Ominous attraction: another tourist died in Thailand during a tour

Ominous landmark: another tourist died during a tour in Thailand

Another foreign tourist tragically died during a self-organized excursion to the famous cave, located in the tourist province of Krabi in Thailand tourist. Details of the incident related to the “ominous” attraction, according to The Thaiger.

A 70-year-old Australian has died after a grueling journey to the Tiger Cave Temple that included climbing a 1,260-step staircase. It took rescuers and doctors more than an hour to climb the steps after they were informed of an unconscious hiker in the cave. The doctor who arrived at the scene suggested that the man could have fallen into a state of shock after a difficult trip, as a result of which his heart could not stand it and stop. Despite attempts to resuscitate him using cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the man never regained consciousness. It took even longer to get his body down.

Muang Krabi police said the tourist was traveling alone. His motorcycle was found parked outside the temple. A passport was found in his bag left by the bike. An autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause of death.

The Temple of the Tiger Cave in the resort province of Krabi is a dangerous place for travel and claims to be an “ominous” attraction, because. There have been several incidents this year. So, on January 10, a young German tourist was injured when he fell from the top step of the stairs in the cave. The man reached the sights and observation deck at the top of the mountain, but on the way back he felt dizzy and lost consciousness, as a result of which he fell from a height of about 30 steps. Rescuers found the man lying on the stairs, unable to move, bleeding from his head and suffering from neck pain. A group of girls on the stairs, who, by a lucky chance, were nurses by profession, gave him first aid.

Earlier this month, another hiker was injured in the cave. A 61-year-old German woman fell during a tour of Mount Ka Narb Nam in the main area of ​​the city. After that ill-fated ascent, the woman remained disabled, because. cannot move by herself.

In the comments to the article, users appealed to the Thai authorities with a call to install a giant sign at the foot of the mountain with the inscription “Climb at your own peril and risk. We cannot guarantee that you will go down.” In addition, there should be an age barrier for climbing the mountain so that foreigners no longer die there, they say.

Help: Tiger Cave Temple is a Buddhist temple that is located to the north northeast of Krabi province. The sacred site is known for tiger paw prints in a cave, towering Buddha statues, and a strenuous flight of stairs to get to the top.

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