On the famous island, tourists were allowed to have sex with impunity

 On the famous island, tourists were allowed to have sex with impunity

Tourists in Bali will be guaranteed “privacy” and the opportunity to have sex with impunity. Indonesia's “fairytale island” is still planning to protect the “privacy” of tourists' vacations after approving a reform to the country's penal code that punishes extramarital sex with up to a year in prison, local authorities say. This allegedly will not affect tourists, they assure.

“Guests who visit or live in Bali do not have to worry about the entry into force of the Indonesian Penal Code,” Bali Governor Wayan Coster told Indonesian media. He specifically assured that “there will be no verification of marital status when checking into any tourist facilities such as hotels, villas, apartments, guest houses, lodges and spas”, and the privacy of visitors' personal data during their stay in Bali hotels will be guaranteed. .

This statement, which is not hidden in Bali, was a response to strong criticism at home and abroad of sweeping reforms of the penal code, which criminalize sex outside of marriage. Moreover, as stated, it applies to foreign residents of Indonesia and tourists.

Recall that according to the law, sex outside of marriage and cohabitation of a couple are prohibited and are fraught with a real prison term. The revised code also criminalizes adultery, and is supposed to make it harder for unmarried couples to check into hotel rooms.

The decision to pass a law banning sex outside of marriage again sparked outrage among locals. residents as well as vacationers. Critics called the move a significant violation of human rights in the world's most populous Muslim country. Click here for more details.

Indonesian Justice and Human Rights Minister Jasonna Laoli said earlier that no one will be prosecuted for extramarital sex without a complaint from family members such as parents, spouses and children. Whether this will affect tourists, especially those who live on the island for a long time – and under such conditions a wide variety of collisions are possible – is unknown.

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