to battle against the authorities, establishing their own rules

Scandals with nudists “spread” across the Mediterranean – this time amateurs sunbathing in what their mother gave birth went into battle against the authorities, establishing their own rules in the popular Greek resort – the island of Gavdos near Crete. However, the local authorities are preparing retaliatory actions.

The reason for the scandal, however, was the first step of the local authorities, which installed signs “no nakedness” on the island. Further, the nudists, who have chosen the beaches of the island, were indignant at this sign and defiantly undressed, and then began to remove these signs.

The fact is that the island has become one of the centers of attraction for nudists in the Aegean Sea – lovers of sunbathing and skinny dipping gather here on wild beaches by the thousands every year. “We have come to get in touch with nature and be cleansed, how can we accept this ban?” – they are outraged in social networks.

However, the patience of local authorities is running out. According to the mayor of the island, Lilian Stefanaki, they will not back down and restore the signs. “The signs put up by the municipality of Gavdos were again taken down by unknown people. We have taken the necessary legal action to protect public property and installed new signs. Our struggle will continue,” she said.

Let us recall that earlier the scandal was raised by nudists on the beaches of Catalonia. There, naked tourists are ashamed of the dressed ones and began to fight with them, although for the last 70 years everything has been the other way around. It's true so far it's about “their”, i.e., nudist beaches. As the Express explains, in general, there are no laws against nudism in Spain, and naturists are allowed to be naked on any of the country's beaches. However, the tradition is such that they mostly prefer “wild” beaches and sunbathe there in their company. However, in the last summer season, “traditional” tourists have flocked to the “wild” beaches in large numbers, and the influx of people in clothes on traditionally naturist beaches has made some nudists feel “uncomfortable”. As a result, naturists in Spain launched a campaign against discrimination. Read about its progress here.

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